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Cheapest pre-departure COVID-19 PCR and ART tests in Singapore

You can now get a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test in Singapore for as little as S$98, or an ART test valid for travel to some countries from S$21.40

Updated: 12th January 2022

With Singapore’s borders starting to reopen, including fully quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lanes and a wide list of countries requiring only seven-day home isolation on return, many of the city’s travel-starved residents are busy planning overseas trips in the coming months.

In many cases, fully vaccinated travellers can thankfully enter several countries without the need to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test, though some destination countries still require it, as do some airlines (e.g. Etihad) and some transit airports (e.g. Hong Kong).


With cheaper pre-departure ART tests now accepted for certain routings, here’s our latest analysis on where you can get a pre-departure test in Singapore, including a list of the cheapest providers across the city.

Cheapest Pre-Departure
PCR Tests

Clinic PCR


Average: S$134

Rapid Clinic PCR


Average: S$296

Home PCR


Average: S$167

Rapid Home PCR


Average: S$300

Cheapest Pre-Departure
ART Tests

Clinic ART


Average: S$38.80

Video Call ART


(Provide own ART kit)

Rates for PCR tests now start at S$98, while you can pick up an approved ART test from S$21.40, or S$12.84 via video call at home (whereby you provide your own approved test kit).

For those phobic of the nasal swab process, there are also saliva-based PCR tests available from S$115, valid for travel to selected countries. Jump to the list here for details.

The test must typically be conducted within 72 hours of your scheduled flight departure time, though do check the exact rules for your destination, since it does vary.

  Check country requirements at the IATA Timatic database

If you’re based in Singapore and travelling on one of the Vaccinated Travel Lanes, you’ll also be subject to the following pre-departure testing requirements when travelling to some of these countries, in addition to VTL testing on your homebound journey:

Testing before travelling to selected VTL countries

VTL country Test type Test timing Exemptions
Australia PCR 72h before departure Age 4 or below
Brunei PCR 48h before departure
72h before departure (Singapore RGL)
Cambodia PCR 72h before arrival
Canada PCR 72h before departure Age 4 or below
Denmark PCR
PCR 72h before arrival
ART 48h before arrival
Age 14 or below
Danish Residents
Fiji PCR 3 days* before departure Age 11 or below
Finland PCR
48h before arrival Age 15 or below
Finnish Citizens / PRs
France PCR
48h before departure Age 11 or below
India PCR 72h before departure Age 4 or below
Indonesia PCR 72h before departure
Italy PCR
PCR 72h before arrival
ART 24h before arrival
Age 5 or below
Malaysia PCR 2 days before departure Age 2 or below
Maldives PCR 96h before departure Age below 1
Netherlands PCR
PCR 48h before departure
ART 24h before departure
Age 11 or below
South Korea PCR 48h before departure Age 5 or below
Sri Lanka PCR 72h before departure Age 1 or below
Sweden PCR
48h before arrival Age 11 or below
Switzerland PCR
PCR 72h before departure
ART 24h before departure
Age 15 or below
Thailand PCR 72h before departure Age 5 or below
1 day before departure Age 1 or below

* Passengers arriving in Fiji from the UK or USA must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 1 day of departure of the first flight or series of flights booked on the same itinerary.

Many other (non-VTL) countries including Hong Kong also require pre-departure testing (PCR).

Where can you be tested in Singapore?

At the time of writing, there are over 650 approved clinics and hospitals across Singapore where you can get a COVID-19 pre-departure PCR test and over 700 that should provide an acceptable pre-departure ART test certificate.

  List of approved COVID-19 test providers in Singapore

This continually updated list will not only tell you which clinics are approved, but also their contact number, address and opening hours.

It also summarises the applicable age range for testing, important for those travelling with children as not all clinics are able to provide tests for those in younger age groups.

Example clinic information

Within a 10-minute walk of our own place in East Coast, for example, there are seven approved testing facilities, so you shouldn’t have to go far from your home or office to take the test.



