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Exclusive: New to ipaymy? Zero fee on a payment up to $1,000

Generate free miles as a first time ipaymy user, with S$22.50 discount on the usual fee using our Mainly Miles reader promo code.

Most of our readers are familiar with credit card payment platforms in Singapore, allowing them to settle a variety of bills and invoices not normally accepting card payments, while in the process paying an administrative fee but crucially earning their regular credit card points or frequent flyer miles for the transaction.

There’s always a price to pay (well, usually…), so it all boils down to the all important ‘cost per mile’ when deciding whether this is a worthwhile strategy to keep your frequent flyer balance healthy.

It’s far from a crazy strategy of course – we know people paying their monthly property rental with their credit card, for example, who manage to churn enough miles each year for a Business Class ticket at a fraction of the price usually charged!


Reader offer

ipaymy kindly reached out to us this month with a special offer for Mainly Miles readers. Here’s how the promotion works.

If you’re new to ipaymy, or have signed up but are yet to make your first payment through the platform, our reader offer will give you up to S$22.50 off the usual fee for a one-time transaction between now and 28th February 2021.

With ipaymy charging a 2.25% transaction fee for payments using your Singapore-issued Visa or Mastercard, that’s equivalent to a completely fee-free payment up to S$1,000.

Even for payments above S$1,000, the discount is giving you the unique opportunity to buy miles at very attractive rates, as you’ll see below.

Simply set up your rental, supplier invoice or tax payment using ipaymy and enter our promo code MAINLY1000 at the ‘Complete Your Payment’ stage for the discount to be applied.

Cost per mile

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this code is only good for payments of up to S$1,000. The S$22.50 fee discount will apply to any larger payment too, so there’s the opportunity here to ‘buy’ miles at very competitive rates for amounts right up to around S$5,000 or more.

Here’s an example of the cost per mile for first time users applying the MAINLY1000 code with a range of Singapore credit cards.

Payment Promo Fee