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Singapore’s New A380 Roundup: Premium and Economy

Premium economy passengers are treated to better privacy and exclusive toilets on the new Singapore A380, but in economy class, longer toilet queues await - only British Airways will rank worse.

In case you thought we’d forgotten, following our articles summarising the new suites and new business class products coming up on the latest A380s joining the fleet, here’s our thoughts on the latest premium economy and economy cabins on the aircraft, Airbus A380 Version 3.

Premium economy

Premium Economy moves to the front of the main deck on the A380 Version 3

The premium economy seat is unchanged on the new A380s, which isn’t too surprising as the current design was only introduced in 2015. It has been moved however to the front of the main deck, between the first two aircraft doors, where the suites cabin was formerly located on the A380 Version 1 and Version 2 aircraft.

Two toilets have also been moved forward of the second main aircraft door, into this cabin area, so for the first time on a Singapore Airlines aircraft, premium economy passengers will not have to walk through an economy cabin section to get to the toilet.

These two toilets will also be exclusive for use by premium economy class passengers, another first for Singapore Airlines.

The A380 premium economy seat being showcased at the new A380 launch event.
(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Seat pitch in premium economy remains at 38 inches with a width of 19.5 inches, as with the current A380. One advance in the premium economy cabin will be the latest IFE system, which means a 13.3 inch HD touchscreen system.

Currently on the A380 Version 1 and Version 2 aircraft, the older IFE system does not support touchscreen functionality in this cabin, and the remote control must be used.

More couple seating options

The 2-4-2 configuration remains in the premium economy cabin, but the location of the main aircraft staircase to the upper deck means there are only four rows of middle seats, the remainder of the seats in this cabin are configured in pairs by the window which are ideal for couples travelling together.

There will be a total of 14 such window pairs on the A380 Version 3, compared with 10 pairs on the Version 1 and 2 aircraft. Also it looks to us as though the window pairs in the first two rows (31 and 32), either side of the main staircase, will have added privacy.

The premium economy cabin will be served from a galley to the rear, and with the toilets also being at the back of the cabin, the further forward you sit the less noise and foot traffic there will be.