Cheapest clinic pre-departure PCR tests

We contacted over 20 major providers, covering around 230 of the 600+ clinics in Singapore offering pre-departure COVID-19 PCR tests, to check their effective rates as of 12th January 2022.

Note: Government-paid swabs are not allowed to be used for the issuance of pre-departure COVID-19 certificates.
Swab Station at Bedok. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The cheapest pre-departure PCR test we found was at seven Swab Station clinics and two Kingsway Medical locations (though the providers are in partnership and so the locations overlap), costing S$98 including GST.

Intemedical, DA Clinic, SATA CommHealth and come in at a slightly higher S$105-107 cost, but in total offer 32 locations between them, which may be more convenient.

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests

Clinic Locations Price (inc. GST)
PCR Only PCR + Serology
(for China)
Swab Station SG 7 S$98.00 S$168.00
Kingsway Medical 2 S$98.00 S$168.00
Intemedical 2 S$105.00 S$160.00
DA Clinic 8 S$107.00 S$155.00
SATA CommHealth 6 S$107.00 S$157.00
(also Q&M
/ Acumen)
16 S$107.00 n/a
Raffles Medical
(Collinson x SIA)

36 S$115.00 S$155.00
    You don’t need an SIA ticket to use these codes
Fusion Medical 1 S$117.70 S$160.50
LifePlus Medical 2 S$117.70 S$155.15
Parkway Shenton
Shenton Medical
Shenton Wellness
26 S$118.00 S$166.00
Affinity Medical 1 S$120.00 S$170.00
OneCare Clinic 20 S$123.05 S$171.20
HeartlandHealth 11 S$125.00 S$160.00
Minmed Clinic 9 S$128.00 S$178.00
My Family Clinic 16 S$132.00 S$177.00
AcuMed Medical 12 S$135.89 S$184.04
Healthway Medical 34 S$138.00
Faith Medical Group 8 S$150.00
Osler Health International 2 S$150.00 S$255.00
True Medical 2 S$150.00 S$195.00
Fullerton Health 8 S$160.00 S$233.50
International Medical Clinic 3 S$165.00 n/a
ProHealth Medical 9 S$179.00 S$200.00
Pinnacle Family Clinic 6 S$185.00 S$270.60
Central 24-HR Clinic 9 S$200.00 S$258.85

If you’re taking a PCR test for travel to mainland China you will also require a serology test, as priced in the right hand column in the table above (inclusive of the PCR test, since that’s still required too).

This can add over S$85 to the cost at some clinics. Luckily there are a good number of sub-S$180 options for you in this case.

Note that flights to mainland China require negative results for tests conducted within 48 hours of scheduled flight departure time, not 72 hours.


Some credit card providers, airlines and membership schemes in Singapore have negotiated discounted pre-departure PCR test prices at specific clinics for their cardholders and members, as shown in the following table.

Discounted COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests

Company Clinic
(link to discount details)
Price (inc. GST)
PCR Only PCR + Serology
(for China)

Raffles Medical S$138.00
Healthway Medical S$138.00
Healthway Medical S$138.00
DA Clinic S$107.00
Raffles Medical S$138.00

Cheapest home pre-departure PCR tests

If you’re pressed for time, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience with a home PCR test.

There was previously only a single option (Homage), charging a steep rate for home testing, but now at least seven providers across the city will come to you and collect the swab sample for analysis, allowing you to get on with your day almost interruption-free, especially useful if you’re working from home.


All the providers we checked will swab up to four people at the same address if required, and the per-person cost usually starts to drop the more tests you require, for example if you’re travelling as a couple or a family.

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests

Provider: Cost (per pax) for:
1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax
DA Clinic S$128 S$128 S$128 S$128
BCH-ART S$138 S$138 S$138 S$138 S$138 S$138 S$138 S$138
Swab Station SG S$168 S$168 S$168 S$168
Minmed S$178 S$153 S$145 S$141
Homage S$180 S$140 S$127 S$120
Speedoc S$198 S$179 S$173 S$170
Jaga-Me S$209 S$155 S$137 S$128

The cheapest options (per pax) are highlighted in green.

