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Latest ipaymy offers: Zero fee for new sign-ups and 1.85% fee for all

Free miles for new users, or buy miles from 1.14 cents each as an existing customer, with the latest ipaymy offers for January 2021.

If you’ve got bills to pay or invoices to settle this month, here’s a timely reminder of a couple of discounted options from credit card payments company ipaymy, with a great new user offer for Mainly Miles readers still ongoing and a 1.85% fee option for existing customers between now and 31st January 2021.

These can allow you to generate miles for absolutely nothing, or for a very competitive cost, when paying rent, taxes or other general invoices.


Additionally, ipaymy has some recurring payment offers starting at 1.79% fee, including for rent and other general bills.

Mainly Miles reader offer – pay zero fee

ipaymy reached out to us in November last year with a special offer for Mainly Miles readers, which is still ongoing. Here’s how the promotion works.

If you’re new to ipaymy, or have signed up but are yet to make your first payment through the platform, our reader offer will give you up to S$22.50 off the usual fee for a one-time transaction between now and 28th February 2021.

With ipaymy charging a 2.25% transaction fee for payments using your Singapore-issued Visa or Mastercard, that’s equivalent to a completely fee-free payment up to S$1,000.

Even for payments above S$1,000, the discount is giving you the unique opportunity to buy miles at very attractive rates, as you’ll see below.

Simply set up your rental, supplier invoice or tax payment using ipaymy and enter our promo code MAINLY1000 at the ‘Complete Your Payment’ stage for the discount to be applied.

Cost per mile

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this code is only good for payments of up to S$1,000. The S$22.50 fee discount will apply to any larger payment too, so there’s the opportunity here to ‘buy’ miles at very competitive rates for amounts right up to around S$5,000 or more.

Here’s an example of the cost per mile for first time users applying the MAINLY1000 code with a range of Singapore credit cards.

Payment Promo Fee Cost per mile
CardMC2019-small1.2 mpd Card Visa Small1.4 mpd $UOB Reserve Card1.6 mpd
S$15 –
S$0.00 Zero! Zero! Zero!
S$1,500 S$33.75
0.62¢ 0.53¢ 0.47¢
S$2,000 S$45.00
0.93¢ 0.79¢ 0.70¢
S$3,000 S$67.50
1.23¢ 1.06¢ 0.92¢
S$5,000 S$112.50
1.47¢ 1.26¢ 1.11¢

Check here for a full list of cards earning miles using ipaymy.

These are all competitive rates to buy miles and an easy way to top up your balance by thousands in one go.

For example a S$2,000 payment using the UOB PRVI Miles Visa or Mastercard (1.4 mpd) is possible at a fee of just S$22.50 (instead of S$45), the equivalent of buying 2,830 miles at just 0.79 cents each.

Remember this is for a one-time payment which must be your first using the platform, so try to maximise it for the best value. For example if you have a S$1,500 invoice and a S$500 invoice to pay in January, it’s best to use this promo code for the S$1,500 one, but you’ll have to pay it first.

If you’re already an ipaymy user, don’t forget you may still be able to take advantage of our offer by encouraging a spouse or family member to set up an account and make payment.

How it works

Setting up a payment using a personal account with ipaymy is a relatively self-explanatory process.

Sign up here, then once your account is up and running, select your payment type from the dashboard page:

  • Rent Payment
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Tax Payment

At the final (fourth) step of your payment setup, the ‘Complete Your Payment’ stage, enter the promo code MAINLY1000 in the ‘Coupon Code’ section.

Once the code is entered the discount will be applied.

Existing users pay 1.85%

If you make a payment through ipaymy anytime this month as an existing user and apply promo code CHEERS185, with payment using a Singapore-issued Visa or Mastercard, you’ll be eligible for a competitive 1.85% rate for a one-time transaction.

Note that this does not apply to recurring payments.

Obviously the bigger the payment, the bigger the saving, so if you’re an existing user with more than one transaction to make this month – try to save the code for the most expensive one!

There’s no upper transaction limit for this code, but the charge date must be on or before 31st January 2021 to qualify.

Simply set up your payment as normal using ipaymy, then at the final (fourth) step (the ‘Complete Your Payment’ stage), enter the promo code CHEERS185 in the ‘Coupon Code’ section.

Once the code is entered the discount will be applied, as shown above.

Here are some cost per mile examples for Singapore-issued credit cards under this promotional deal at the 1.85% rate (applicable to any Visa or Mastercard payment):

Card Miles per S$1 Cost per mile
(1.85% fee)
$UOB Reserve 3.pngUOB Reserve 1.6 1.14¢
Citi Ultima Trans.pngCiti ULTIMA 1.6 1.14¢
Card MCUOB PRVI Miles MC/Visa 1.4 1.30¢
image_standard-chartered-visa-infinite@2x02.pngStandard Chartered Visa Infinite 1.4* 1.30¢*