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Vaccinated Travel Lane for Singapore Pass Holders: VTP application

Singapore long-term pass holders and foreign tourists face one extra step to use the Germany - Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane flights - getting a VTP approval.

Here's how it works.

Singapore will expand its Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) for those arriving from 11 countries for any purpose on 19th October 2021.

Aside from fully vaccinated status, one of the first things you’ll need to use the VTL is a valid Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP), but there’s good news for most of our readers.

The VTP is for visitors and Singapore pass holders only

If you and your travelling companions are all Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, there’s no need to read on.

That’s because a VTP is only required for tourists / business visitors (short-term visitors) and Singapore Long Term Pass (LTP) holders, like those with a Long-Term Visit Pass, Student’s Pass, Work Pass or Dependant’s Pass.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents should not apply for a VTP to travel to Singapore under the VTL, as they can return to Singapore without the need for entry approval, provided they adhere to the VTL requirements.


For example, if you are a Singapore Citizen travelling to a VTL country and back with your partner who is a non-Singapore citizen (e.g. Spanish national) holding a Singapore Employment Pass, you won’t need to apply for a VTP yourself, but your partner will need to.

For overseas short-term visitors coming to Singapore, the VTL is currently the only way to enter the country.

For full details of the Singapore’s VTL scheme and how to use it, refer to our comprehensive guide.

Application window

Applications for a VTP must be made at least 7 days before your intended arrival date in Singapore, but no more than 30 days in advance.

For example, if you wish to fly on a VTL flight from Frankfurt to Singapore on 12th October 2021, which lands in Singapore on 13th October 2021, you can apply for a VTP from 13th September 2021 (earliest) to 6th October 2021 (latest).

You don’t need to be outside Singapore to apply for a VTP, you simply have to apply within the 7-30 day window in advance of intended entry into Singapore.

For most of our readers making a return journey from Singapore (e.g. for a holiday or visiting family), that means it’s possible to apply and receive approval before your trip has even started.

Validity window

Once approved, the VTP allows you some flexibility by permitting arrival anytime from your intended entry date up to 6 calendar days after that (i.e. across 7 days in total).

For example, for an approved VTP for arrival in Singapore on 13th October 2021, you can actually arrive in Singapore on any VTL-designated flight from 13th October 2021 to 19th October 2021 (a 7-day window).

This allows you to make changes to your flight departure date, without needing to reapply for a new VTP.

VTP Application & Validity Example







13 Sep        
24Day Line        
6 Oct        
    13 Oct   13 Oct
        7Day Line
        19 Oct

Do note that a VTP is valid only for single entry into Singapore, even during that week-long window illustrated in green above.

For example, you can’t arrive in Singapore on the first day of the VTP window then pop back to Germany again for a few days and return to Singapore again using the same VTP at the end of the window – you would need to apply for a new one!

Luckily, there is no limit to the number of times travellers can apply for a VTP.

An extra week to apply?

Taking a longer trip to Germany but still keen to have re-entry approval via the VTP before you leave Singapore?

You can buy yourself an extra week by nominating an intended date of entry a little earlier than you actually intend to fly back.

For example, if you’re flying from Singapore to Germany on 1st October 2021 but not returning until 2nd November 2021, ordinarily you would have to apply for the VTP approval between 3rd October 2021 and 26th October 2021 (i.e. only after having already left Singapore).

Some pass holders are understandably uncomfortable about this.

The solution is to state your intended date of return a few days earlier. In this example you could nominate your return date as 28th October 2021, allowing you to apply from 28th September 2021, three days before leaving for Germany.

This would allow you to get a VTP approval before leaving Singapore, that once issued is still valid for your actual return flight (validity 28th October – 3rd November 2021, so your flight falls in the 7-day window).

However, do note that you will lose flexibility at the end of your VTP arrival window by doing this, so if you miss your flight and need to travel back on a later date you might need to apply for a new VTP with a fresh 7+ days notice!

Amending your entry date

If you need to enter before or after the validity period specified on your approved VTP, you can write to the Safe Travel Office using this online enquiry form, or call the SafeTravel helpline at 6812 5555.

All appeals are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Cancelling your VTP

If you no longer wish to travel to Singapore under the VTL, you do not need to cancel your VTP.

If you do not utilise your VTP within the validity period, the prepayment for your Day 3 and Day 7 post-arrival PCR tests will be refunded automatically to your credit card, excluding administrative fees.

The expected waiting time for the refund is about three weeks after the end of the validity period of your VTP, depending on the credit card issuing bank.

How to apply

Thanks to reader Chris who applied for his VTP earlier this month and took some screenshots along the way for us to share.

  Apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP)

Each person requiring a VTP will need to apply individually (there is no ‘family VTP’ option). Your travel agent cannot apply for a VTP on your behalf, you must apply yourself.

Pro Tip: Before you start your VTP application, make sure you have access to your email and mobile phone, because SafeTravel will send an OTP to each one in turn as part of the process, which you must then verify to proceed.

To apply for the VTP you’ll need to provide:

  • Your passport details (6 months+ validity)
  • Your Long Term Pass details (if applicable)
  • Other contact information
  • The address where you’ll self-isolate in Singapore awaiting the on-arrival test result
  • Vaccination QR codes (one for each required dose, only for those vaccinated in Germany)

If you were vaccinated in Germany, the vaccination QR codes should be obtained from your EU Digital COVID Certificate.

If you were vaccinated in Singapore and your status in the TraceTogether / HealthHub app reflects this, you won’t need to upload any QR codes for each dose (we were never issued a QR code after each individual dose anyway!).

