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Citi Rewards cards now earn 4 miles per dollar on most online transactions

It's now much easier to maximise your 4 miles per dollar bonus points each month on the Citi Rewards card, with the inclusion of online transactions

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The Citi Rewards credit cards in Singapore, which come in a Visa and a (slightly more secretive) Mastercard version aren’t your go-to payment options for general spending, earning just 0.4 miles per dollar either in Singapore or overseas for most transactions. The key to these cards is the superior earn rate of 4 miles per dollar in the bonus category – shoes, bags and clothes at online or retail stores, or department store spend.

Citi added a new category to the list yesterday however, and it’s one our readers will certainly be happy to see.


Online retail transactions now earn 4mpd

That’s right, no longer do you have to worry about the specific MCC code of the merchant you are paying online with your Citi Rewards card, essentially all retail online spend will qualify for 10 Citi ThankYou Points (4 miles) per dollar spent.

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There are some exclusion categories however, read on to learn about those.

It’s still capped

Until early October last year the Citi Rewards Card had an annual cap on bonus category spend of S$12,000 per card membership year. That was great for buying ‘big ticket’ items as you could earn 4 miles per dollar on the first S$12,000 of spend even in a single month if you wished.

Better still, if you also obtained the ‘other’ Citi Rewards card (the Visa if you hold the Mastercard or vice-versa) you got another S$12,000 annual cap on that card too, allowing you to accrue 96,000 miles in total per year.

That sadly changed in October 2018, and the cap is now structured as S$1,000 per month (i.e. per statement cycle).

You can still get two cards and double your monthly cap to S$2,000, but this clearly isn’t as good for very expensive items. It’s also a bit of a hassle to keep track of, unlike the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard (see our review) which has a simple S$2,000 monthly cap for online transactions, also earning 4 miles per dollar in this category.

There are some exclusions

Principally you will not earn Citi ThankYou points at the bonus rate for online spend in the following categories:

  • Mobile wallet transactions
  • Travel related transactions

That latter category means no flight or hotel bookings, car rental bookings, etc. Citi has provided a list of the MCCs specifically excluded in the travel transactions case:

MCC Description
MCC 3000 to 3350 Airlines, Air Carriers
MCC 3351 to 3500 Car Rental Agencies
MCC 3501 to 3999 Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts
MCC 4112 Passenger Railways
MCC 4411 Cruise Lines MCC 4511 Airlines, Air Carriers (Not Elsewhere Classified)
MCC 4722 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
MCC 5962 Direct Marketing – Travel-Related Arrangement Services
MCC 7011 Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts (Not Elsewhere Classified)
MCC 7512 Car Rental Agencies (Not Elsewhere Classified)

These are in addition to the general exclusions for qualifying charges using this card, like bill payments and insurance payments, a full list of which is available here.

Going back to the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard, that card in fact does include travel related transactions in its qualifying spend for online transactions earning 4 miles per dollar, so it arguably remains a better proposition for your online spend especially when you consider the higher (S$2,000) monthly cap.


Clothes, shoes and bags remain

Just to be clear, Citi is not replacing the bonus spend category with online retail transactions, simply adding to it. If you still generate a number of bonus points each month using the existing eligible clothes, shoes and bags MCCs, including in retail stores (not online), you’ll still earn 4mpd in this category too.

Robinsons Raffles City (Robinsons Singapore).jpg
If you get your monthly miles fix with the Citi Rewards card in department stores, don’t fear. This is still an eligible 4 miles per dollar category. (Photo: Robinsons Singapore)

You’ll still earn 4 miles per dollar in the following categories, both locally and overseas including online and in-store:

  • MCC 5621: Women’s Ready to Wear Store
  • MCC 5699: Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Shops
  • MCC 5631: Women’s Accessory and Specialty Stores
  • MCC 5651: Family Clothing Stores
  • MCC 5611: Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and Accessories Stores
  • MCC 5655: Sports and Riding Apparel Stores
  • MCC 5641: Children’s and Infant’s Wear Stores
  • MCC 5661: Shoe Stores
  • MCC 5948: Luggage and Leather Good Stores
  • MCC 5311: Department Stores

At the Hardwarezone Forum some Citi Rewards cardholders have reported successful bonus transactions outside these categories too.

This spend remains part of the same S$1,000 monthly cap per card applicable to the online retail transactions.

Citi ThankYou Points are super flexible

One of the great benefits of Citi Miles and Citi ThankYou points in Singapore is the wide range of transfer partners compared with other bank loyalty points.

You can transfer your points into 12 different frequent flyer programs and into IHG points. The minimum transfer quantity is 10,000 miles, and transfers then need to happen in 10,000-mile ‘blocks’.

Remember Citi ThankYou Points credit to the following programs: