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Germany – Singapore VTL Report: Part 2 – The departure airport process

Checking in for the inaugural Germany - Singapore VTL was never going to be seamless, but we made it through without too much fuss.

With vaccination certificates and negative PCR test results in hand, we headed to Frankfurt Airport nice and early in preparation for the inaugural Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flight between Germany and Singapore.

This was an exciting trip, marking the first time in 18 months that travellers on board arriving in Singapore from Frankfurt would be doing so quarantine-free under the new VTL scheme.


The pilot programme is designed for further expansion, hopefully covering arrivals from other COVID-safe countries in the months ahead, so we were obviously keen to jump on board the first service to share our experience with you all.

Pre-departure checklist

Here’s a reminder of the checklist of items you’ll need to have with you before you head to the airport to check in for your VTL flight.

VTL Departure checklist
(Germany to Singapore)

COVID-19 vaccination certificate