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Singapore Airlines Business Class seat types by route to March 2023

With schedules now confirmed through to March 2023, here's which of the five different Singapore Airlines Business Class seat types you can expect on your next flight.

Singapore Airlines has recently confirmed its flight schedules for the northern winter season from November 2022 through to March 2023, including days of operation and aircraft type allocation, which means its time for the latest update to our longstanding guide to the carrier’s onboard products in Business Class, by route and individual flight number.


With border measures eased for travellers and operations now ramping up towards 65% of pre-COVID capacity (and increasing), it’s back to a healthy mix of aircraft, routes and cabin products for the airline, including the latest flat-bed seats on the Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft.

Five Business Class seat types

With five different Business Class seats installed across the Singapore Airlines fleet, one of the most common questions we are asked by our readers is what kind of seat they will have on their upcoming flight, or which flight to pick on a particular route to ensure they secure their preferred seat type.

Many shorter SIA routes feature the latest 2018 Regional Business Class seats, including all Boeing 787-10 services and selected Airbus A350 flights. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Since the start of COVID-19 we’ve said goodbye to two older seat models – the 2009 Regional Business Class and the 2006 Long-Haul Business Class, but two new narrow-body products have been introduced at the pointy end of Boeing 737s, following the merger of SilkAir into mainline SIA operations.

Here’s a summary of the five different Business Class seat types currently in use across the fleet.

Image Seat Guide Aircraft
2013 J
  • Airbus A350 Long Haul (359 LH)
  • Airbus A350 ULR (359 ULR)
  • Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
2017 J
  • Airbus A380 (388)
2018 RJ
  • Airbus A350 Medium Haul (359 MH)
  • Boeing 787-10 (787)
738 RJ
  • Boeing 737-800 (738)
  • Boeing 737-8 MAX (7M8)

Business Class seats by route and flight number

We’ve updated our seat type list through to the end of the IATA northern winter 2022/23 season (from now until 25th March 2023) to help you avoid the guesswork by offering an A-Z destination list, flight number by flight number, seat type by seat type.


To view flight number list and the corresponding seat type information, click the route of your choice to expand the table.

Routes are to and from Singapore (SIN).

Updated: 6th October 2022
Valid until: 25th March 2023

Singapore to Adelaide
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ277359 LH2013 J02JAN23 - 26JAN23
SQ279359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Adelaide to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ276359 LH2013 J02JAN23 - 26JAN23
SQ278359 MH2018 RJ28MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Ahmedabad
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ504359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Ahmedabad to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ505359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Amsterdam
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ324359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Amsterdam to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ323359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Auckland
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ281359 LH2013 J31OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ285359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 29OCT22
77W2013 J30OCT22 - 25MAR23
Auckland to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ282359 LH2013 J01NOV22 - 26MAR23
SQ286359 LH2013 J28MAR22 - 30OCT22
77W2013 J31OCT22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Bali
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ934738738 RJ22AUG22 - 25MAR23
SQ9367872018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ9387872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ9447872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ9467872018 RJ10NOV22 - 25MAR23
Bali to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ935738738 RJ22AUG22 - 25MAR23
SQ9377872018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ9397872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ9457872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ9477872018 RJ10NOV22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Bangkok
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ7067872018 RJ01AUG22 - 29OCT22
SQ708359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ710359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ712359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ714359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Bangkok to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ7057872018 RJ01AUG22 - 29OCT22
SQ707359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ709359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ711359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ713359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Barcelona
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ378359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Barcelona to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ377359 LH2013 J28MAR22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Bengaluru
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ508738738 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ510359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ512359 MH2018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
Bengaluru to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ509738738 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ511359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ513359 MH2018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Brisbane
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ235359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ245359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 29OCT22
359 MH2018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ255359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Brisbane to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ236359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ246359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 29OCT22
359 MH2018 RJ30OCT22 - 25MAR23
SQ256359 MH2018 RJ28MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Brunei
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1487M8MAX RJ27MAR22 - 24MAR23
Brunei to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ1477M8MAX RJ27MAR22 - 24MAR23

Singapore to Cairns
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ2037M8MAX RJ11APR22 - 24MAR23
Cairns to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ2047M8MAX RJ11APR22 - 24MAR23

Singapore to Cape Town
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ478359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Cape Town to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ479359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Cebu
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ9067M8MAX RJ01MAY22 - 25MAR23
Cebu to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ9067M8MAX RJ01MAY22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Chennai
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ5247M8MAX RJ03JUN22 - 25MAR23
SQ5267872018 RJ01SEP22 - 25MAR23
SQ5287872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Chennai to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ5257M8MAX RJ03JUN22 - 25MAR23
SQ5277872018 RJ02SEP22 - 25MAR23
SQ5297872018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Chongqing
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ8147872018 RJ28MAR22 - 20MAR23
Chongqing to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ8157872018 RJ28MAR22 - 20MAR23

Singapore to Christchurch
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ297359 LH2013 J28MAR22 - 25MAR23
Christchurch to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ298359 LH2013 J29MAR22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Cochin
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ5347M8MAX RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ5367M8MAX RJ01AUG22 - 25MAR23
Cochin to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ5357M8MAX RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
SQ5377M8MAX RJ02AUG22 - 25MAR23

Singapore to Colombo
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ468359 MH2018 RJ27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Colombo to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ469359 MH2018 RJ28MAR22 - 26MAR23

Singapore to Copenhagen
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ352359 LH2013 J27MAR22 - 25MAR23
Copenhagen to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ351359 LH2013 J28MAR22 - 25MAR23