The requirement to upload both QR codes for your first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses if you were vaccinated in Germany is so that Singapore authorities can ensure the minimum number of days between doses was observed, in accordance with the following table:

Manufacturer / Vaccine Doses Minimum interval between doses
Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty 2 doses 17 days
Moderna 2 doses 24 days
Astrazeneca 2 doses 24 days
Serum Institute of India (Covishield) 2 doses 24 days
Janssen / J&J 1 dose N/A
Sinopharm 2 doses 17 days
Sinovac 2 doses 13 days
Two doses of different vaccine types, both from the list above 2 doses 17 days

For example if you received the Moderna vaccine in Germany and the doses were 21 days apart (for some reason) you will not be considered fully vaccinated for the purposes of the VTL. 24 days+ is required for Singapore to recognise the validity of this vaccine.

In all cases fully vaccinated status is effective 14 days after the final dose is administered, this will also be checked from the QR code details for the second dose (or only dose of Janssen / J&J), compared to your intended date of entry into Singapore.

Vaccination QR code(s) may be deemed invalid for reasons including:

  • Traveller’s particulars do not match with the particulars in the vaccination certificate
  • Traveller is not fully vaccinated yet
  • Interval between doses is less than the requirement
  • Number of QR codes uploaded does not meet the criteria
  • The QR code has been tampered with
  • Traveller is not vaccinated in his/her declared country/region

Otherwise the VTP application form is self-explanatory.

You will also be asked to provide the type of accommodation and postal code of your residence or details of the hotel where you will self-isolate on arrival in Singapore, while awaiting your on-arrival PCR test result.

If you don’t have a suitable residence in Singapore, you can book any of the hotels on this list to self-isolate, though interestingly the pre-populated list drop-down menu on the VTP application form allows you to select from a longer list of properties.

Actual flight details are not required. You do not require a confirmed flight booking to apply for a VTP.

An approved VTP does not guarantee you an available seat on a VTL flight, nor does having a booking on a VTL flight guarantee you a VTP approval. These are two things you need to arrange separately.


The VTP itself is free of charge, however you will have to pre-pay for your post-arrival Day 3 and Day 7 PCR tests in advance in order to be issued with one (unlike Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, who pay for each test directly with the selected clinic).

Including the administrative fee, you’re effectively paying S$97 per post-arrival PCR test.

The actual booking link for your Day 3 and Day 7 post-arrival tests will be provided by the Safe Travel Office on arrival in Singapore, at one of 36 Raffles Medical clinics. If you are leaving Singapore before your Day 3 and/or Day 7 tests, you will be entitled to a refund for tests not required.

See how the post-arrival test process works at our full guide here.

Remember you will still have to pay for your on-arrival test at Changi Airport (S$160). It’s best to register with the Changi concierge and pre-pay for this before departure from Germany, as it will save you time when you reach Singapore.

In-Principle Approval pass holders

If you have been approved for a Work Pass in Singapore and hold an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter, you can use the VTL to avoid quarantine on arrival, but you should apply for your VTP as a short-term visitor.

You’ll still need to comply with the VTL requirements (i.e. specified self-isolation location awaiting on-arrival test result, plus completion of both Day 3 and Day 7 tests).

VTP status

All travellers who successfully submit their application will be issued with a VTP immediately. Not only does ICA state this, it has been confirmed by all our readers so far who have applied (let us know if you had a different experience).

Once your VTP has been approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

We recommend having a printed copy of your VTP when you travel to Singapore, since you will be required to show it as part of the check-in process for a VTL flight.

You can also check your application status via the VTP application portal, though any changes would be notified by email anyway.

What if the VTL is cancelled?

So far there are no signs that Singapore will withdraw from the VTL scheme with Germany, but of course it remains a possibility.

That means your VTP approval can be withdrawn, as ICA states:

Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the relevant authorities in Singapore may introduce new measures or requirements as and when necessary to safeguard public health. This may result in changes to the VTL conditions or cancellation of the VTP at short notice. Applicants will be notified of any such changes or cancellation of their VTP.


What the ICA doesn’t go on to say is what would happen, particularly to Singapore Pass Holders, if their VTP were to be cancelled while visiting Germany.

In the best case scenario, those already approved would be allowed to return to Singapore in accordance with the entry requirements for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, including quarantine and testing, applicable to non-VTL passengers arriving from Germany.

In the worst case scenario, pass holders could be required to apply for re-entry (e.g. via the Work Pass Holder General Lane), which can be a ‘hit and miss’ process.

In either event, short-term visitors would probably not be able to travel to Singapore until the VTL was up and running again.

Our VTL experience

We travelled over to Frankfurt earlier this month and flew back via the inaugural Germany – Singapore VTL flight on 7th September 2021. Here’s a step-by-step summary of our experience, which may help you decide whether to give it a try yourself.

1: Getting a pre-departure COVID-19 test


2: The departure airport process


3: The Changi Airport arrival process


4: Day 3 and Day 7 swab tests


1: Getting a pre-departure COVID-19 test


2: The departure airport process


3: The Changi Airport arrival process


4: Day 3 and Day 7 swab tests





Most of our readers don’t need to worry about the Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) application when using the new Vaccinated Travel Lane, since it isn’t required for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

However, for Singapore Long Term Pass holders and tourists visiting the Lion City it is a requirement.

Luckily the process isn’t too arduous for most people, though for families it may take a bit of time to complete the application for each passenger in turn, and for those vaccinated in Germany there are some vaccination QR codes to scan/upload, which could prove a bit fiddly.

For all those we’ve spoken to so far who’ve gone through the process, the VTP approval has been instant and hassle-free.

What are your experiences with the Vaccinated Traveller Pass? Let us know in the comments section below.

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