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Hurry: 30% KrisFlyer Redemption Discounts – Business and Economy!

Rare opportunity to secure discounted Singapore Airlines Business Class redemptions - book by 31 October.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

It’s called “KrisFlyer – Spontaneous Escapes“. Spontaneous is one way of describing it – rare is another. In the past, they have typically offered redemption discounts on SilkAir economy / business and occasionally, even SIA economy. Business discounts on SIA, especially on redemption bookings are remarkably rare.

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And 30% is a reasonable chunk of miles to be saving. Even looking back to before the Singapore Airlines ‘great miles devaluation‘ earlier this year, you are getting a 13% discount on Paris and Australia over those original rates – not to be sniffed at!

So what’s the catch?

No big surprise – only a few routes are included and there are some blackout dates. Moreover – you probably need to book now, while availability is decent.

Here’s a summary of the T&Cs:

  • Book before 31st October 2017
  • Valid for flights from 1st – 30th November 2017
  • Only valid on “Saver” class bookings
  • Not available to Waitlist
  • Respect blackout dates (e.g MEL/SYD blocked 17-30 November)
  • Typically only apples to one flight on each route (e.g only SQ231 on SIN-MEL)
  • All sectors must be available on the offer (e.g. if the return sector is unavailable on the correct flight – the cost for the whole trip jumps! Book one-ways instead and still save.)

For a full list of routes, blackout dates and full T&Cs see the promo page here.

Booking Tip

It’s not obvious on the website that the discounted miles rate is being applied – have faith! Click the “Saver” rate and then check the drop-down box, where the discounted rate is then shown:


Hot Deals

We’ve had a look through for the best routes to lock in now. As you’ll see we’ve focussed on SIA business class on the longer flights as we believe these represent the best value, selected economy flights with SIA and SilkAir are also available, as are business class deals to some other regional cities in Asia. Again please do check out the promo page over at the Singapore Airlines website as there may be other routes of interest to you.


So the weather in Paris in November is usually awful (think: sideways rain) but for 26 hours in a business class seat for 119,000 miles + $S183.80 (or 58,000 + S$91.90 one-way) it’s an absolute bargain. The SQ334/333 is the flight number pair with the discount, which unfortunately only operates 3 times a week – Mon, Thu and Sat.


Availability is somewhat constrained by operation on only three days per week, but we found saver awards SIN-CDG on 2nd, 13th, 16th, 23rd, 27th and 30th November. On the return sector – 2nd, 9th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 27th and 30th November (note: searching only for 1 adult in both directions). The route will drop the A380 at the end of next week, but never fear, it has been replaced with a 4-class 777-300ER i.e. with the latest business class product.

  • Miles saving: 51,000
  • Full-fare SIA return ticket on the same dates: S$5,500 (1-stop business with Swiss / Finnair about $4,100)


Dusseldorf, the only other European option in the promo, is also available on many dates. It’s a three-times weekly A350 flight which means the newest 1-2-1 business flat-bed seat. The redemption rates are basically identical to Paris as shown above. Saver reward availability at the 30% discounted rate is wide open in business class on outbound (SIN-DUS) dates as shown (take the family!):

  • 02/11 – 3 available
  • 04/11 – 6 available
  • 06/11 – 6 available
  • 09/11 – 6 available
  • 13/11 – 6 available
  • 16/11 – 6 available
  • 18/11 – 2 available
  • 20/11 – 6 available
  • 23/11 – 5 available
  • 27/11 – 2 available


Go for some glorious early summer sunshine in New South Wales. Australia is usually a relatively overpriced redemption region (i.e. a lot of miles for a shortish sector). This discount drops a return ticket to a far more sensible cost of 81,200 miles and S$163.00.


Note: The SIN-SYD sector is on the A380, a good 1-2-1 flat-bed business product, and flies daily. The return flight does not operate on Wed/Thu and is the older retrofitted 777-200ER (but the seat is similar to the A380, with a 1-2-1 flat-bed layout).

If you can’t find availability on the return flight SQ252 or need to travel back on a Wednesday or Thursday, we think the best option is book outbound on the SQ231, one way. Then, on a separate booking, book your return at normal saver rate, or consider checking the MEL-SIN flight (see below) which is a daily A350 service and is included in the promotion.

  • Miles Saving: 34,800
  • Full-fare SIA return ticket on the same dates: S$4,198 (1-stop business with Malaysia Airlines about $2,300)


As above, the equally alluring, but infinitely more cultured, Melbourne. Same cost as Sydney. However, the outbound is on an A330 (regional business class 2-2-2 config – avoid!) and is only available on Monday, Friday and Saturday. It also departs Singapore at 2am which is exactly when you need that 1-2-1 config flat-bed seat the most. The return flight however is an A350 (newest flat-bed seat) and is available daily.

Angled 172-degree regional business class product on the A330 – avoid if possible!
(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Our recommendation: Go outbound to SYD, return from MEL.


Probably not going to be that helpful unless you already plan to travel in November, but have yet to book a flight. Or maybe you have some annual leave to take and quite fancy the winter romance of a week in Paris, or some beach time in Bondi. Or whatever people do in… Dusseldorf?

Also, the flight number limitations on each route have made it quite restrictive.

But – it is a good sign!

This may be a watershed moment for Singapore Airlines – finally realising that they must match up to the travel offers and discounts offered by the Middle East carriers and that business class isn’t sacred! It is, after all, their biggest cash-cow and as we’ve always said:

“Once you’ve gone Business, you’ll never go back…”

Stay tuned for future promotions here at Mainly Miles.


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