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Confirmed: Singapore Public Holidays in 2024

Don't waste your annual leave in 2024.

With public holidays now confirmed, we've crunched the calendar for the best booking strategy to maximise time away from your desk!

With the very last countries globally now dropping their COVID-19 entry restrictions, and last year’s reopening of Singapore’s borders, confirmation of the public holiday dates for 2024 means its time to start locking in your leave days for next year, to snag long weekends for short regional overseas trips plus leave-efficient longer breaks for more adventurous vacations.


First the bad news – there are only five long weekends in 2024, two less than in 2023. On the plus side you’ll still get three days off without having to take any leave whatsoever during these periods, but they are sure to prove popular next year.

These can be easily extended to a 4-day break, for taking only a single leave day at either side, and two public holidays falling on a Thursday in 2024 means two additional options if that’s your strategy, for six 4-day weekends in total.

Here’s how it looks.

Full list of Public Holidays in 2024

First of all, here’s the full list of official gazetted public holidays in Singapore for 2024.

2024 Public Holidays in Singapore

Holiday  Date(s) Observed Date(s)
(if different)
New Year’s Day 1 Jan (Mon)  
Chinese New Year 10 Feb (Sat)
11 Feb (Sun)

12 Feb (Mon)
Good Friday 29 Mar (Fri)  
Hari Raya Puasa
10 Apr (Wed)  
Labour Day 1 May (Wed)  
Vesak Day 22 May (Wed)  
Hari Raya Haji 17 Jun (Mon)  
National Day 9 Aug (Fri)  
Deepavali 31 Oct (Thu)  
Christmas Day 25 Dec (Wed)  

Long weekends (no leave needed)

If you’re a fan of preserving your precious annual leave days for longer trips and you’re happy with a three day break for a regional jaunt, there are five opportunities to do just that in 2024.

Zero-leave 3-day trip options

Holiday Observed Date(s) Days for a trip
(including weekend)
New Year’s Day 1 Jan (Mon) 3 days
Chinese New Year 12 Feb (Mon)
3 days
Good Friday 29 Mar (Fri) 3 days
Hari Raya Haji
17 Jun (Mon) 3 days
National Day 9 Aug (Fri) 3 days
Long weekends to regional destinations like KL are possible with no leave in 2024, if you pick the right dates

Extending long weekends (single leave day)

Happy with 4 consecutive days off work for taking just a single annual leave day?


Here’s our rundown of six opportunities to do just that in 2024.

Leave-efficient 4-day options

Holiday Observed Date(s) Apply for leave on Days for a trip
New Year’s Day 1 Jan (Mon) 29 Dec 2023 (Fri)
2 Jan 2024 (Tue)
4 days
Chinese New Year 12 Feb (Mon)
9 Feb (Fri)
13 Feb (Tue)
4 days
Good Friday 29 Mar (Fri) 28 Mar (Thu)
1 Apr (Mon)
4 days
Hari Raya Haji 17 Jun (Mon) 14 Jun (Fri)
18 Jun (Tue)
4 days
National Day 9 Aug (Fri) 8 Aug (Thu)
12 Aug (Mon)
4 days
Deepavali 31 Oct (Thu) 1 Nov (Fri)
4 days

The additional one here compared to the long weekend list is Deepavali in October, which falls on a Thursday next year.

Of course you can always extend these six options slightly at either side with an extra leave day (2 leave days in total) to make them 5-day trips.



More 2 days of leave = 5 days off options

Hari Raya Puasa, Vesak Day and Labour Day fall on a Wednesday in 2024, which doesn’t help you have a long weekend for a single leave day, but you can always take two leave days either side of these public holidays and give yourself a five-day stretch to enjoy a trip somewhere.

That’s in addition to the six options listed above, which can also easily be extended to a 5-day break for 2 leave days.


Here’s how these additional three options work.

Hari Raya Puasa leave option

Holiday Observed Date(s) Apply for leave on Days for a trip
Hari Raya Puasa 10 Apr (Wed) 8 Apr (Mon)
9 Apr (Tue)
11 Apr (Thu)
12 Apr (Fri)
5 days

Vesak Day leave option

Holiday Observed Date(s) Apply for leave on Days for a trip
Vesak Day 22 May (Wed) 20 May (Mon)
21 May (Tue)
23 May (Thu)
24 May (Fri)
5 days

Labour Day leave option

Holiday Observed Date(s) Apply for leave on Days for a trip
Labour Day 1 May (Wed) 29 Apr (Mon)
30 Apr (Tue)
2 May (Thu)
3 May (Fri)
5 days

Still got 2023 leave days to use?

If you’re still holding on to an annual leave balance to use up this year, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered with our guide to maximising the 2023 Public Holidays, including an option over Christmas and New Year to score 10 days out of the office for only 4 leave days!


Don’t waste your annual leave in 2024, with several options available for stretching out a number of overseas trips next year, including six options for a 4-day trip with only 1 day of leave and nine options for a 5-day trip with only 2 days scrubbed from your leave balance!

There are even five long weekends for 3-day trips with no leave days scrubbed from your balance.

Obviously we’re assuming here that most of our readers are office-based ‘Monday to Friday’ types, so you’ll have to examine the full public holiday calendar yourself if you normally work on a different pattern of days, to identify where your personal ‘sweet spots’ lie in 2024.

Overseas travel for Singapore residents was back with a vengeance this year, and 2024 will hopefully be even better. (Photo: Lucas Wunderlich)

Almost all countries now offer two-way test-free, quarantine-free travel for Singapore residents, many of which no longer even require proof of vaccination.

Recently this list has grown even longer, including favourites like Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, while there have been a wide range of regional options for some time already, like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia.

Wherever you’re hoping to jet off to, it’s worth locking in your annual leave now to maximise your days off, then work out where to go later, now that an almost full pre-COVID range of leisure travel options has returned.

(Cover Photo: Club Med)



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