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When does Singapore Airlines first open award seats for booking?

Jumping on Singapore Airlines award space as soon as it's released can be a great strategy. Get online at one of four different times to be first in the queue for a KrisFlyer redemption.

One of the best ways to access a decent supply of KrisFlyer awards on Singapore Airlines flights is to book well in advance, and there’s often no better time to do so than as soon as the space is loaded, just under a year in advance.


That happens at ‘T-355 days’, or 355 days before the departure date for each flight, but the exact timing isn’t quite as simple as you might think.

When does Singapore Airlines load fresh award space each day?

As most of our regular readers will know, this happens each day at 8am Singapore Time… right?

Well, yes in most cases that’s true – both revenue and award space on SIA flights is added at 00:00 GMT (which is 08:00 SGT) each day, 355 days in advance.

KrisFlyer award space is loaded on most flights 355 days before departure. (Photo: Dillon Chong)

There are some exceptions though, as I recently discovered when locking in two Business Class Saver awards for a USA trip next year.

Redeeming from Singapore to San Francisco was no issue – 2 Saver awards appeared as usual at 8am Singapore Time on both of the airline’s daily flights on this route, and I locked a pair in for the evening SQ34 departure.

All that was left to do was repeat the process two weeks later, for the return leg.

That’s where things became confusing. At 8am Singapore Time, 355 days before the departure of SQ33 from San Francisco to Singapore, the site was still showing absolutely no availability, either for revenue or award tickets. The same went for Los Angeles… Seattle… Houston… New York!

It was then I realised there’s an exception to the 8am SGT rule – and it applies only to these five US cities.

At 8am Singapore Time it is still only mid-afternoon the previous calendar day in the USA, so if SIA loaded award space for those departures then it would effectively mean doing so 356 days in advance, which for whatever reason they don’t want to do.


Instead for these locations SIA loads up fresh revenue and award space at 00:00h (midnight) local time at the departure city, 355 days prior to the scheduled flight departure date.

Here’s how that looks.

KrisFlyer ‘fresh’ award space timings
(355 days before departure)

Departing from:
and non-US cities
New York
US West Coast
8am SGT
(00:00 GMT)
12pm SGT
(00:00 ET)
1pm SGT
(00:00 CT)
3pm SGT
(00:00 PT)

If you’re not too adept at deducting 355 days from a particular date to determine when the new award space will come online for your desired flight, especially with a leap year in play like in 2024, don’t worry – we’ve got a handy calculator below for you to use.

For example, if your desired flight is departing out of Los Angeles on 1st November 2024, you’ll need to be online to book on 12th November 2023 at 3pm Singapore Time to get access to the first release of both revenue and award seats.

Finally for our international readers, here is the current date and time in Singapore for reference.

🇸🇬 Singapore Date and Time

Is award space guaranteed at T-355?

Unlike some frequent flyer programmes, KrisFlyer doesn’t guarantee any award space at the T-355 days mark, and certainly for First Class, Suites and even popular holiday periods in Business Class you may see only Advantage space initially loaded.

That said, the T-355 window is often perfect timing for snagging a pair of Saver Business Class awards even on some of the carrier’s most popular long-haul flights like Singapore to London or non-stop services to the USA.

Booking 355 days in advance usually means a good chance of at least two Business Class Saver awards, even on popular long-haul routes. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Even the popular Singapore – London route has 16 immediately confirmable Saver Business Class awards loaded in the popular summer July 2024 period on a single day when you book 355 days in advance, based on a search this morning (4 each on SQ306, SQ308, SQ318 and SQ322).

Closer to home it’s typically even more generous – for example you can snag 6 Saver Business Class awards on the same Singapore – Bali flight 355 days from now, with 4 choices of departure time, plus 2 Saver Business awards on the smaller 737 MAX flight, so effectively at least 26 people can lock in this routing using miles at the lowest rate in that cabin on the same day.


We’ve used this strategy in the past, even as basic KrisFlyer members, to redeem a pair of Singapore Airlines Saver Business Class awards to Cape Town and back, and to the UK and back, so it’s worth considering if you can make reasonably certain travel plans almost a year in advance.

Good strategy for expiring miles

Booking almost a year in advance is potentially a great strategy if you have expiring miles, an issue which sadly begins to rear its ugly head again from the end of July 2023 onwards, since you can use expiring miles to book future flights, even if they would have long expired by the time you actually step on board.

As you can see from our recent analysis of what to do with expiring miles, a flight redemption is almost always the best value way to ‘cash out’, especially in premium cabins, so do consider whether you can plan a trip 355 days in advance and try to lock in a redemption as soon as it becomes available.

Award space is added progressively

Grabbing award space on Singapore Airlines flights a year in advance is a great tactic, because most of the time the airline will offer a decent initial selection of redemption seats at this stage.

However, one of the most common misconceptions we hear about KrisFlyer award space on Singapore Airlines flights is the old adage “once it’s gone, it’s gone”.

This simply isn’t true.

For example, while there’s certainly no guarantee that once there are no more Saver Business Class awards on your desired flight that Singapore Airlines will load more closer to the departure time, the airline does actually load more in many cases.

