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RentHero: 1.75% fee on rental payments – buy miles from 1.15 cents

RentHero's latest 1.75% fee offer means buying miles from 1.15 cents each when making your monthly rental payment, though unfortunately UOB cards are now excluded

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If you pay rent to a private landlord in Singapore every month, there’s a great way to turn this significant expense into a large chunk of miles by using your credit card to do so through one of the card payment providers, potentially earning thousands of frequent flyer miles per year for a nominal fee.

Competition in this market is fierce – and that’s good for miles chasers because it means more fantastic offers for all of us.

RentHero has just launched its latest deal, with a ‘best-in-market’ 1.75% fee for these transactions using one of eight locally issued Visa or Mastercard credit cards. That’s a 22% discount on the company’s usual 2.25% transaction fee.

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Many of our readers have already signed up with the payment service since we started working with them over a year ago, and this is a great way to boost your annual miles earning at a competitive ‘cost per mile’.


This replaces our reader offer

Mainly Miles readers have enjoyed a promotional rate for paying their rent using RentHero since February 2019, with discounted fees of 1.9% and later 1.85% when using our promotion code.

This new rate of 1.75% is available to all RentHero customers, and so our promotional code is no longer required. If you have existing payments set up at the previously discounted rates, RentHero advised us that you will have to manually remove existing payments and simply set up new ones.

No promo code is needed, as the new 1.75% is the rate available to all users. RentHero should also be contacting you directly with this update.

The offer

RentHero customers making rental payments from 6pm on 27th March 2020 will enjoy a discounted fee of 1.75% for their payments.

At the 1.75% rate that represents a fantastic 22% saving on the 2.25% fee RentHero previously charged.

Remember to take advantage you’ll need to log on to your dashboard, remove your upcoming payments then reschedule them, for the 1.75% fee level to take effect.