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UOB PPV 4 mpd changes: Contactless shifts to mobile wallets plus new online exclusions

You'll need to add your UOB PPV card to your mobile wallet from 22nd May 2020 to continue earning 4 mpd for contactless transactions, while some online spend categories have already been trimmed

Apple Pay 2

If you currently hold the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa, you’ll probably know that the card’s 4 miles per dollar earn rate currently applies for bonus category transactions including selected online shopping categories, but perhaps most usefully all contactless transactions made with the card.

This currently includes Visa payWave transactions performed by physically waving your card or mobile device on the Visa payWave reader.


What’s changing?

From 22nd May 2020, you won’t earn 4 miles per dollar for making contactless transactions by waving your physical card at a Visa payWave reader anymore.

“With effect from 22 May 2020, UOB will cease the awarding of 10X UNI$ for every S$5 charged to your card account for all contactless transactions…

“You will earn 10X UNI$ for every S$5 charged to your card account for mobile contactless transactions. For the avoidance of doubt, this will apply both prior to and with effect from 22 May 2020.” UOB

In other words this bonus miles category will become exclusive to mobile contactless transactions from 22nd May 2020, made via:

Apple Pay Apple Pay