Award space is dynamic and progressively loaded based on a number of factors that include booked cabin loads, number of days to departure and predicted occupancy / revenue management.

Two Saver Business Class award seats are typically offered on SIA flights when redemptions open at the T-355 mark, but does that mean that’s all the airline will offer for this flight? Absolutely not. (Image: James Park Associates)

For the flight to San Francisco on which I recently booked two Saver Business Class seats at T-355 days, my booking had the effect of switching the next available redemption in this cabin only to the more expensive Advantage rate (not even waitlist for Saver).

However, one immediately confirmable Saver Business award has already been loaded on the same service in the meantime – so there is simply no such thing as “all the saver award seats are gone”.

Keep checking is always our advice here – award space comes and goes.

Remember there is also a necessary element of randomness with KrisFlyer award space, so that predictable patterns of redemption availability don’t emerge, which is why you’ll sometimes see no award space offered, even on flights with almost empty cabins.

How late can you book?

Since we’re discussing how early award bookings become available on Singapore Airlines, for the sake of completeness we should also mention how late you can book too.

Commercial seats and KrisFlyer award seats may be available until your flight is closed for commercial sale. That happens 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

You may think there will be no award space at that late stage, but there sometimes still is. At the time of writing, for example, I can book two Saver Business Class awards on SQ494 to Dubai, leaving less than three hours from now!




One strategy for circumventing poor award space in the limited supply post-COVID era remains the option to jump on award space as soon as it is released, with Singapore Airlines typically still generous with its initial offering at the T-355 days mark, for those who can make travel plans well in advance.

8am Singapore Time (00:00 GMT) has always been the golden rule, and while that remains true for most cities there’s actually a slight nuance in that flights departing from the USA get progressively loaded through the afternoon (Singapore Time).

Even if your strategy is not successful, or you missed the first release of award seats, do keep checking for space as the airline often adds more as the departure date approaches.

(Cover Photo: Lucas Wunderlich / Shutterstock)



  1. Nice informative article. I’m looking at economy saver reward flights to Europe next Jun/Jul from Aus and I can’t find saver eco flights 355 days out. Only advantage fares are available, but eco saver flights are showing up if I search for each Individual sector, AU to SNG and SNG to EUR which definitely costs more points and $’s.

    You think it’s a bug and if I call the contact centre they will be able to book one eco saver from AU to EUR?

    Anyone else have noticed this and if there are any workaround?

    1. I think it’s fair to say that even econ saver flights may not be available at -355 days in advance due to a concept called “bid price” i.e. the expecetd yield due to high demand is not met by the low yield from a saver fare, so the inventory is simply closed out by bid price. late Jun/Jul from AU-EUR is super peak season, so this is likely the case why you do not see any saver seats. Even the cheapest Roundtrip revenue fare is selling at AUD 3k – don’t see a reason why SQ would release saver award seats when cash fares are selling so high.

  2. Good spot about the USA flights I just assumed before it was due to the calendar day and those ones got loaded at 8am the next day. Great to know they actually get loaded up in the afternoon!

    1. Yes that can definitely make the difference between securing award space and missing out! I only stumbled on the issue recently and it took me a few days to figure out when each USA departing flight had its space added.

  3. Hi…would it be possible to write on Asia Miles availability time to “book” T-355 days ? Not all of us are holding krisflyer miles . BTW, this article is well written and good information for us to book early…thanks

    1. Good idea. For Cathay Pacific using Asia Miles space opens up 360 days before, but I’m not sure on the exact timing and whether it varies by departure city. Something for me to investigate!

  4. A very informative article.

    I have succeeded to secure four Saver Award Business Class seats for our trip from Melbourne to Denpasar in April 2024. The booking was made in May 2023.

    Inittialy I tried to redeem from Melbourne to Surabaya; but no saver business class seat available; then I decided to look for other alternatives, found Denpasar as the best alternative for us.

  5. Thank you for the great info. I am still trying to wrap my head around the timing for reward releases. If I am looking for a seat on – JFK departure – for July 8, 2024, will the inventory load at midnight (0:00AM) on the 8th or sometime later in the day?

    1. It will load at 00:00 Eastern Time (12:00 SGT) on 19th July 2023. There’s a calculator in the article to help with this.

  6. Thanks for the article. I have expiring miles and was thinking of booking something for far ahead. However, I understand that if I have to cancel this ticket for whatever reason the miles will be forfeit (this includes if my flight is cancelled and I ask for a refund). Is this also the case for ticket changes? Otherwise I could book ANY saver business round trip (e.g. FRA-SIN) and then later change it to something else that opens up (e.g. one way SIN-SYD in Suites). Thanks

  7. Last week i was still seeing the one-way Tokyo-Kuala Lumpur business class advantage redemption available for my desired date and time but today when I check from the website it has gone and left the economy saver ticket for redemption, the date i want is end of January 2024. Still possible singapore airline will open up again the business ticket even advantage? Now even advantage redemption is not available it is gone for the list. Anyone have any tips?

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