Cheapest rapid pre-departure PCR tests

If you are travelling at very short notice (e.g. the same day) to a country requiring a pre-departure PCR test, some providers are able to offer quick turnarounds with results available in as little as 4-6 hours.

Be warned – it’s not cheap – but if you’re in this situation you are probably flying out for urgent reasons and won’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests
Rapid turnaround

Clinic Locations Price (inc. GST)
PCR Only 16 S$214.00
(6-12 hours)
Parkway Shenton
Shenton Medical
Shenton Wellness
26 S$268.00
(< 6 hours)
MyDoctor@Canberra 1 S$280.00
(6-8 hours)
Kingsway Medical 2 S$288.00
(6-8 hours)
Swab Station SG 7 S$288.00
(6-8 hours)
Affinity Medical 1 S$300.00
(6-8 hours)
International Medical Clinic 3 S$300.00
(4-6 hours)
Fullerton Health 8 S$308.16
(6 hours)
Osler Health International 2 S$320.00
(8 hours)
Intemedical 2 S$321.00
(6 hours)
Minmed Clinic 9 S$328.00
(6 hours)
LifePlus Medical 2 S$331.70
(10-12 hours)

There are also some home testing rapid turnaround PCR test options, as outlined below (cheapest options per pax in green).

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests
Rapid turnaround

Provider: Cost (per pax) for:
1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax
(4-8 hours)
S$238 S$238 S$238 S$238
(6-12 hours)
S$268 S$268 S$268 S$268
(3-6 hours)
S$298 S$279 S$273 S$270
(3-6 hours)

S$316 S$273 S$259 S$251
(6 hours)
S$378 S$353 S$345 S$341

Cheapest pre-departure ART tests

If you’re travelling to a country that requires you to complete a pre-departure ART test, like the USA, the good news is this is a lot cheaper than the PCR version.


Results are available within 30 minutes, so there are also no concerns when making short-term travel plans.

Note that self-administered ART tests are not valid for travel purposes. You must do these at an accredited clinic and obtain a certificate to use them as evidence of your COVID-19 status for entering a country. Similarly, the S$15 ART tests at QTCs/CTCs cannot be used for travel.

Northeast Medical clinics provide the cheapest option at S$21.40 including GST (no consultation fee for negative result).

We checked with them and they will also provide a results certificate with your personal details suitable for travel, however it cannot be notarised (though this isn’t really necessary for ART test results when travelling to most countries).

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure ART tests

Clinic Locations Price (inc. GST)
Northeast Medical 8 S$21.40
LifePlus Medical 2 S$26.75
Raffles Medical
(Collinson x SIA)

36 S$27.00
  You don’t need an SIA ticket to use this code
SATA CommHealth 6 S$28.00
AcuMed Medical 12 S$29.96
HeartlandHealth 11 S$30.00
Raffles Medical
(no promo code)
36 S$30.00
DA Clinic 8 S$32.10
Faith Medical Group 8 S$35.00
Affinity Medical 1 S$35.00
Minmed Clinic 9 S$35.00
My Family Clinic 16 S$35.00 1 S$35.00
Intemedical 1 S$37.45
OneCare Clinic 20 S$37.45
Kingsway Medical 2 S$38.00
Parkway Shenton
Shenton Medical
Shenton Wellness
26 S$38.00
Swab Station SG 7 S$38.00
Healthway Medical 34 S$40.00
True Medical 2 S$45.00
Pinnacle Family Clinic 6 S$48.15
ProHealth Medical 9 S$53.50
Fullerton Health 8 S$53.50
Central 24-HR Clinic 9 S$60.00
Osler Health International 2 S$60.00
International Medical Clinic 3 S$60.00

You certainly shouldn’t be spending more than S$40 for an ART test in Singapore, and there are many clinics offering the service at S$30 or less, including all Raffles Medical locations.

