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How to sit in Premium Economy on SIA’s Bangkok, KL and Jakarta flights

Singapore Airlines Economy Class passengers can pay an additional fee to sit in the Premium Economy cabin on eight regional routes, or chance their luck when online check-in opens and snag the extra space for free.

If you thought Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy cabin was the reserve of the carrier’s long-haul flights you’d certainly be forgiven, since that’s almost the correct assumption. There are a few regional routes, however, that regularly benefit from these seats, and the airline doesn’t even sell the cabin as Premium Economy.

Instead on these shorter flights they are sold as Economy Class seats, and rather than being offered on a first-come-first-served basis, or being exclusive to status holders, Singapore Airlines began charging a fee for them in early 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.


That means you can opt to pay extra to sit in this cabin when flying shorter routes it’s not actually sold on, for an additional fee, or take your chances at online check-in 48 hours before departure and potentially pay no extra charge for the privilege of a little more space and legroom.

Traditionally restricted to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur flights, currently there’s the widest range of options ever to take advantage of this benefit, with routes including Bangkok, Colombo and Hanoi also on the list.

There is no service differentiation

The important to thing to note about SIA’s operation of aircraft with a Premium Economy cabin on these shorter regional routes is that there is no service differentiation from Economy Class, whether you have paid extra to sit in this section, or you have been allocated a seat there.

Passengers who choose this option [on selected flights] will be seated on a more comfortable Premium Economy Seat, while their class of service remains Economy and all fare conditions will remain the same as their originally-booked Economy Class fare.

Singapore Airlines

That’s because no one gets the Premium Economy service or benefits on these flights, since the cabin class is simply not sold on these routes.

Instead you’ll benefit only from a separate cabin, with wider seats and additional legroom. There are also ‘couple pairs’ by the window, a nicer experience for two passengers travelling together than the 3-3-3 configuration in Economy Class on these aircraft.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Premium Economy. (Photo: View from the Wing)

Which aircraft?

To be able to pay extra to sit in a Premium Economy seat on shorter regional ‘non-PY’ flights to and from Singapore, even though you’re booked in Economy Class, you’ll need to pick a service operated by one of the following aircraft:

  • Airbus A350 Long Haul (3-class)
  • Boeing 777-300ER (4-class)

Other aircraft types, like the Airbus A350 Medium Haul, don’t feature a Premium Economy Class cabin, while the airline’s Airbus A380s do not operate any shorter flights where the Premium Economy Class cabin is not sold as such.


Here’s how the Premium Economy seat maps look on these two aircraft.

While there is no priority service on the ground, enhanced miles earning or upgraded F&B on board when sitting in this cabin on these short flights, here’s what SIA’s Premium Economy seat offers:

  • 38″ seat pitch (6″ more than Economy Class)
  • 19″ seat width (0.5″ more than Economy Class)
  • 8″ seat recline (2″ more than Economy Class)
  • 13.3″ HD touchscreen monitor (2.1″ bigger than Economy Class)
  • In-built calf rest and footrest
  • 2 USB ports and AC power supply
  • Adjustable reading light
A larger 13.3″ HD in-flight entertainment screen is one of the benefits in SIA Premium Economy. (Photo: High Tech Flight)

Those travelling in the Premium Economy cabin on Boeing 777-300ERs (and A380s for that matter, though they don’t fly these short routes) benefit from a slightly wider 19.5″ seat.



How much does it cost?

Seat selection fees on Singapore Airlines flights are all quoted in US Dollars, then converted to the currency of your departure city when you make your booking or pay for seat selection later.

Here’s a table showing the current rates for selecting a seat in the Premium Economy cabin on regional flights not offering a differentiated Premium Economy service, including approximate SGD rates.

There are discounts applied, based on you KrisFlyer status.

Singapore Airlines
Premium Economy Seat Selection
(on non-PY routes)
Status PY
Extra Legroom
Band 1
Ho Chi Minh
Kuala Lumpur
Non-KF US$35.00
KF Basic US$33.25
KFES US$31.50
KFEG US$29.75
Band 2
Non-KF US$75.00
KF Basic US$71.25
KFES US$67.50
KFEG US$63.75

These seat selection fees do not vary based on your Economy Class fare type (e.g. Lite, Standard, Flexi). They also apply to those booked on any award redemption in the Economy Class cabin (i.e. Saver or Advantage).

Airbus A350 Premium Economy Class. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Here’s an example for a KrisFlyer Gold member reserving a Premium Economy seat (but remember, not a PY service standard) from Singapore to Bangkok.

It’s free for PPS Club members

Good news if you are a PPS Club member, with all seat selection fees waived, including these seats in the Premium Economy cabin on these non-PY routes.

Right from the booking stage you can therefore select any seat you like in this cabin at no additional charge, when travelling on an Economy Class ticket or redemption, so don’t forget to pick a seat in row 31-34!

Which flights?

During the northern summer 2022 schedule from now until 29th October 2022, you can pay extra to sit in the Premium Economy cabin on selected flights between Singapore and the following eight cities:

  • Bangkok
  • Colombo
  • Dhaka
  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Jakarta
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Yangon

SIA Premium Economy
‘Seat Selection’ Routes

Here are the specific flights you’ll have to be traveling on for each route to be able to utilise this option in the A350 Long Haul (359 LH) or Boeing 777-300ER (77W).

Note that with the exception of Jakarta, Singapore Airlines also operates other flights on these routes that don’t have a Premium Economy cabin installed. Only those which do are listed here.


Singapore to Bangkok
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
09:30-11:00 Daily
359 LH
12:50-14:20 Daily
Bangkok to Singapore
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
12:15-15:40 Daily
359 LH
15:30-18:55 Daily


Singapore to Colombo
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
11:00-12:15 Fri Until
20 May
Colombo to Singapore
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
13:45-20:15 Fri Until
20 May


Singapore to Dhaka
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
11:00-13:05 Mon^
Dhaka to Singapore
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
14:20-20:30 Mon^

^ From 6 June
* Until 30 June


Singapore to Hanoi
Flight &
Time Days Notes
359 LH
15:15-17:35 Sun From
7 Aug