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Scoot retains only two passenger routes in May 2020

Scoot will continue to serve only two passenger routes during May 2020

Scoot 787

Early last week Singapore Airlines announced that it would maintain its skeleton scheduled passenger service of approximately 70 weekly flights to just 15 destinations throughout May 2020. By Friday last week the airline had decided that any ramp up of the schedules in June also seemed unlikely, and so extended the same passenger flying programme until 30th June 2020.

All the while Scoot was remaining tight-lipped about its own flights, with the published schedule for the low-cost carrier initially running until 7th May 2020.

This morning the airline revealed that it too would stick with the ‘new status quo’, replicating its April schedule through the whole of May 2020, but leaving June open to possible changes at this stage.


May schedule

Scoot’s passenger flight schedule for May 2020 will continue to offer three times weekly service to both Hong Kong and Perth, operated by Boeing 787-9 aircraft in both cases.

Scoot Flights Operating
(1 – 31 May 2020)
Hong Kong (HKG)
Flight Route Days Acft
TR980 SIN – HKG 789
TR981 HKG – SIN 789
Perth (PER)
Flight Route Days Acft
TR8 SIN – PER 789
TR9 PER – SIN 789
TR16 SIN – PER 789
TR17 PER – SIN 789

Currently Scoot is providing the group’s only passenger links to Hong Kong and Perth, while SIA continues to mount cargo-only flights to both cities.

TR Routemap May 2

Unlike Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, who have extended their flight schedules to 15 cities through to 30th June 2020, Scoot is leaving the door open for potential additional services from 1st June 2020.

What if your flight has been cancelled?

Scoot’s current travel waiver is applicable if you booked your flight on or before 15th March 2020 for travel between 23rd January 2020 and 30th June 2020.

There are two options to claim a refund:

  • A 100% refund via the original method of payment, or
  • A 120% refund in Scoot vouchers, valid for 12 months.

For a 100% refund to your original payment method, Scoot is advising of a wait of up to 14 weeks for processing.

“In view of the volume of requests to process, we will be doing so in batches.  We ask for your understanding and patience whilst we get to your file.” Scoot

If you previously applied for a refund and opted for the voucher, this will be voided on processing of the cash refund should you now opt for that method.

Scoot A320 TPE
Eligible Scoot customers continue to have the option of a full cash refund or 120% value in Scoot vouchers valid for 12 months

If you would rather receive the 120% refund in Scoot vouchers, note the following:

  • You have 12 months to use these vouchers to make a new booking, for any travel period available on the Scoot website at the time of booking. You may use up to two vouchers per transaction.
  • If you have previously received a 100% refund in the form of Scoot travel vouchers (i.e. before 9th April 2020), you will receive an additional voucher worth 20% of your original itinerary value.

Scoot’s Manage My Booking portal supports customers wishing to select these options online.

If you booked your Scoot flights through third-party booking channels or a travel agent, you should contact the relevant channel or agents for assistance.

Remember this Scoot voucher has a fixed value, dependent on the total price of your original itinerary, and there will be no point in complaining if your ticket is 50% more expensive when you come to rebook in future, even on the same route.

Full details of the latest Scoot COVID-19 travel waiver policy can be found here.


Scoot cargo flights

Scoot is continuing to operate eight weekly cargo-only flights using Boeing 787-9 aircraft to and from the following destinations, based on flights operating during the week commencing 20th April 2020:

  • Guangzhou (TR100/101: Thu)
  • Guangzhou (TR106/107: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)
  • Nanjing (TR180/181: Wed, Fri, Sun)

Which Scoot planes are flying?

Only six of the airline’s 49 aircraft are currently active, based on fleet activity on 27th April 2020, which gives us an indication of which aircraft are stored (last flew > 14 days ago), compared to those that flew more recently.

Last flew 14+ days ago
Last flew < 14 days ago

‘Last flew’ dates relate to the aircraft’s last revenue passenger or cargo-only flight.

Airbus A320

All the airline’s Airbus A320 aircraft are stored in Singapore or Alice Springs. None have flown any commercial services in the last two weeks, with only one aircraft, 9V-TAO, operating a Kuala Lumpur flight in the month of April.

Scoot A320
Aircraft Location Last flew Days ago
9V-TAN ASP 19 Mar 20 39
9V-TAO SIN 4 Apr 20 23
9V-TAQ ASP 15 Mar 20 43
9V-TAU ASP 22 Mar 20 36
9V-TAV ASP 20 Mar 20 38
9V-TAX SIN 13 Mar 20 45
9V-TAZ SIN 14 Mar 20 44
9V-TRC SIN 19 Mar 20 39
9V-TRD SIN 16 Mar 20 42
9V-TRE SIN 19 Mar 20 39
9V-TRH SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-TRI SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-TRK SIN 26 Mar 20 32
9V-TRL SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-TRM SIN 22 Mar 20 36
9V-TRN SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-TRO SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-TRP SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-TRQ SIN 15 Mar 20 43
9V-TRR SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-TRS SIN 18 Mar 20 40
9V-TRT SIN 18 Mar 20 40
9V-TRU SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-TRV SIN 16 Mar 20 42
9V-TRW SIN 17 Mar 20 41
9V-TRX SIN 20 Mar 20 38

Airbus A320neo

Scoot currently has three Airbus A320neo aircraft in its fleet, all of which stopped flying in late March 2020 and are stored at Changi.

Scoot A320neo (Airbus)
Aircraft Location Last flew Days ago
9V-TNA SIN 19 Mar 20 39
9V-TNB SIN 17 Mar 20 41
9V-TNC SIN 21 Mar 20 37

Boeing 787-8

The 10-strong Boeing 787-8 fleet has been parked up at Changi since late March 2020.

Scoot 787-8 (Alec Wilson)
Aircraft Location Last flew Days ago
9V-OFA SIN 10 Mar 20 48
9V-OFB SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-OFC SIN 8 Mar 20 50
9V-OFD SIN 18 Mar 20 40
9V-OFE SIN 22 Mar 20 36
9V-OFG SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-OFH SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-OFI SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-OFJ SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-OFK SIN 20 Mar 20 38

Boeing 787-9

Scoot is keeping six of its 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft active during this period, based on flying activity over the last few weeks.

Scoot 787 (Alec Wilson)
Aircraft Location Last flew Days ago
9V-OJA SIN 24 Apr 20 3
9V-OJB SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-OJC SIN 26 Apr 20 1
9V-OJD SIN 21 Mar 20 37
9V-OJE SIN 20 Mar 20 38
9V-OJF SIN 23 Apr 20 4
9V-OJG SIN 3 Apr 20 24
9V-OJH SIN 26 Apr 20 1
9V-OJI SIN 24 Apr 20 3
9V-OJJ SIN 26 Apr 20 1

Keeping the Boeing 787-9s flying likely makes the most sense for the airline in view of its 25%+ superior underfloor cargo capacity compared to the Boeing 787-8s:

  • Boeing 787-8 cargo capacity: 136.7 cu m / 28 LD3 containers
  • Boeing 787-9 cargo capacity: 172.5 cu m / 36 LD3 containers


Skeleton flight schedules from the three SIA Group airlines are sadly becoming the norm to report lately, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.

One glimmer of hope is that Scoot has extended its current schedule only to 31st May 2020, while SIA and SilkAir have resigned themselves to their current networks until at least 30th June 2020.

With the latest circuit breaker extension in Singapore potentially set to be relaxed after 1st June 2020, let’s hope that Scoot can at least begin to widen its network at some point that month.


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