Do note that many clinics in Singapore offering ART tests are more geared up for producing certificates for pre-event testing, rather than for international travel, but provided they can produce a results certificate you shouldn’t have any issues.


Many clinics will also tell you that an ART is not sufficient for pre-departure testing, and that you must have a PCR test, but as we know that’s not the case for many countries, like the USA and Italy. Don’t be talked into paying for an expensive test that you don’t need.

Saliva tests (PCR)

If you particularly dislike the regular nasopharyngeal swab (taken through your nose to the back of your throat), which let’s face it isn’t the most pleasant experience, you’ll be pleased to know that Singapore has now approved saliva PCR testing.

In this case the test is far less invasive, since you simply gargle and spit into a tube.

If this is your preference, you’ll need to make sure your destination country accepts saliva-based swabs for pre-departure tests. At the time of writing, the following countries accept saliva pre-departure tests:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • UK
  • USA

Prices start at S$115 including GST. Turnaround time is 24 hours, though some clinics offer a rapid option for a higher cost.

Cost of COVID-19 pre-departure PCR tests

Clinic Locations Price (inc. GST)
Saliva PCR
Chang Clinic 1 S$115.00
Parkway Shenton
Shenton Medical
Shenton Wellness
3 S$138.00
Dedicare Medical 1 S$140.00
Gainhealth Clinic 1 S$155.15
1 S$155.15
International Medical Clinic 3 S$165.00
Osler Health International 2 S$168.00

Travellers taking the saliva-based pre-departure test are advised to follow these instructions one hour before sample collection:

  • Do not eat or drink (sipping water is allowed)
  • Do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash
  • Do not smoke or chew gum

Saliva antigen rapid tests (ART) are not yet approved for use in Singapore, though hopefully that will change soon and these will of course be cheaper than the PCR version, for countries that accept both saliva-based and ART pre-departure test results (like the USA).

Testing window (PCR)

For travel to most countries requiring a negative pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test to be presented at check-in, the testing sample must be taken within 72 hours of your scheduled flight departure time.

Pro Tip: With rules regularly changing, be sure to check with your airline or consult government-published requirements to determine whether you’ll need a pre-departure COVID-19 test, and what the time limits are.

Some countries impose a shorter 48-hour window for pre-departure testing, while others require the 72-hour window to apply prior to the departure of the final flight on your itinerary (e.g. from the transit point), rather than 72 hours before the first flight.

The Safe Travel website recommends scheduling your appointment no later than 38 hours before flight departure time.

Travellers who present at the clinic less than 38 hours to the flight may not be able receive the result in time for the flight.

Singapore ICA

For example, if you’re taking a Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong at 8.25am (SQ882) on Wednesday 29th December, you should take your pre-departure COVID-19 test:

  • Earliest: 8.25am on Sunday 26th December
  • Latest: 6.25pm on Monday 27th December

This will ensure your results are available by 5.25am on Wednesday 29th December (3 hours before flight departure), though generally you should receive them by the evening of Tuesday 28th December in most cases.

Travellers have around a 34-hour window to take a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test for travel to most destinations. (Photo: Shutterstock)

If you’re the kind of person who worries about not having everything in place for your trip and you hate leaving things to the last minute, we’d recommend booking your pre-departure test no later than around 48 hours before your flight departure time (for destinations where the 72-hour rule applies).

Ideally that would be on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning in the above example (i.e. don’t leave it till Monday afternoon if you can avoid it).

For ART tests of course there’s little need for concern, given the quick 30-minute turnaround time, and there’s even a Changi Airport location available.

You should have your test result notarised

Since 10th March 2021, all clinics offering pre-departure PCR tests must now offer digital results certificates, to reduce fraud and speed up the departure process.

Most clinics provide a notarised result automatically, but in some cases you may be required to digitally authenticate and endorse the digital test certificate via the government’s Notarise website before travel.

ART test results can also be notarised in some cases, though this does not appear to be necessary anyway and we’ve heard people travel successfully even using ART results from clinics where this is not possible (e.g. to the USA and the UK).

