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Last 3 days: Earn 3 mpd at the KrisShop – up to 7 mpd with the right credit card

Don't forget to check out KrisShop's 3 mpd offer, worth up to a total of 7 mpd using the right credit card on purchases made by 11.59pm on Tuesday

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

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As you may recall from our article a couple of weeks ago, the Singapore Airlines KrisShop is currently running a double miles promotion, offering 3 mpd instead of the usual 1.5 mpd on your purchases with no cap. Those are in addition to the points you’ll usually accrue with your credit card for the purchase.

KrisShop Offer 2
(Image: KrisShop)

This promotion is valid only for purchases made through and is not valid for inflight purchases and purchases via the KrisShop order form.

Simply log in with your valid KrisFlyer membership number and complete your transaction as usual, between now and 11.59pm Singapore time on Tuesday 26th May.

You’ll initially earn 1.5 mpd for your purchases, with the bonus 1.5 mpd credited within six to eight weeks after the end of the promotion period, in other words by 21st July 2020.


American Express offer

KrisShop has also partnered with American Express to offer Amex cardholders:

  • 500 bonus miles with S$180 net spend, or
  • 1,000 bonus miles with S$350 net spend

Amex Bonus

Any American Express card is eligible for this offer.

Pro Tip: Remember net spend is before GST is added, so you’ll need to spend at least S$192.60 including GST for the 500 bonus miles offer and at least S$374.50 including GST for the 1,000 bonus miles offer.

These bonus miles are in addition to any miles or reward points usually earned through your Amex card, and are in addition to the 3 mpd promotion outlined above for all credit cards.

The bonuses are not stackable, you can qualify for one or the other (e.g. the 500 miles or the 1,000 miles) but not both. Net spend is calculated based on the portion paid on your American Express card, excluding payment made with KrisFlyer miles, vouchers, shipping and taxes.

All 4 Cards
Maximise the bonus with the SIA co-brand credit cards

That means you can use one of the SIA co-brand credit cards, earning 2 mpd on purchases, to get the optimal deal.

500 bonus miles example

90 cans of James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale delivered to your door for S$192.60 is a fantastic deal, equivalent to around S$12.80 per six-pack. Do be aware though – it’s cheap because the beer expires on 3rd August this year!

180 Beer Example

This is exactly the minimum net spend requirement for the 500 miles bonus with payment using any Amex card (S$180 net). Using the Amex KrisFlyer Ascend for this purchase will earn:

  • 385 miles from Amex Ascend (S$192.60 x 2 mpd)
  • 540 miles from KrisShop (S$180 x 3 mpd)
  • 500 miles bonus from KrisShop
  • 1,425 miles total

That’s 7.4 miles per dollar (1,425 / S$192.60), not bad at all.


1,000 bonus miles example

Take this S$354.21 net purchase (remember, KrisShop shows all prices as net, excluding GST, until the order summary page when GST is then added).

Shopping Bag Example

Now let’s assume you use the SIA Amex KrisFlyer Ascend card, with the S$350+ net purchase bonus miles applicable to this purchase. You’ll pick up:

  • 758 miles from Amex Ascend (S$379 x 2 mpd)
  • 1,062 miles from KrisShop (S$354 x 3 mpd)
  • 1,000 miles bonus from KrisShop
  • 2,820 miles total

That’s an equivalent 7.44 miles per dollar (2,820 / S$379) at this ‘sweet spot’, an excellent earn rate if you can find a suitable product you like at a competitive price.

We value KrisFlyer miles at 1.9 cents each, so those 2,820 miles are worth around S$53 against future Business and First Class flight redemptions, meaning even if the KrisShop price for your item comes in slightly higher than through another website it may still be worth considering.

Remember also that American Express has doubled the earn rate on some of its Singapore cards recently as part of a promotion until 20th July 2020, like the Amex Platinum Charge at 1.56 mpd.

KrisShop Advert
(Image: KrisShop)

For this deal log in with your valid KrisFlyer membership number as usual and complete your transaction with any American Express card.

Pro Tip: KrisShop confirmed with us that you can make as many purchases as you like using any Amex card to trigger the 500 or 1,000 bonus miles multiple times. For example 10 x S$350+ net transactions paid by Amex card = 10,000 bonus miles, on top of your regular credit card points and KrisShop’s 3 mpd.

As with the basic 3 mpd offer, bonus miles will be credited within six to eight weeks after the end of the promotion period, in other words by 21st July 2020.


Other cards

If you don’t have an American Express card, or don’t want to spend S$180+ net or S$350+ net – don’t despair! transactions are online purchases processed under MCC 5309: Duty Free Stores.

That means you can tap into some 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of credit cards, subject to their monthly requirements and spending caps.

Here’s an example of those we know will give you upwards of 4 mpd for KrisShop transactions, twice the rate you’ll get using an SIA co-brand card and the equivalent of earning (almost) 7 mpd in total with selected cards during this promotion (since the KrisShop isn’t paying 3 mpd on the GST component, it will never quite hit 7 mpd overall).

Card Mpd Monthly cap
$Card MC 2020Citi Rewards 4.0 S$1,000
CardDBS WWMC 4.0 S$2,000
HSBC Revo CardHSBC Revo 2.0 No cap
Card3UOB PPV 4.0 S$1,110

4 mpd card example

For example, here’s what you’ll earn using a Citi Rewards card at for a S$100 net purchase (plus GST, so S$107 total):

  • 428 miles from Citi Rewards (S$107.00 x 4 mpd)
  • 300 miles from KrisShop (S$100.00 x 3 mpd)
  • 728 miles total

That’s an impressive 6.8 mpd on a S$107 purchase, worth around S$13.80 ‘value back’ in KrisFlyer miles given our conservative valuation of 1.9 cents per mile.

Even if the product you’re purchasing is a few dollars more expensive than you can get it elsewhere, the miles you’re earning under this promotion might make it worth buying through KrisShop under this offer.

Full details

You can read full details of this offer here, with terms and conditions here.



A nice way to top up your miles bonus over the next three days if there are competitively priced items you’re interested in from the KrisShop. With the Amex offer in particular, or a valid 4 mpd earning card, this deal can stack nicely for effective earn rates upwards of 7 mpd at certain ‘sweet spots’ that trigger the additional miles bonus.

Even with a good general local spend card, like the UOB PRVI Miles earning 1.4 mpd, you’ll be netting around 4.2 mpd from your KrisShop purchases during this promotion, making some items worth considering even if they’re a little more expensive than you can find them elsewhere.

KrisShop has also recently reduced the minimum spend for free local delivery from S$100 to S$50.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I tried looking for an answer within their Ts&Cs but couldn’t find it… Would one be able to ‘double-down’ or ‘triple-down’ with multiple American Express cards? ie. $350 (nett before GST) on the Ascend cardm $350 on the Platinum charge card, Platinum Reserve credit card etc..?

    As always, thanks!

    1. I checked with them this morning and yes you can make multiple transactions provided they are each S$180+ net or S$350+ net and paid using any Amex card you’ll get 500 / 1,000 bonus miles each time, on top of the card’s usual earn rate and on top of the 3 mpd from KrisShop.

      So 10 x S$350 net purchases = 10,000 bonus miles. No need to use a different Amex each time, KrisShop are awarding the bonus miles not Amex. Hope it helps!

      1. Ahhhhhh… Coooool!!

        …except now 13:35hrs… hahaha…

        Until the next time!

        Thanks, Andrew!

      2. Our 90 x James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale cans just got delivered! 1,425 easy miles. Should help the circuit breaker go by quicker too 🤣 👍🏼

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