First Class seats by route

Welcome to our guide showing which First Class seat and Suite types are flying on the Singapore Airlines network by route and individual flight number, helping you choose better and travel smarter when booking your next flight or award ticket.


These tables are updated at least once per week with the latest information from the Global Distribution System (GDS) timetables, Singapore Airlines and other sources.

SIA First Class seats and Suites

Singapore Airlines is now only flying its 2013 First Class seat 2013 F on Boeing 777-300ERs and its Airbus A380s with the new 2017 Suites cabin 2017 R.

The older 2006 First Class seat and 2007 Suites product are no longer in service and will not return to the fleet.

You can see full details of each seat type at the following pages:

Seat types by route and flight

Routes are to and from Singapore (SIN).

To view the seat information, click the route of your choice to expand the table.

Updated: 26th March 2023
Valid until: 28th October 2023

Singapore to Delhi
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4063882017 R26MAR23 - 14JUN23
77W2013 F15JUN23 - 30JUL23
3882017 R31JUL23 - 28OCT23
Delhi to Singapore
FlightAircraftSeat TypeDates
SQ4033882017 R26MAR23 - 14JUN23
77W2013 F15JUN23 - 30JUL23
3882017 R31JUL23 - 28OCT23