KrisFlyer College

Welcome to our KrisFlyer College series on how to maximise your KrisFlyer miles redemptions. All parts of the guide are a good refresher, as even experienced members of the program will usually learn something they didn’t know before.

It starts off with the basics for beginners to KrisFlyer, but as we progressively add over a dozen parts it will help guide you through increasingly more advanced methods for using your miles.

These include redeeming miles for upgrades, incorporating stopovers, booking Star Alliance and partner airline redemptions and identifying where some sweet spots lie, including tax-free award tickets and miles discount offers.

Here’s where we’re up to with KrisFlyer College so far:

KrisFlyer College
Part Topic Content

The Basics

SQ A350 Delivery (Airbus).jpg

  • What KrisFlyer is and how it works.
  • How to join.
  • The basics of redemption.
  • How to determine the cost of a KrisFlyer redemption and how to book.
  • The difference between ‘Saver’ and ‘Advantage’ redemptions.

The Waitlist

People Queueing (Levi Jones).jpg

  • What the ‘Waitlist’ is.
  • The rules of waitlisting.
  • How to improve your chances of success.
  • How successful we’ve been in the past.
  • The golden rule – having a ‘Plan B’!

Taxes & Fees

Cash Laptop SQ.jpg

  • Why your redemption is not not ‘free’.
  • Calculating the taxes via and ITA Matrix.
  • UK Air Passenger Duty
  • Which routes charge the most and least.
  • Avoiding high tax routings.
  • Fuel surcharges on Star Alliance and partner airlines.

Upgrade with miles on SIA

1A Seat

  • What upgrade types are possible.
  • Picking the right plane with the right cabin products.
  • The upgrade process.
  • A few complications.
  • Is it good value?

Coming Soon

Be sure to stay tuned to the site for the latest updates, so you don’t miss future parts of KrisFlyer College as we expand it to cover a range of future topics.

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