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DBS Woman’s World Card Review (2022)

With 4 mpd for the first S$2k of online spend per month, and no fee in the first year, perhaps the best thing about the DBS WWMC is that men can get one too!

Here’s our review of the DBS Woman’s World credit card issued in Singapore. It forms part of our series of credit card reviews, which are all summarised on our dedicated Credit Cards page.

Dollar amounts refer to SGD, and ‘miles’ refer to KrisFlyer miles, except where stated. This review was updated on 16th October 2022.

DBS Woman's World Card
First year

4 mpd

Men can
DBS Woman's World Card

First year

4 mpd

Men can

  Mainly Miles Says

A generous $2,000 monthly cap for 4 miles per dollar on all online spend is the main draw for this card, enough to net you 96,000 KrisFlyer miles, Asia Miles or Qantas Points per annum with the right spend.

  Pros   Cons
  • First year fee waiver
  • 4 mpd on up to $2,000 of all monthly online spend
  • Generous points rounding for smaller transactions in the bonus category
  • Points pool with other DBS cards
  • One year points expiry
  • High FCY fee outweighs the offline overseas earn rate
  • Bonus points take a month to credit
  • High income requirement (if they stick to it)

  Two Versions

The DBS Woman’s card comes in two varieties. Both use the Mastercard network; the DBS Woman’s Card and the DBS Woman’s World Card.

Both Cards New

We are only reviewing the DBS Woman’s World Card here (the one on the right). That’s because of its 4 miles per dollar bonus rate for online transactions, which we’ll cover in detail later.


Another concept to get your head around is that despite this being marketed as a product for female’s, anyone can apply for one of these cards. In case you’re a man feeling uncomfortable about pulling this out of your wallet for a purchase – don’t worry.

As we attested to in the previous paragraph, your secret miles-earning card with its floral design will spend its life hidden away at home anyway, since this one is only really any use for the high miles per dollar rate associated with online spending.


  • Gender: Any!
  • Minimum Age: 21
  • Minimum Income: $80,000/yr

While the mainstream miles earning DBS Altitude cards came down to earth from their $80k per annum income requirement in recent years (to $30k), the Woman’s World Card has remained pinned at this higher level, for all applicants.

However, there are reports that the income requirement is not strictly enforced, especially for existing DBS customers. If you earn over $30k per annum, it’s worth a try.

  Annual Fees & Interest Rates

  • Annual Fee (principal): $192.60 (first year free)
  • Annual Fee (supplementary): $96.30 (first year free)
  • Fee waiver: All annual card fees waived with $25,000+ retail spend in the previous membership year

This card has an annual fee of $192.60. That’s waived in year one, but don’t worry – there’s a ‘get out’ in subsequent years too.

Provided you spend at least S$25,000 on the card each membership year, you’ll receive a waiver of the fee in the following year.


There is reportedly some flexibility in the application of the annual fee even if you do not meet the spend criteria. You can request a waiver online for any DBS card (including this one) here. For the last two years I got a full waiver on my DBS Altitude Amex card this way within 24 hours, between a week and a month after it had been charged.

Other fees and interest rates for the DBS Woman’s World card include:

  • EIR: 26.8%
  • Interest-free period: 25 days
  • Minimum payment: 3% (capped at $50)
  • Late payment fee: $100 (for outstanding balance $200+)
  • Cash advance fee: 8% (capped at $15)
  • Overlimit fee: $40

  Regular earn rates

The DBS Woman’s World card earns:

  • 0.4 miles for every $1 of general local spend
  • 1.2 miles for every $1 of foreign currency spend

These are not attractive earn rates, you should be earning at least 1.2 mpd for general spend locally (outside bonus categories) and 2 mpd overseas, however the big draw for this card is of course the online bonus earn rate, outlines below.

You should not be using the WWMC for general spending outside the bonus category (see entry-level general spend cards like the Citi PremierMiles, or DBS Altitude or UOB PRVI Miles for good general spend earn rates).

  Bonus earn rates

The DBS Woman’s World card earns:

  • 4 miles for every $1 spent online (local or overseas)

This excellent rate is capped at the first $2,000 spent in this category per calendar month.

It applies for retail purchases including Grab and Gojek rides, foodpanda and Deliveroo orders, buying air tickets online or booking hotels online, to name a few.


It also includes in-app online spend via Apple Pay or Google Pay (e.g. when paying a merchant online using Apple Pay, via your phone browser or an app). It does not include contactless payment in-store, even via these mobile wallet methods.

Kris+ in-store merchant transactions using the WWMC via Apple Pay or Google Pay are considered online transactions and therefore are eligible for 4 mpd, but you won’t earn the bonus rate, for example, when purchasing something from 7-Eleven using the WWMC via your mobile wallet to make contactless payment (0.4 mpd in this case).

The DBS WWMC is your go-to card for Kris+ in-app payments, even at physical stores

  Transaction date, not posting date

Whenever you make a transaction on your credit card, it typically takes one to three days before the amount is posted to your account, and for most cards with bonus spend periods it’s the posting date that is taken into account for bonus spend calculation.

That’s not the case for the WWMC card, which goes by transaction date when determining which calendar month your bonus spend falls into.

For example, if you make an online transaction on 31st October at 11.50pm Singapore Time it will still be counted under October’s S$2,000 bonus spend cap, even though the amount will likely only post to your card account in the first few days of November.

  Be careful on the 1st of the month

If you are making an international online payment, where the payment is processed overseas, do be aware that the transaction date may be based on the local time zone of the country the payment is processed in.

For example, if you book a British Airways flight ticket at 6am Singapore Time on 1st November, it will probably appear as a 31st October transaction on your card, because that was the local date at the payment processing location.


It may be better to avoid making payments in the bonus category with this card on the 1st of each month, if you already reached the bonus spend cap for the previous calendar month, in case this issue affects your transaction.

  Sign-up bonus

There is no current miles-earning sign-up bonus for the DBS Woman’s World Card, which is the normal situation.

Instead DBS is offering $150 cashback for new to DBS/POSB credit card customers who are currently not holding any principal DBS/POSB credit card and/or have not cancelled such a card within the last 12 months.

To be eligible for this offer you’ll have to:

  • Apply online for your DBS Woman’s World Card by 31st January 2023 with promo code ‘150CASH
  • Have your card account approved by 14th February 2023.
  • Charge at least $800 spend to the card within the first 60 days from the date of approval.

Further promotion details are available here, while full terms and conditions for the sign-up bonus are available here.

Do be aware that DBS regularly offers a $300 cashback sign-up bonus for the WWMC card, so it may be worth holding off your application until that deal next comes along.

  Eligible transactions

Eligible transactions on the DBS Woman’s World card for miles earning are all retail purchases including recurring payments, with the exception of the following:

  • Bill payments and all transactions via AXS (except Pay+Earn), SAM, eNETS;
  • Payments to educational institutions;</