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South Korea to allow pre-departure ART tests, scrap Day 6 swab, accept more unvaccinated children

Travellers heading to South Korea will be able to take a cheaper antigen test to meet pre-departure requirements from 23rd May, though convenient Tele-ARTs are unfortunately not allowed.

From June, the Day 6/7 test will be scrapped, and unvaccinated children aged 6 to 11 will also be eligible to travel.

Travel to South Korea is set to be simplified from next week, with the country relaxing its requirement for a pre-departure COVID-19 test from a PCR swab to the cheaper, quicker ART method, becoming one of the latest in the region to do so and reducing trip costs in the process.

The new rules will take effect for arrivals from 23rd May 2022 and will reduce the testing outlay for travellers from Singapore heading quarantine-free to South Korea by an average of around S$70 per person.


That’s not all though. From 1st June 2022 there will be further relaxations:

  • On-arrival PCR test can be conducted within three days of entry (currently required on the day of entry)
  • Self-swab ART on Day 6/7 of your trip will no longer be required
  • Unvaccinated children aged 11 or below can enter with fully vaccinated parents (currently only those aged 5 or below are eligible)
  • Booster dose requirement will be scrapped for vaccinated 12-17 year olds