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Detailed Singapore Airlines seat maps by aeroLOPA

Don't miss this great way to view accurate seat maps for all Singapore Airlines aircraft, including those pesky missing and misaligned windows!

Like most of our frequent flyer readers, you’re probably a fan of specific information about the more precise nuances of the cabin layouts onboard your upcoming flight, rather than the generic “user-friendly” seat maps airlines use these days, so there’s a website you definitely need to bookmark for your reference list.


aeroLOPA breaks the mould, with accurate aircraft seating plans for a range of international carriers and their aircraft types, and most of all the data sources used are highly reliable (the aeroLOPA team doesn’t just guess!), so you can be a lot more certain what to expect when you make your seat selection on your next flight.

What’s a ‘LOPA’?

Airline industry insiders will probably know that LOPA stands for ‘Layout Of Passenger Accommodation’.

It’s what you probably know as the seat map, but is more of a detailed design drawing found in aircraft and cabin blueprint documents used by aircraft manufacturers and airline customers.

These feature an accurate representation of the location of seats, and the spacing between them and other cabin monuments like galleys and toilets. They also include precise window and cabin door locations.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 LOPA.
(Image: aeroLOPA)

Typically, airlines keep these more complex versions of their seat maps secret, in favour of a simplistic presentation of the cabin layout for customers to preview or select their seat online.


Singapore Airlines is no exception, with most of its seat maps favouring a simplistic ‘block style’, with very few dimensional or specific layout details.

SIA vs. aeroLOPA
A350 Long Haul

(Image: Singapore Airlines and aeroLOPA)

A LOPA, on the other hand, shows to-scale versions of each cabin layout down to the individual seat, aisle width, legroom and window locations – the equivalent of frequent flyer heaven in comparison!

Fun fact: Qantas is the only airline we know of that still uses a LOPA for its public aircraft seat maps, which is very useful, and even shows the A380’s ‘secret’ staircase that descends from the main deck down to the crew rest compartment ahead of row 66, and the lift used for moving galley containers between the main deck and upper deck!

While SeatGuru provides a similar service, as most of us know its accuracy is somewhat lacking for non-US carriers. That resource even uploaded a completely wrong version of SIA’s Boeing 787-10 Business Class section, despite the official seat map having being published by the airline, before later correcting it.

Make no mistake – aeroLOPA is miles ahead of the likes of SeatGuru!

Singapore Airlines was added in August 2022

Initially in 2021 aeroLOPA was using its sources to create these detailed seat maps for the British Airways and American Airlines fleet.

However, since then the tally has increased to an impressive 95 carriers overall, with Singapore Airlines added back in August 2022.


As of 10th May 2023, aeroLOPA provides seat plans for all eight Singapore Airlines passenger aircraft types / variants, as shown below.

Singapore Airlines Aircraft
on aeroLOPA

Aircraft Type aeroLOPA
Seat Map
Airbus A350
Medium Haul
Airbus A350
Long Haul
Airbus A350
Airbus A380
Boeing 737-8 MAX
Boeing 737-800 NG
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-10

That means for all these aircraft types we have access to an accurate cabin floor plan, including window and toilet locations, and precise galley positioning.

Impressive detail for the Singapore Airlines A380 Suites cabin, including credenza, side table and bed position outlines, plus blanked windows.
(Image: aeroLOPA)

The site even has further details of the seat types, entertainment systems and Wi-Fi technology installed for some aircraft types, like this information for the Boeing 737-8 MAX.

aeroLOPA description for the Singapore Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX.




aeroLOPA is a fantastic resource for accurate seat layouts on almost 100 airlines around the world, and it’s fantastic that the entire Singapore Airlines passenger fleet is also the list with all eight of its aircraft variants available in impressive detail.

Most importantly for many AvGeeks, precise window and wing locations ensure the best pick for those all-important external views – helping you travel better!

Even if you’re not flying with SIA, this is definitely one flight planning reference to bookmark before you make you seat selection, with Qatar Airways Qsuites, Emirates A380s, or even more rudimentary types like a Philippine Airlines Dash 8 turboprop included!

(Cover Image: aeroLOPA)


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