You’ll receive a QR code by email within 15 minutes of uploading your certificate. The QR code will then be used by the authorities to verify the authenticity of your pre-departure test when you travel.

The easiest way to present the QR code will be via your mobile device, though you can also print and carry a hardcopy version if you prefer.

A notarised pre-departure test certificate

If you have presented your NRIC at the clinic when having your pre-departure test, the Notarise QR code will be automatically uploaded onto your SingPass app.

Pro Tip: We’d still recommend having a printed copy of your pre-departure COVID-19 test results with you on your journey, since acceptable formats will differ in some countries.

The Notarise system can also be used to provide certified vaccination certificates for travel.

What you’ll need to bring

You’ll need your identity card or passport when attending your COVID-19 test appointment, plus a valid payment method (remember some clinics accept cash / NETS / PayNow only).


Some clinics also require your flight details if you are having a pre-departure test, even to make an appointment, as they want to ensure the test timing will fall within the applicable pre-departure validity window for your destination country.

They may also ask you to bring your flight details along to the appointment itself.

Some airlines require a test

Even if your destination country doesn’t require a pre-departure COVID-19 test, some airlines require it.

Etihad is one carrier imposing a blanket “no test, no travel” policy, requiring all its passengers to provide a negative pre-departure PCR test conducted within 72 hours of their departure flight, regardless of destination or vaccination status.

If your final destination is Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to take the test within 48 hours of departure.

All Etihad passengers must produce a negative COVID-19 test result in order to travel, regardless of their routing. (Photo: Etihad Airways)

Emirates, on the other hand, does not currently require a pre-departure PCR test if you are originating in Singapore and merely transiting through Dubai, assuming your final destination country does not require a pre-departure test either.

If you are flying Cathay Pacific with a transit in Hong Kong, you’ll need a pre-departure PCR test within 48 hours of your first flight departure, regardless of the requirements for your final destination.

If you’re transiting in Hong Kong, you’ll need a pre-departure PCR test. (Photo: Hong Kong Information Services Department)

What about overseas tests?

If you’re looking at where to obtain a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test prior to travel from overseas to Singapore or another country, Singapore Airlines is maintaining a helpful list of available pre-departure test facilities in its primary overseas markets.

(Image: Singapore Airlines)

If you can’t find details you need for your departure country, other airlines are maintaining similar lists on their respective websites. For example, Emirates has this extensive list of recommended pre-departure test locations for those wishing to enter Dubai.




With overseas travel opening up, there is still a requirement for pre-departure COVID-19 PCR or ART tests before we depart Singapore when heading to some countries. Generally, when it’s needed, you’ll need to lock in a test in 2-3 days before departure.

It’s definitely worth shopping around, since we found that the most expensive PCR tests (S$200) now come in twice as costly compared to the cheapest (S$98).

For ART tests, there’s a good range of options around the S$30 mark, while those who hate the nasal swab method can now opt for a saliva-based test for travel to selected countries from S$115.

Where PCR testing is required (e.g. South Korea), a family of four is looking at up to S$400 in savings by locking in one of the better-value clinics prior to their trip compared to the more expensive ones, making even an couple of Grab rides across town to a more distant testing location almost certainly worthwhile!

There are also an increasing number of competitively priced home testing PCR options, from S$128, while rapid PCR test costs for last-minute travel have also fallen significantly and now start at S$214.

Even some airlines and transit airports are requiring a negative pre-departure test, regardless of your origin / destination requirements, so be careful not to unduly add this cost to your trip if it’s not otherwise necessary.

One thing we can’t complain about in Singapore is the number of options, with over 600 facilities island-wide offering these services, many supporting walk-in, 24-hour opening, home testing and even urgent 6-hour results turnaround.

(Cover Photo: Shutterstock)



  1. For entry to Canada, travellers must complete the ArriveCan procedure either on the web or using the app. Part of it is that travellers must comply with a quarantine plan in case of catching covid in Canada. An arrival code will be generated by the app or website for checking by arrival immigration. There will be frequent reminder while in Canada that travellers are still subject to random check while in Canada

  2. If you have travel insurance specifically for USA provided by American insurer, you may be able to use it for departure pcr test before flying out of USA. Free of charge.

