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Hong Kong opening to vaccinated Singapore visitors with 7 days hotel quarantine

Fully vaccinated and desperate to travel?

You can soon visit Hong Kong with 7 days hotel quarantine on arrival and 7 days SHN at home on return, but you should probably wait until September for further concessions.

Update 17th August 2021: Hong Kong has pulled the plug on its airport antibody tests to allow vaccinated non-residents from low and medium-risk countries to serve shorter 7-day hotel quarantine periods.

All those arriving from Singapore will therefore now have to spend 14 days in quarantine on arrival.

Hong Kong is relaxing its entry rules with effect from 9th August 2021, permitting visitors from a wide range of countries for the first time, with progressively reduced hotel quarantine arrangements in place for those fully vaccinated and those who are also willing to undergo an additional antibody test.

While this is not related to the Air Travel Bubble (ATB) discussions between Hong Kong and Singapore, it’s a step forward for those wanting to travel between the two cities, with Singapore now reclassified in Hong Kong’s ‘Group B – Medium Risk’ category.


Hong Kong has now gone 58 days without recording an unlinked COVID-19 case, with 33% of residents fully vaccinated.

Opening to non-resident visitors from next week will be the first time tourists have been able to enter Hong Kong since its borders were shut in February last year.

Hong Kong’s new entry rules (Group B)

Provided you haven’t been in a ‘Group A – High Risk’ country (Brazil, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom) in the last 21 days, and you’re not entering with travel history from China or a ‘Group C – Low Risk’ country (Australia or New Zealand), it’s the new Group B requirements (everywhere else) that will apply.

You’ll must have stayed in a Group B country (e.g. Singapore, USA) for the last 14 days to be eligible.

Hong Kong Group B arrival requirements
(from 9th August 2021)

  Not fully vaccinated