Earning KrisFlyer miles on Scoot flights

Does paying extra when flying Scoot to earn KrisFlyer miles ever pay off?

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Note that Scoot revamped their KrisFlyer miles earning on 26th April 2018. This article relates to the old earning system which is no longer in use. For the latest info on earning KrisFlyer miles flying Scoot see our new article here.

Earlier this month we wrote about how using your KrisFlyer miles to redeem vouchers to use against Scoot flights was a terrible idea, representing awful value. That still stands – at 0.95 cents value per mile redeemed, it’s simply one of the worst ways to use your KrisFlyer miles.

Even if your miles are expiring soon, we recommended some other methods to explore before doing this. But what about the option to earn KrisFlyer miles when travelling with Scoot?

How does it work?

To earn KrisFlyer miles on Scoot flights you need to purchase their ‘PlusPerks’ package. While they’ll sell this package for any flight you book, be careful as KrisFlyer miles will not be earned on economy sale fares, even though you’ll still get the other benefits.

A Scoot Economy ‘SALE’ fare like this one to Berlin won’t accrue KrisFlyer miles even if you pay more for the PlusPerks package.

You also won’t earn KrisFlyer miles if you booked your flight using vouchers redeemed from KrisFlyer miles (again, as above, this is not a good idea anyway), or from a Scoot voucher you won as a prize, even if you book ‘PlusPerks’.

Aside from KrisFlyer miles accrual (if applicable), the PlusPerks add-on will also entitle you to the following:

  • Preferred seat selection, including extra legroom seats
  • One free online date/time change or passenger name change per booking (subject to the fare difference if the flight you change to is more expensive)
  • BoardMeFirst, which is self-explanatory and includes check-in at the business class counter, if it exists at your departure airport

The per-sector price for the PlusPerks option is based on the flight route length, broken down into one of four zones as shown in the following table, based on a ticket to or from Singapore:

Routes Cost
Zone 1
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South China (CAN, HAK, NNG, SZX), Thailand, Vietnam
Zone 2
Australia 1 (PER), Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Mid China (CGO, DLC, HGH, JJN, NGB, NKG, SHE, TAO, TNA, TSN, WUX, XIY), Taiwan
Zone 3
Australia 2 (MEL, OOL, SYD), Japan, Korea, North China 3 (HRB), Saudi Arabia
Zone 4
Germany, Greece, USA

Note: PlusPerks on flights sold between Taiwan and Japan / Korea is charged at the Zone 1 rate.

The miles earning rates themselves are nothing to get too excited about. Here’s what you’ll ear