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Updated: Singapore Public Holidays in 2022

With an additional long weekend in 2022 just announced, it's time to get your annual leave booking strategy in check for the year of "revenge travel"!

There are a dozen public holidays to take advantage of, now including six falling on a Monday or Friday.

Great news for those of you trying to maximise your overseas trips next year now that leisure travel from Singapore is finally unlocking – the Hari Raya public holiday in July has been shifted by one day in the official public holiday calendar for 2022, unlocking an additional long weekend to enjoy.

Both 2018 and 2019 offered only four long weekends, and with 2020 and most of 2021 being a write-off for travel due to COVID-19, the good news is that 2022 now has six long weekends to treat us with, where public holidays are observed either on a Friday or a Monday.


There are also two additional opportunities to maximise Tuesday / Wednesday public holidays by taking just a single day off work, so there should be no shortage of options for leave-efficient trips.

Bali trips should be back in 2022. (Photo: Amarterra Villa)

With travel opportunities finally back on the agenda, it’s definitely time to map out your annual leave strategy to maximise your overseas trips if you haven’t done so already, in what could be the year of “revenge travel”.

Extending long weekends

Happy with 4 or 5 days off for taking just a single annual leave day?

Here’s our rundown of nine opportunities to do just that in 2022, now including the new Hari Raya Haji holiday observed on Monday 2nd July 2021 (previously falling on a Saturday and therefore with no benefit).

Leave-efficient 4/5-day options

  Observed Date(s) Apply for leave on Days for a trip
New Year’s Day 1 Jan (Sat)