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Published: Singapore – Malaysia VTL eligibility and process

The eligibility requirements and process for the upcoming two-way Singapore - Malaysia VTL have now been published, with a few more requirements than usual.

Here's what we know so far.

The Malaysian immigration authorities have revealed details of the requirements for those looking to travel on the upcoming Singapore – Malaysia Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme, which is initially restricted to air travel between Singapore Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) from 29th November 2021.

While the process for Malaysia – Singapore quarantine-free travel is the one we are already used to when returning from most other VTL countries, the bilateral nature of this agreement means there are additional requirements imposed by Malaysia for travellers coming from Singapore.


In particular, travellers will have to take pre-departure and on-arrival tests in both directions, and travel on designated VTL flights to Malaysia as well as on the way back to Singapore, a first for the VTL scheme.

Singapore – Malaysia

Here are the eligibility and process details now published for Singapore – Malaysia travellers.

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur

Eligibility and Process

  • All nationalities are accepted (visa may be required).
  • No advance application is required, except if you require a Malaysian entry visa, based on nationality.
  • You must have no travel history to any place other than Singapore or Malaysia in the last consecutive 14 days prior to departure to Malaysia. This sticking point applies even if you have been in other VTL countries – Malaysia does not recognise those under this scheme.
  • You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with any WHO approved vaccine, or one approved by a stringent regulatory authority, including different vaccine brands for respective doses. A digitally verifiable vaccination certificate is required.
  • Children aged 12 or under based on date of birth are exempt from the vaccination requirement, when travelling with fully vaccinated adults.
  • You must have a travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of RM100,000 (~S$32,500) for COVID-19 related medical costs (short-term visitors only, including business travellers).
  • You must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result within two days before departure from the Singapore. Children aged 2 or below in the calendar year are exempt. (e.g. departure on 10th December, test on 8th December 00:00 onwards).
  • You must have a return ticket (short-term visitors only). Presumably, an onward ticket out of Malaysia is also acceptable, in case you want to head to another VTL country like the UK.
  • You must travel on designated VTL flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (full list here).
  • You must complete a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival at BP Clinical Health Lab KLIA (pre-immigration).
  • Await the results in a designated waiting area (available within 1-3 hours).
  • Clear immigration.
  • Download the MySejahtera app and adhere to prevailing public health measures during your stay.
  • You may transfer to the rest of peninsular Malaysia after arrival, including islands such as Penang and Langkawi.
On-arrival testing will be conducted at KLIA. (Photo: Star)

Malaysia – Singapore

Here are the standard eligibility and process details also confirmed for the Malaysia – Singapore part of the journey, with no surprises in this direction:

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore

Eligibility and Process

  • All nationalities are accepted (visa may be required).
  • Have no travel history to any place other than Malaysia, Singapore, any Category 1 country or any VTL countries in the last consecutive 14 days prior to departure to Singapore.
  • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (any WHO approved vaccine) in Malaysia, Singapore or any VTL country, with the final dose completed at least 14 days prior to arrival in Singapore, including digitally certifiable evidence (QR code).
  • Children aged 12 or under in the calendar year of arrival are exempt from the vaccination requirement, when travelling with fully vaccinated adults.
  • Apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) between 7 and 60 days before your intended date of entry into Singapore (visitors and LTP holders only).
  • Purchase COVID-19 travel insurance with a coverage of at least S$30,000 (short-term visitors only).
  • Have a negative COVID-19 PCR or ART test result from a recognised testing institution within two calendar days prior to departure (e.g. departure on 10th December, test on 8th December 00:00 onwards). Children 2 or under in the calendar year of arrival are exempt.
  • Travel on designated VTL flights from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (full list here).
  • Complete a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival at Singapore Changi Airport (children 2 or under in the calendar year of arrival are exempt).
  • Download and activate the TraceTogether app (visitors only).
  • Self-isolate at place of residence or suitable accommodation such as a hotel or serviced apartment until negative test result received (typically 4-6 hours).
  • Attend a Day 3 and Day 7 supervised self-swab ART test, if still in Singapore on those days (Day 1 is your arrival day).

COVID-19 testing costs

Singapore residents travelling to Kuala Lumpur will require a pre-departure PCR test, taken within two days of the departure date from Singapore (e.g. departure on 10th December, test on 8th December 00:00 onwards), plus an on-arrival PCR test at KLIA.

This is in addition to four VTL tests on the journey back to Singapore (pre-departure ART/PCR + on-arrival PCR + Day 3 ART + Day 7 ART).

Singapore Kuala Lumpur
COVID-19 Testing 

Test Cost
Singapore pre-departure* S$107 – S$200
KLIA Arrival S$81 (MY nationals)
S$114 (SG & other nationals)
Malaysia pre-departure (ART)* ~S$30 – S$45
Singapore arrival S$125
Day 3 S$15
Day 7 S$15
Total S$373 – S$514

* Prices vary between providers and locations.

As you can see that means an approximate S$370 – S$520 per head testing cost, for a round-trip – so no such thing as “a cheap weekend in KL” for a while!

Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP)

Those travelling from Malaysia to Singapore on a VTL flight who are not Singapore Citizens or Permanent residents will have to apply for a VTP 7-60 days prior to departure.

VTP applications for those arriving from Malaysia open on 22nd November 2021 at 10am Singapore Time (7 days prior to the first eligible arrivals).

VTL designated flights

VTL designated flights have now been confirmed by the following airlines:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur VTL
Designated Flights

Airline Frequency
AKtrans2 7 x weekly
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JQtrans.png 7 x weekly
MHtrans 7 x weekly
ODtrans 7 x weekly
TZtrans Small 4 x weekly
SQtrans small 10 x weekly
All Airlines 42 x weekly

VTL in both directions

The important thing to note is that this represents the first bilateral Vaccinated Travel Lane where you must take a designated VTL flight from Singapore as well as when returning to Singapore (or vice-versa for those starting their trip in KL), to enjoy quarantine-free arrival status as part of the scheme.

The schedule is as follows:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur
VTL Flights

27th March 2022 - 31st March 2022