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Scoot extends travel waiver including full refunds to 30 June

Scoot joins Singapore Airlines and SilkAir in extending its COVID-19 travel waiver policy for flights scheduled to depart through 30th June 2020

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SIA’s budget subsidiary Scoot has followed Singapore Airlines and SilkAir in extending its COVID-19 travel waiver policy for an additional month. You’ll now be entitled to one of the airline’s two refund options if you booked your flight on or before 15th March 2020 for travel between 23rd January 2020 and 30th June 2020.


Scoot’s extended travel waiver

If you made a Scoot booking on or before 15th March 2020 travelling on a flight scheduled to depart between 23rd January 2020 and 30th June 2020, which was later cancelled, there continue to be two options to claim a refund.

  • A 100% refund via the original method of payment, or
  • A 120% refund in Scoot vouchers, valid for 12 months.

For a 100% refund to your original payment method, Scoot is advising of a wait of up to 14 weeks for processing.

“In view of the volume of requests to process, we will be doing so in batches.  We ask for your understanding and patience whilst we get to your file.” Scoot

If you previously applied for a refund and opted for the voucher, this will be voided on processing of the cash refund should you now opt for that method.

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Eligible Scoot customers continue to have the option of a full cash refund or 120% value in Scoot vouchers valid for 12 months

If you would rather receive the 120% refund in Scoot vouchers, note the following:

  • You have 12 months to use these vouchers to make a new booking, for any travel period available on the Scoot website at the time of booking. You may use up to two vouchers per transaction.
  • If you have previously received a 100% refund in the form of Scoot travel vouchers (i.e. before 9th April 2020), you will receive an additional voucher worth 20% of your original itinerary value.

Scoot’s Manage My Booking portal supports customers wishing to select these options online.

If you booked your Scoot flights through third-party booking channels or a travel agent, you should contact the relevant channel or agents for assistance.

As with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, remember this Scoot voucher has a fixed value, dependent on the total price of your original itinerary, and there will be no point in complaining if your ticket is 50% more expensive when you come to rebook in future, even on the same route.

Full details of the updated Scoot COVID-19 travel waiver policy can be found here.

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