KrisFlyer Miles

Reminder: Transfer your GrabRewards points to KrisFlyer miles before 31 October

Promo rate represents the best value for Grab points in our opinion - but you must transfer by 31 October

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

A couple of weeks ago we ran an article about the new GrabRewards points conversion to KrisFlyer miles. In summary, if you conservatively value a KrisFlyer mile at about S$0.02 like we do, converting during the promo period makes sense as it realises the best value for your GrabRewards points compared with other conversion offers, like Grab vouchers or Deliveroo.

You’ll have to act soon to take advantage


Make sure you transfer your points across to KrisFlyer before the end of Tuesday (31 October), otherwise the conversion rate halves and after that it’s simply not worth it.

You’ll need at least 11,000 GrabRewards points as a Platinum member, and 12,000 points as a non-Platinum member, and each batch will convert to 2,000 KF miles before 31 October.

Once the promotion is over, the rate cuts to 1,000 KF miles per batch. Unless you desperately needed to top up your KF account with a specific redemption in mind, that’s definitely not worth it as our recent article summarises. Since we don’t know when (if ever) the promo will run again, make sure you take advantage of the transfer if you can.


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