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Singapore Airlines reinstates Jewel early check-in for Europe-bound passengers

Heading to Europe on Singapore Airlines? You now have the option to check in at Jewel if it's more convenient, between 1pm and 5pm each day.

One of the most useful benefits of Changi Airport’s “lifestyle destination” Jewel is its Early Check-In (ECI) facility, which prior to COVID-19 was allowing passengers departing on no fewer than 30 airlines to check in for their flight and issue their boarding passes up to 24 hours before departure time.


Unfortunately once the pandemic hit in early 2020, the Jewel ECI programme was also suspended, due not only to a significant reduction of passenger flights, but also because of the much more stringent document checks that became required for those still travelling.

Since pandemic travel restrictions have been relaxed, the Jewel Early Check-in lounge has since reopened for passengers departing on two carriers; Qantas and Malaysia Airlines, during its daily 1pm to 5pm opening window.

The Jewel Early Check-in facility. (Photo: Changi Airport Group)

Singapore Airlines has joined the list

Good news is that Singapore Airlines is now also back at the Jewel ECI from this month, though only some of its passengers will benefit from this option for the time being.