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Review: SATS Premier Lounge Singapore T3

Decent offering for a third-party lounge in Changi's T3, with good food and showers but average wine and slow Wi-Fi.

When you are travelling in economy class, without status or with a non-alliance airline through Singapore T3 – you don’t have to put up with the overpriced and overcrowded bar and restaurant offering. Find refuge in one of three third-party lounges found in the transit area.

Who are SATS?


SATS (previously Singapore Airport Terminal Services) is a ‘one-stop-shop’ service provider offering everything from cargo services to in-flight catering. They already operate three other executive lounges in Singapore (one in each of the other Changi terminals 1, 2 and 4). You can find their newest edition in Terminal 4, the Blossom Lounge, co-operated with Plaza Premium. Our full review is here.

Note: Terminal 4 is only accessible to passengers with
a boarding card for a departing flight from that terminal.


SATS operate this lounge privately and have contracts with a number of airlines, lounge access schemes and credit cards. They do not allow paid access to this lounge.


Premium passengers from Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern, Jet Airways and Malindo Air are able to access this lounge (note that Vietnam Airlines has already moved to T4).

Lounge Access Schemes

Members of Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Lounge Club, Dragon Pass and Diners International are allowed access. An additional guest will typically cost S$50USD depending on the contract.


Traveller Tip: Lounges like this can only be used with a valid, outbound boarding card. This lounge cannot be used after arrival, even though in T3 you could easily get to it. For arrivals you need to head to the The Haven by JetQuay Arrivals Lounge (T3), which we will be reviewing shortly.

Credit Cards


Various credit cards will offer access. Most notably – American Express tends to give vouchers for access to the SATS and Plaza Premium lounges. This is as an alternative to them giving out Priority Pass membership.

Check with your credit card company directly if they any affiliations. Watch out for our upcoming articles on the best credit cards in Singapore.


After passing through immigration, turn left. The first set of escalators will take you to the mezzanine level. If arriving from another terminal or a transiting flight – follow the “Lounges” signs.


You’ll arrive at the handsome entrance way that leads through to reception.


Walkthrough video

If you’ve read enough already and just want a quick tour – here’s our walkthrough video.

In detail


There are three seating areas. Low, white leather armchairs are arranged in rows, each equipped with USB power and multi-standard plug sockets. They are comfortable and most of them have views of a nearby TV screen.


Along the back edge of the lounge there are pairs of high wingbacked armchairs. These are again equipped with USB power and multi-standard plug sockets. They are located on the balcony of the mezzanine level overlooking the main departures level – so they may be noisy at peak times.


There is an office area along the far left wall. It has 4 desks, two of which are equipped with their own computers and VoIP phones – along with numerous power points.


A wide selection of international magazines and newspapers are also available.


Wi-Fi speed

Wifi Speed

The worst of any lounge we have tested so far. We suspect this is probably because the lounge was busy, and because the network is unprotected.

Since all of Singapore Changi’s terminals have their own free Wi-Fi networks, you should still be able to get online.

Nevertheless – disappointing.

Food and beverages

Usually, the main reason to visit a lounge like this – to avoid the hiked-up prices in the terminal and find a quiet spot away from the crowds.

Two “bean to cup” coffee machines are available. They make a good cappuccino or latte and use Australian UHT, full cream milk.


The food spread is good. There is a “DIY Noodle” bar, where you can ‘make’ your own laksa or vegetable noodles. There is a “Salad Bar” which has a good, fresh salad selection, along with cold meats, cheese and sandwiches (which would be good for grab-and-go).


The hot food selection is a mix of international cuisine. Small hot pies, Indian vegetable curry, Chinese noodles and vegetables, Chinese chicken with rice and a western-style stew with mashed potato. We tried the Indian curry – it was fresh and flavoursome.


There is also a small dessert selection, bread counter and toaster.

A drinks fridge has a wide selection of soft drinks, as well as Tiger and Heineken Beer (along with cold beer mugs). Beside this is a small selection of liquors (Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey and Gordon’s Gin).



The wine offering comprises two whites and two reds:

  • Croix du Marquis Sauvignon (France) – 3.3 stars on Vivino
  • Ochagavia – Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion (Chile) – 3.3 stars on Vivino


and two reds:

  • Ochagavia Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (Chile) – 3.0 stars on Vivino
  • Croix du Marquis Cabernet Sauvignon (France) – 3.3 stars on Vivino



The other main reason to head to a lounge like this, after a long day in the office or when transiting during your journey – there is nothing better than a hot shower before your flight.

We are pleased to say the facilities are good here. The showers were clean, newly renovated, equipped with the basic amenities you need (shower gel, moisturiser etc.) and included a hairdryer and complimentary towel.


There are only two shower rooms for the whole lounge – we suggest arriving early and informing reception straight away if you wish to use one at peak times.


A pretty good offering from SATS. Of the three lounges in Terminal 3, we rate it joint best with the DNATA lounge. There is plenty of seating, good office space and a wide selection of food and drinks.

It does get quite busy and we felt the wine quality wasn’t the best (better wine available in T3 DNATA lounge – review coming soon). The Wi-Fi speed was very disappointing and frankly, there is no excuse. It needs to be upgraded to a password protected system.

The staff we reasonably friendly but seemed overworked with the number of passengers. They were doing their best, but struggling to keep up with demand.


Visited November 2017

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  1. I think you had left out to mention the 2 massage chairs inside the lounge, at a private corner next to the work stations. They are quite nice if you have plenty of time to relax before your flight. It’s also one of the reason I choose SATS Premier Lounge over Dnata Skyview Lounge next door.

  2. Dear Sir

    We had left a power band charger at Your lounge on 16May while transit to Munich .

    Please assist to check lost and found .

    Thank you .

    Best regards

  3. Hi love the blog and enjoy reading the post.
    Realise its an old post but wanted to point out that you rate this lounge joint best with the dnata lounge but score dnata 4/5 but this one 3/5.


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