SIA Fleet: Airbus A380-800 (V3)

The Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 fleet operates in three configurations. This page details the Version 3 configuration. For Version 1 or Version 2, click the links below.

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
12 R (2006 R)
60 J (2006 J)
36 W (2015 W)
333 Y (2006 Y)
441 Total
12 R (2006 R)
86 J (2006 J)
36 W (2015 W)
245 Y (2006 Y)
379 Total
6 R (2017 R)
78 J
(2017 J)
44 W
(2015 W)
343 Y
(2017 Y)
471 Total
This is our fleet guide for the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Version 3 aircraft. For Version 1 or Version 2 aircraft, click the respective links above.
A380 Version 3 aircraft in service at 5th July 2019: 6

How can I tell which Version I’m flying on?

If you’re flying in Suites Class and the seat map shows a 1-2-1 configuration, you’re in a Version 1 or Version 2 aircraft, which are identical in this cabin. If it shows a 1-1 configuration, you’re in a Version 3 aircraft (you’re on the right page already).

If you’re flying Business Class and the seat map goes up to row 27, you’re in a Version 1 aircraft. If it goes up to row 96, you’re in Version 2, if it goes up to row 97 you’re in Version 3 (you’re on the right page already).

If you’re flying Premium Economy Class and the seat map features rows 31 to 35, you’re in a Version 1 or Version 2 aircraft, which are identical in this cabin. If it has rows 31 to 37, you’re in Version 3 (you’re on the right page already).

If you’re flying Economy Class and the seat map goes up to row 83, you’re in a Version 1 aircraft. If it goes up to row 66, you’re in Version 2, and if it goes up to row 79 you’re in Version 3 (you’re on the right page already).

A380-800 Version 3

The SIA Airbus A380 Version 3 has 6 suites in a 1-1 configuration, and 78 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, on the upper deck. On the lower deck there are 44 premium economy seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, and 343 economy seats in a 3-4-3 configuration.

The A380 operates predominantly long-haul flights from Singapore – to destinations in Europe, the USA and Australia, as well as selected routes to India, China and a daily flight to Hong Kong. The Version 3 aircraft is being gradually rolled out, but currently is only flying on selected Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zurich flights.

You can keep track of where the A380 Version 3 aircraft are flying using our dedicated and regularly updated 2017 R & J Tracker page, designed to help people search and book the new A380 suites and business class products.

A380 Version 3 Suites Class

The A380 is the only aircraft in the SIA fleet with a suites cabin. On the Version 3 aircraft it’s the very latest 2017 version – 6 fully enclosed individual suites with their own sliding door, three either side of a central aisle, located at the forward upper deck of the aircraft. Two of the suite pairs have a retractable wall, allowing them to be combined into a sizeable room with a double bed in the middle.

Resized suites 4.jpg
Suites 1A and 2A combined into a double room. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Best Seats

There are no bad seats in suites class, in our opinion, so separating the best from the worst is certainly nitpicking. For solo travellers, any of the suites are ideal as they will be set up as standalone ‘rooms’ for you. Suites 3A and 3F are cannot be combined with adjacent suites, but you are not restricted to choosing these seats when travelling alone.

A380 Version 3 Suites Seat Map

For couples the forward suite pairs on either side (1A and 2A, or 1F and 2F) are those which can be combined into a large double bedroom suite as pictured above, with each single bed in the middle combined to form a double bed once the wall partition is lowered.

Worst Seats

As mentioned above, it’s very much nitpicking, but suites 3A and 3F, the furthest to the back of this cabin, will have the greatest foot traffic and potential galley noise / light disturbance. Neither are a big issue in the quiet and private suites section, but bear it in mind if you have a choice on your flight.

Other Tips

The forward right suite (1F) is blocked for advance allocation, because this is the sole bassinet position in suites class. Infants travelling in suites, while possible, is extremely rare. If you are travelling as a couple and would prefer the double bed experience, and cannot secure seats 1A/2A because one or both of those seats are already taken, give Singapore Airlines a call as they should be able to allocate 1F/2F over the phone.

Your only risk will be being moved to other seats if a booking including an infant is then made on your flight in this cabin – a small chance.

A380 Version 3 Business Class

Business class on the A380 Version 3 occupies the remainder of the upper deck behind the suites cabin, and is equipped with the very latest ‘2017 J’ 1-2-1 configuration flat bed seat, which we reviewed in January 2018.

Looking forward from row 96 into the middle business class cabin on the A380 Version 3 aircraft. (Photo: MainlyMiles)
A380 Version 3 Business Class Seat Map

Best Seats

The business class cabin on the A380 Version 3 aircraft is split across three sections; a large forward zone with 13 rows (12 middle pairs), a smaller second zone with 5 rows, and a mini-cabin with just two rows at the back.

There are no bassinet positions in the large forward section, so there’s less chance of being disturbed by noise from an infant in this area. Seats 11 D/F can be combined into the ‘double bed’ arrangement.

