Latest KrisFlyer Experiences include fine dining for two at 65,000 miles

KrisFlyer Experiences has launched fine dining events for members later this year, plus a couple of craft workshops, but with overseas travel on the horizon, are they good value for your miles?

KrisFlyer Experiences launched back in January 2020, promising money-can’t-buy experiences in exchange for your hard-earned KrisFlyer miles. As it happens, the launch came at possibly the worst time, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which caused its first public event – a live wine tasting session at the Regent Singapore – to be cancelled.

Since then KrisFlyer Experiences has largely moved into the online realm, with events like online photography courses and fashion workshops, though recently there have been some dining events like a Singapore Airlines dinner in a cable car or a meal on board a replica Orient Express train.

The concept even stretched overseas in June 2021, with staycation and dining offers for members in Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

New events

KrisFlyer Experiences has just launched 12 new local dining events in September, October and November 2021, for those looking to dispose of some KrisFlyer miles (despite no current expiry worries).

These set menus are by Michelin star chefs and all events take place at One Farrer Hotel. The chef for your selected experience will appear virtually at the event.

Welcome drinks are included before dinner between 6.30pm and 7pm, followed by dinner from 7pm, however do note that the optional wine pairing is charged additionally. This must be paid by Mastercard on the day.

Here’s how the dates and pricing look.

KrisFlyer Experiences: Dining

Experience Dates Cost
(for two)
Set Menu for two by Heiko Nieder
(see menu)
15 Sep
16 Sep
17 Sep
18 Sep
65,000 miles
(+S$145 optional wine pairing per pax)
Set Menu for two by Jeroen Achtien
(see menu)
20 Oct
21 Oct
22 Oct
23 Oct
65,000 miles
(+S$205 optional wine pairing per pax)
Set Menu for two by Jacob Jan Boerma
(see menu)
3 Nov
4 Nov
5 Nov
6 Nov
65,000 miles
(+S$175 optional wine pairing per pax)

  KrisFlyer Experiences

Note that in the event of restaurant dine-in restrictions by the Singapore Government:

  • Announced more than three weeks before the date of collaboration: The dining experience will be postponed.
  • Announced less than three weeks before the date of collaboration: The dining experience will be converted to a takeaway dining experience.

No refunds will be entertained in either case, so do make sure you would be happy with collecting the dishes for consumption in your own home in the worst case scenario, for the same miles rate!

KrisFlyer Experiences also has two workshops on offer between now and the end of 2021, at Bynd Artisan in Holland Village, priced at 10,000 miles.

KrisFlyer Experiences: Workshops

Experience Dates Cost
(per pax)
Batik Motif Leather Cardholder Workshop
with Bynd Artisan
28 Jul
31 Dec
10,000 miles
Batik Motif Leather Notebook Workshop
with Bynd Artisan
28 Jul
31 Dec
10,000 miles

  KrisFlyer Experiences

Is it good value?

Most of the time no, given that we aim to achieve at least 1.9 cents per KrisFlyer mile when redeeming for flights in Business Class and First Class.

Of course it does boil down to your individual valuation of both KrisFlyer miles and the experiences themselves, which typically aren’t available for cash purchase.

65,000 miles, which we value at S$1,235, certainly seems steep for the dining experiences, with wine pairing coming in at an additional cost, but if you’re happier to ‘cash out’ at closer to 1 cent per mile (S$650) it’s probably a more reasonable consideration.

There’s also the risk that the dining events will be postponed if Singapore imposes restrictions on dining in at restaurants, or in the worst case if that happens within three weeks of your selected date you may find it’s a takeaway only option, with no refunds allowed.




We finally have a timescale for overseas travel starting to open up to and from Singapore in just weeks from now, so most of our readers will rightly be holding on to their KrisFlyer miles for their true value – a flight redemption – rather than one of these events.

While the fine dining sessions do sound enjoyable, the price is equivalent to a Business Class saver redemption from Singapore to Sydney, once borders open up! There is also the risk of event postponement or a takeaway experience if dine-in restrictions come into play again, with no refunds entertained.

In the meantime of course, Singapore Airlines is extending any expiring miles, so there should be no rush to redeem for non-flight alternatives if you don’t want to.

We’ll pass on these ones.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)

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