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Citi Rewards 16,000 miles sign-up bonus extended to 31 January 2023

The Citi Rewards Card 16,000 bonus miles offer for new-to-bank customers has been extended, now good for those applying by 31st January 2023.

Earlier this year Citi upsized its usual 10,800 miles sign-up bonus for the popular Citi Rewards card with a 16,000 miles offer, subject to a retail spend of only S$800 in the first two full calendar months of card membership, for new-to-bank credit card applicants.

The deal was set to expire on 31st October 2022, but the good news is it has been give a three-month extension and is now valid for those who apply by 31st January 2023.


Unfortunately the deal still excludes those who have held a Citi credit card as primary cardholder in the last 12 months prior to application date, but you may now find that you can take advantage of the offer between now and the end of January 2023 if you’ve previously had a Citi card and your 12-month wait (without one) is up.

There’s also a S$350 cashback offer available for applications through SingSaver, which is arguably a better deal than the 16,000 miles bonus, with a few alternative gift options also offered, when you apply by 31st October 2022.

16,000 miles sign-up bonus

The main sign-up bonus for the Citi Rewards card for those not currently holding a Citi credit card and having not held one in the last 12 months prior to application date, is worth 16,000 miles.

It requires a minimum spend of S$800 in the first two full calendar months starting from the end of the calendar month of card approval.

16,000 miles when you spend


For example, if you are approved for the card on 7th November 2022, the qualifying spend period is from that date until 31st January 2023 (two full calendar months from the end of November 2022).

Bonus miles are awarded within three calendar months of the end of the qualifying spend period (i.e. by 30th April 2023 in the above example).

Pro Tip: Try to get your card approved towards the beginning of a month (e.g. early November) to give yourself almost three months to meet the spend threshold.

This card also features full fee waiver for the first year of membership as standard.

$Card MC 2020


Spend exclusions

As usual with these promotions, your S$800 qualifying spend must fall outside the following excluded categories:

  • Equal Payment Plan (EPP) purchases.
  • Refunded / disputed / unauthorised or fraudulent retail purchases.
  • Quick Cash / Ready Credit PayLite and other instalment loans.
  • Paywise / cash advance / quasi-cash transactions, balance transfers, annual card membership fees, interest or goods and services taxes.
  • Bill payments made using the card as a source of funds.
  • Late payment fees.
  • Any other form of service / miscellaneous fees.

You can even achieve the spend buying Cold Storage or NTUC vouchers for future shopping, if you don’t have any immediate expenses coming up.

Existing Citi customers

If you are an existing Citi credit card holder, or had a Citi credit card account which was terminated in the last 12 months immediately prior to application, you unfortunately won’t be eligible for this sign-up bonus.

Pro Tip: If the one-year anniversary of your last Citi credit card cancellation comes up partway through this promotion period, wait until a year has passed then sign up to qualify for the 16,000 miles bonus.

One exception is if you are a supplementary cardholder with Citi in Singapore, but not the main cardholder on any such account (in the last 12 months), you will be eligible for the sign-up bonus when you apply as a main cardholder.

How it works

Provided you are eligible, and you apply for a Citi Rewards card on or before 31st January 2023, which is subsequently approved within 30 days, you will be awarded 40,000 bonus Citi ThankYou Points provided you spend at least S$800 on the card in the qualifying spend period, as defined above.


These are true bonus points, since you’ll also accrue Citi ThankYou Points at a rate of 1 per S$1 (or 10 per S$1 in eligible categories) for your first S$800 spending on the card as usual on top of that.

Remember that Citi ThankYou Points transfer to airline miles at a 2.5:1 ratio, which is why the 40,000 bonus is actually only worth 16,000 miles.

Earning rates

The Citi Rewards card earns just 0.4 miles (1 Citi ThankYou Point) for every S$1 spent both locally and overseas, though the real key to this card as you’ll see from our full review is the 4 miles (10 Citi ThankYou Points) per S$1 spent on shoes, bags and clothes at online or retail stores, or department stores, both locally and overseas.

Since March 2019, Citi also added online retail transactions (excluding mobile wallet top-ups / payments and travel-related transactions) to the list earning at the 4 mpd rate. That’s a very useful category as it includes things like online food delivery, Amazon purchases, Grab and Go Jek rides, etc.

For all the eligible MCC (merchant category codes) and exclusions, see our detailed review of this card, which is fee-free in the first year.

Unfortunately in October 2018 Citi amended the S$12,000 annual cap for bonus miles earning at the 4 mpd rate using this card with a S$1,000 monthly cap instead, meaning it no longer works very well for large one-off purchases.

Total earning can be up to 19,200 miles

As you may have already concluded, you can actually do much better than Citi’s advertised “40,000 ThankYou Points (TYP)” welcome gift, by ensuring all your S$800 spend is in the 10X (4 mpd) category. For example:

  • 800 TYP (S$800 x 1 on all spend)
  • + 7,200 TYP (S$800 x 9 bonus category spend)
  • + 40,000 TYP (welcome bonus)
  • = 48,000 TYP total (19,200 miles)

This works out as an impressive 24 miles per dollar for that S$800 spend, provided you stick to the bonus categories.

However, it’s important to remember the bonus remains 16,000 miles whatever you do, since you’d get 8,000 of those ThankYou points (3,200 miles) for S$800 spend in the bonus category using this card even without a sign-up offer running.

Citi ThankYou points are very flexible

One of the best things about Citi ThankYou points (and Citi Miles) in Singapore is the wide range of transfer partners compared with other bank loyalty points.

You can transfer your miles into 10 different frequent flyer programmes and into IHG points.

Singapore credit card to FFP transfers

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