At the back of this section however, around row 23/24, is the main bank of four toilets for business class passengers, so the further back you sit in this section the more foot traffic and noise is likely.

In the second business class section, rows 91 to 95, there are no proximate toilets or galleys, however there are two bassinet positions at the front which means potential for some noise. Seats 91 D/F can be combined into the ‘double bed’ arrangement.

The mini-cabin at the back (which actually isn’t separated by a full bulkhead and so to some extent still feels like part of the cabin ahead), also has two bassinet positions, and proximity to the rear galley may be bothersome as the rear two cabins are served from this area. Seats 96 D/F can be combined into the ‘double bed’ arrangement.

The ‘double bed’ setup is only possible at three of the middle pairs on the A380 Version 3. Here it is pictured at row 96. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Worst Seats

Row 23 & 24: Proximity to the main bank of four business class toilets in this area will result in additional foot traffic, noise and light disturbance. Avoid.

Rows 96 & 97 are a mixed bag – a two-row cabin it offers really nice privacy, but galley and toilet proximity is a concern, especially in row 97 at the window side (A / K) which almost feels partially in the galley. There are also two bassinet positions at the row 96 window seats in this area.

Window seats (A or K) on the A380 Version 3 are perfect for solo travellers with high privacy levels. Seat 94A pictured. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Other Tips

If travelling solo, one of the window seats (A or K) is preferable, giving you the highest level of privacy.

As a couple it’s up to you whether you prefer two A or K seats one in front of the other, or the much more sociable D/F middle pair. We tend to go for the middle pair, as it’s easy to talk and provides the best food envy at meal times.

A380 Version 3 Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy is in a 2-4-2 configuration on the A380
(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Premium Economy is located in the forward section of the lower deck of the A380 Version 3.

There are seven rows (four rows in the middle section) with a 2-4-2 configuration, for a total of 44 seats. This makes it the largest premium economy cabin in the fleet, but also the one with the most ‘couple’ seat options.

Seat width is 19.5 inches and seat pitch is 38 inches, the same as on the 777, but wider than the A350 which has a narrower fuselage, so choose this aircraft or the 777 if you want the best premium economy seat. One benefit of the A380 at the window seat is some extra space between the window seats and the cabin wall, due to the fuselage curvature.

A380 Version 3 Premium Economy Seat Map

Best Seats

The first row in the cabin, Row 31, has additional legroom, but be aware of the proximity of the bassinet positions in row 33 (though there’s probably no escaping the sound of a screaming baby in this small cabin).

Worst Seats

Rows 36 & 37 may suffer increased  noise from the galley and toilets directly behind. It may be better to choose a seat further forward.

Other Tips

Solo travellers will probably want to opt for one of the aisle seats (C, D, G or H), or possibly a window seat (A or K) depending on personal preference. For couples, the window pairs (A/C or H/K) make perfect sense.

There are two dedicated toilets in the premium economy section, the only aircraft in the SIA fleet with designated toilets for this cabin class.

A380 Version 3 Economy Class

A380 Version 3 Economy Class Seat Map

The economy class cabin on the A380 Version 3 is split across three cabins, a larger forward section, which also houses the main bank of toilets for economy passenger use, and two smaller rear sections between the third and fourth main aircraft doors and the fourth and fifth main doors respectively.

Best Seats

Extra legroom seats can be found at 59 A/B/C and 59 H/J/K, and also at 70 B/C, 70 H/J and 71A or 71K on this aircraft, but beware the bassinet positions in close proximity to all these seats.

It’s easy to avoid proximity to the toilets by choosing a seat towards the front of the first economy cabin (we would suggest rows 41 to 49), the middle of the main cabin, around rows 62 to 65, or the front of the rear cabin (rows 69 to 74).

Worst Seats

Rows 57 & 58: The last two row of the forward economy class cabin are right in front of and adjacent to the main bank of five toilets on the aircraft, so it’s susceptible to increased foot traffic, queuing and noiseAvoid.

Rows 67 & 68: These seats are close to a large galley area. Avoid.

Rows 78 & 79: The last two rows of the economy class cabin are in front of two toilets, so are susceptible to increased foot traffic and noiseAvoid.


What did we miss? If you have personal experience of specific seats to favour or avoid on the A380 Version 3 aircraft, please let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll certainly try to incorporate your feedback.


  1. Hi,
    My friend and i decided flying to Zurich in March 2019 next year.
    Just want to confirm that the aircraft is A380-800 Version 3? So, it is confirm that there is no Economy seats in Upper Deck. Because we are flying in Economy Class.
    Travelling as couple, Row 70 should be good?

    Thank you.

  2. I am flying economy fron SIN to ZRH about 4-5 times a year and since beginning of this year SQ flies version 3 constantly on this route. Choose the first cabin for the flight. It might cost some extra if you dont have a status but this cabin is worth the extra pay.

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