SIA Seats: 2013 F

This is our overview of the Singapore Airlines 2013 First Class product – 2013 F.

1F Overview Night.jpg
2013 F
Config 1-2-1
Width 35″
Recline 180o
Bed Length 82″
Screen Size 24″ HD
Power Source 1 UNI + 2 USB Sockets
Wi-Fi Yes: Unlimited

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

The Seat

The newest Singapore Airlines First Class seats ‘2013 F’ are fitted exclusively on the 777-300ER aircraft.

SQ 77W F Mockup (DesignworksUSA)
The 2013 F was originally envisaged and indeed installed as a two-row cabin on the 777-300ER, but the introduction of Premium Economy means there’s now a very intimate single-row cabin. (Image: DesignWorks USA)

These seats feature a larger privacy screen compared with the retired 2006 F seats, shielding them more significantly from the aisle while stopping short of the enclosed suite arrangement. Occupying only a single row in total it is the most intimate cabin in the SIA fleet with only four seats in total.

A large privacy divider separates the middle seat pair for those travelling next to a stranger. (Image: Singapore Airlines)

Two of the seats are located individually by the window at the 1A & 1F positions, while a middle pair at 1C & 1D is more suited to couples, though a large privacy divider is installed in case you’re seated here while travelling solo.

Cabin Overview.jpg
The most intimate cabin in the Singapore Airlines fleet with just four seats. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The 2013 F seat is clearly not in ‘Suites territory’, but is much more widely available across the network and remains a fantastic first class product against other industry options.

How to know if your flight has 2013 F

You’ll have to be travelling on a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER in First Class, which will display the following seat map showing only 4 seats in total:

777-300ER Version 2 First Class Seat Map

All of SIA’s Boeing 777-300ERs are now in this configuration.

Where to sit

For our tips on where to sit in this cabin see our guide to the 777-300ER.

Which aircraft 2013 F is fitted on

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(Cover Photo: DreamWorks USA)


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