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Alaska Miles up to 40% bonus until 24 December, but should you buy?

Alaska Miles seem like a tarnished brand after the intra-Asia stopover was abruptly pulled last month. Is there any value in buying them with a 40% bonus?

Alaska Air 737 Overhead (Alaska Air)

Mention Alaska Mileage Plan to frequent flyer addicts in Singapore around a month ago and you’d probably get quite a curt reaction!

That of course stemmed from the airline abruptly closing down the intra-Asia stopover option, one of the most valuable uses for their miles in this region, allowing a pseudo-return flight to Japan and back totalling 14 hours on Japan Airlines in Business Class for just 25,000 miles.

Add in the fact that most Singapore-based members had parted with hard cash to buy these miles in the first place, and the pain was real.

“You can never promote buying Alaska Miles again!”, one reader angrily exclaimed to us last month.

That’s understandable, and it’s true – the landscape has changed, but let’s break down whether there is still value in an Alaska miles purchase despite the recent bad news, given that yet another ‘buy miles’ promotion has launched today.


The November 2019 offer


Simply log on to your Mileage Plan account to check how your individual bonus is structured. Alaska often tailors these promotions slightly depending on your customer profile, so not everyone gets exactly the same deal.