  3. Excellent post! I’m travelling to Iceland next week and they need a negative ART test for entry and in your post you mentioned about “Do note that many clinics in Singapore offering ART tests are more geared up for producing certificated for pre-event testing, rather than for international travel, but provided they can produce a results certificate you won’t have any issues.”

    My question is what constitutes as a proper certificate? I’m asking because I walk-in/call few places today like Q&M Medical (Serangoon), Parkway Shenton(Buangkok) regarding the ART tests, but it seems to me they are unfamiliar with ART tests being used for travel, they keep tell me “Our test is only valid for 24 hours and is for pre-event purposes, we can’t notarise the result and can’t issue a fit for travel certificate unless its PCR test, but we can give you a printed slip of the test results.” So now I’m not sure what kind of results should I be getting upon entry at Iceland, does it have to be notarised? (I also google about notarising ART, I can’t seem to find any. All the notarisation results seem to point to PCR tests only, are there no such thing as notarised ART results?). It would be great if you have some input on this matter.


    1. Yes, I called up SATA clinic to book an appointment for pre-departure ART. The lady replied me (in a super rude way!) that ART is only for pre-event. Insisted that I need to do a PCR test even after I explained to her that the country I’m travelling to accepts ART.

      1. Ya, I suggest you go to Raffles Medical Centre. They really know what they’re doing. They will request for passport and flight itinerary as well so it can be input into the ART certificate as well.

  4. Thanks Andrew! Couldn’t find the information about the exemption for the SQ flight to Barcelona via Milano anywhere else. Very informative, great job!

  5. Will travel from USA to Singapore next year and figuring out the test costs/locations. USA accepts ART tests but but all the SG labs linked in the post say that the results are valid for 24 hours and for pre-event testing. Not sure if this is just a lag in updating their respective websites or an intentional ploy to push travelers to go for the more expensive PCR test.

    If anyone knows of a travel-ready ART location, please post here. Thanks!

    1. Raffles Medical is clued up about providing pre-departure ART with the appropriate travel certificate, based on reader reports. Cost is S$30.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply . I checked raffles website and it says “pre event testing” under ART. Probably most websites haven’t updated yet because of such a fluid situation when it comes to rules and restrictions around international travel right now.

      2. I know someone who got a PDT ART with certificate to travel to Italy from Raffles Medical at Changi T3 before heading upstairs to check in.

        If it’s possible there, it should be possible at all their clinics.

      3. What is this “certificate to travel” – something specific to Italy only? USA only requires neg ART test (since Nov 8) but I am hopeful there will be more information and awareness in the next few weeks because Singapore is also now accepting ART (as PDT) for entry into the country. The “results valid for 24 hours” thing is the weird bit – if it’s the same ART process for PET and PDT then why restrict the validity to 24 hours only.

      4. I can confirm that you can just use the PDT ART from Raffles Medical Centre. They even request you to bring your passport and flight itinerary for verification. The ART is like for PET but they will issue you a piece of paper that states your passport number, name, date of birth, result, when sample is taken and etc. I used it to present to the officer in Iceland. At the same time, you will get a 24 hours PET QR link as well (but you can just ignore this). Also, this certificate doesn’t need/can be notarised but it works! On the certificate it will have one line stating the expiry date, which is 24 hours validity. However, you can ignore that as foreign immigration officers don’t really care as in the certificate they also have the date time when sample is taken. As long as you fall within the 48/72 hours rules requested by the country you are fine.

