SIA Seats: 2006 F

This is our overview of the Singapore Airlines 2006 First Class product – 2006 F.

 SQ 777 2006F (Dan Nevill).jpg
2006 F
Config 1-2-1
Width 35″
Recline 180o
Bed Length 80″
Screen Size 23″ SD
Power Source 1 UNI + 2 USB Sockets
Wi-Fi No

(Photo: Dan Nevill)

The Seat

The older Singapore Airlines First Class seats ‘2006 F’ are fitted on all 777-300 aircraft, though only five of those are still in service.

2006 F (OMAAT).jpg
Now a little dated but still comfortable, the 2006 F seat. (Photo: One Mile at a Time)

First introduced in 2006 at the same time as the 2006 J seats these are very spacious mini-suites with ample under seat storage sufficient to lead SIA to remove all overhead locker space in this cabin section for a spacious cabin feel. That’s also been replicated in most of the 777-300ERs with the newer 2013 F cabins.

How to know if your flight has 2006 F

You’ll have to be travelling on a Singapore Airlines 777-300 in First Class which displays the following seat map:

First Class seat map on the 777-300

If the seat map instead shows a single row in this cabin with only 4 seats in total, you have the newer 2013 F product.

Where to sit

For our tips on where to sit in this cabin see our guide to the 777-300.

Which aircraft 2006 F is fitted on

2006 F Seat Reviews
Mainly Miles

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)


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