SIA Seats: 2017 R (Suites)

This is our overview of the Singapore Airlines 2017 Suites product – 2017 R. You can keep track of which routes this new product is operating on by visiting our First Class and Suites seats by route page.

1A Seat
2017 R (Suites)
Config 1-1
Width 21″
Recline 135o
Width 27″
Length 76″
Recline 180o
Screen Size 32″ HD
Power Source 2 UNI + 2 USB Socket
Wi-Fi Yes: Unlimited

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

The Suite

The newest Singapore Airlines ‘Suites’ product, 2017 R was launched in November 2017 on the latest batch of Airbus A380 aircraft and introduced on flights to Sydney the following month.

Suites 10.JPG
Some adjoining 2017 R suites can be converted into a large room for two passengers with a ‘double bed’ setup. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

There are six suites in total located in the forward upper deck section of the A380 in a 1-1 configuration separated by a single aisle.

A380 New Suites Aisle (AusBT)
A single aisle separates three ‘2017 R’ suites at either side of the cabin on the upper deck of the A380. (Photo: Australian Business Traveller)

We attended the launch event and saw the seat first hand, an impressive and spacious product with the option for two of the suites to be combined into an even larger space with a ‘double bed’ setup in the middle.

Suites Double Bed
The ‘double bed’ is available at seats 1A / 2A or 1F / 2F. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Each suite features a separate seat and bed so you can easily switch between sleeping and lounging or dining.

Resized suites 3.jpg
Your separate bed and seat in the new suites cabin. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

How to know if your flight has 2017 R

You’ll have to be travelling on a Singapore Airlines A380 in ‘First / Suites’ which displays the following seat map:

A380 layout with 2017 R Suites

This now applies to all Singapore Airlines Airbus A380s – there’s no need to worry about your superjumbo being fitted with the older 2007 Suites, which have been retired.

Where to sit

For our tips on where to sit in this cabin see our guide to the A380 Version 3.

Which aircraft 2017 R is fitted on

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(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)


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