  6. OK that’s great confirmation, Andrew. I am headed Italy too on Sunday but via Zurich instead of CPH. Booked the ART test at Zurich airport which is cheaper than the PCR test in SG, ready in 20 minutes at Zurich airport in case can’t get cheaper ART here. (Flight to Zurich requires Vacc cert only, no PDT needed). for everyone info, the ART test at Rome airport cost only Eur 20, for those flying back on the VTL – just be at the airport earlier, and pre book the ART

  7. certificate to travel is just the same as the notarised pcr test result, called a “certificate”…the 24 hours is just local Singapore usage for PET…if international travels can accept it for a longer period of time – within EU valid for 48 hours …..don’t see why SG should limit it to 24 hours only…illogical…just to generate revenue may be…

    1. The certificate to travel / fit to fly is also used by some clinics to justify why their ART charge is more than twice the cheapest price. Some of their staff prey on the fears of travelers by trying to tell them the cheaper ARTs are no good because they supposedly need this “fit to fly” to board the plane. It’s not needed though!

    1. “As of 10 March 2021, you are able to obtain your digitally authenticated and endorsed PDT HealthCert via the Notαrise portal without signing in to Singpass.

      “However, please note that you will be receiving your respective digitally authenticated and endorsed digital HealthCert via email. MOH-endorsed digital PDT certificates for travel are sent to individual’s email and/or Singpass app inbox on request.”

      Source: FAQs

      1. thank you so much Andrew! and meant to say a big thanks for all this information, its hugely useful!

  8. Could you please guide the cheapest cost for serology test to get the Singapore vaccination records updated for international vaccination.

  9. Ok so no need for a test to go to Germany from Singapore; and I gather no test needed either to enter France from Germany via train after spending 1 week in Germany?

  10. Raffles Medical messed up my pre-departure test. Did not send the certificate as promised. Hotline unable to get through despite many tries. Clinic closed on Sunday as well and centralised system has no clue.

    Searching for a number to call led to finding bad reviews on Google showing many with the same experience of being unable to contact anyone. Other bad reviews on Reddit as well

    Would really advise to think twice!

  11. SATA CommHealth returns PCR test results within 48 hours so they can’t guarantee that you can get your results for travel to destinations that require 2-day PCR result, for example to Malaysia via VTL (Air). This is what they advised me after waiting for almost 10 minutes on the line. Please beware if you are looking to use one of the cheapest options.

  12. Hi, for, I realised it’s through Q&M dental clinic that does the swab test. But however, on MOH approved list of swab providers, Q&M dental clinics aren’t even on that list! Tried calling that clinic I booked at, they directed me to Q&M medical at city square to answer the question of whether are they truly approved to provide the swab service. Called medical, they say have no idea and need to call that dental clinic to confirm. Sheesh this is worrying me a lot whether it will be accepted at the airports when my wife flies! Anyone with experience with using this and gotten through airport checks without any hiccups? Thanks!

    1. So far I booked twice with them to do my PDT swab to Malaysia without any hick ups. At first I was skeptical with their price & service but after giving them a call, their customer support assured me. Their location is convenient (Q&M Farrer Park) nearby the MRT and comfortable. I just had to bring my passport with me for the appointment and after one day, i receive my health cert and did not have to notarise the health cert at all. The second time I did my swab, I tried their home swab service, the pricing is like 30 dollars more but I feel it was worth the extra cost as my swabber who did the test for me, actually did a great job, she was gentle and very professional, the test took like 15 minutes as she sets up the swab site in my living room and proceed with the test and left. The results took within a day as well. I highly recommend their home swab service. The price difference isn’t that much but it saves the hassle of queuing up at the clinic.

  13. Northeast Medical, although cheapest for now at $20+GST, indicates on its website that the fee is “excluding consultation”. Is this fee charged additionally?

    1. Confirmed with them it’s S$21.40 all-in, with a results certificate you can use for travel (it cannot be notarised, but that doesn’t matter for most countries like USA, UK).

      1. For the VTL (Land) I assume?

        It doesn’t state that the PDT must be notarised (unlike your Vaccination Cert, which must be), but personally I’d play it safe with this one and also get a notarised ART, like the Raffles Medical S$27 one.

  14. Any idea if the pre departure flight to Singpore should the ART have a QR code? All PCR test results normally comes with a QR code but in case of supervised ART by a trained professional, are there any mandate?

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