SIA Seats: 2018 RJ

This is our overview of the Singapore Airlines 2018 Regional Business Class seat – 2018 RJ. You can keep track of which routes this new product is operating on by visiting our 2018 RJ tracker page.

Seat 1
2018 RJ
Config ‘Staggered’ 1-2-1
Bed Length 76″ (77″ at bulkhead rows)
Width 20″ (armrests raised)
26″ (armrests lowered)
Recline 180o
Screen Size 18″ HD
Power Source 1 UNI + 2 USB Sockets
Wi-Fi Yes: Panasonic
(first 100MB free for Business Class passengers)

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Main features

In the 2018 RJ seat design a ‘staggered 1-2-1’ layout is used where in bed mode your feet go partly underneath the console of the seat in front.

2018 RJ-1
A window-aligned ‘A’ seat on the 787-10. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

That means the seat rows can be closer together, allowing the airline to increase capacity while retaining direct aisle access for all passengers. A full flat bed is also offered, for the first time in the Singapore Airlines Regional Business Class.

2018 RJ Seat Map Snapshot
How the seat rows alternate in the 2018 RJ 1-2-1 configuration. See our 787-10 fleet page or our A350 Regional fleet page for full details on where to sit.

At the window seats on the left (A) or right (K) of the cabin, rows alternate between window-aligned seats with the storage console positioned between the seat and the aisle and aisle-aligned seats with the storage console between the seat and the window.

Alternating rows at the window seats. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

In the middle section, seat pairs stagger between outer pairs (the ‘divorce seats’) and inner pairs (the ‘love seats’) at each row.

Love - Divorce
Outer pairs and inner pairs alternate between rows in the middle section. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This seat is a significant upgrade on the ‘sloped bed’ 2009 RJ product, as it converts to a fully-flat 76″ bed for longer flights.

The 2009 RJ will remain fitted on the A330 aircraft and regional 777 fleet as they are both due for retirement in the coming years, so looking out for aircraft with this new 2018 RJ configuration is strongly recommended. Check our 2018 RJ tracker page to find out which routes it’s flying now and in future.

Where to sit

You’ll find the 2018 RJ seat installed on the Singapore Airlines aircraft types listed below. The links to specific fleet pages will take you to our detailed recommendations on the best seats to choose for each aircraft type and configuration.


2018 RJ Seat Reviews
Mainly Miles
  • March 2018 – The Shutterwhale (delivery flight)
  • March 2018 – Australian Business Traveller (delivery flight)

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)


    1. It looks very similar but it’s actually quite a bit smaller – the seat is narrower with the armrests up on the 787 and the bed length is 2″ less than on the A380 2017 J seat. Also as the A380 seats are in the same position at each row there is no narrow access issue at alternate rows like on the 787, and in general it just feels a lot more spacious.

      The 787 business class is very nice though and the design is used by many airlines as their long-haul business class product.

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