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New KrisFlyer partner: Earn up to 8.5 mpd with KKday

Earn 4.5 mpd for activity and experience bookings with KKday this month, in addition to 4 mpd using the right credit card when you pay.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Extended: The bonus miles earning offer has been extended to 30th June 2021.

KrisFlyer had added a new earning partner this month, with any spend at travel experiences platform KKday now picking up a year-round 2 KrisFlyer miles per US$1 spent, equivalent to around 1.5 miles per S$1 at current exchange rates.

While that doesn’t sound particularly exciting, there’s a launch offer running to earn triple miles for experiences and staycations booked through the platform from 1st May – 31st May 2021 (extended to 30th June 2021), which means 6 miles for every US$1 spent, the equivalent of almost exactly 4.5 miles per S$1.

Stack that with up to 4 mpd using the right credit card when you make payment, like the fantastic HSBC Revolution card, and you’re looking at a fairly impressive 8.5 mpd overall earn rate, which might make a lot of sense if the price for your selected package is attractive.

What is KKday?

KKday is a bit like Klook and Pelago, offering experiences and activities in Singapore and overseas, including theme park admission tickets, food and drink tours and wellness treatments.

The platform even has some staycation packages currently available in Singapore, including at The Fullerton, The Fullerton Bay and the Fairmont.

  KKday x KrisFlyer

For those travelling to Hong Kong on the upcoming ATB, KKday also has a decent selection of activities and tours available there too.

How to earn KrisFlyer miles

Unfortunately you won’t be able to accrue KrisFlyer miles for KKday bookings made using the KKday mobile app, which is a strange omission. You’ll have to use the desktop site to see the option at the checkout stage.

In cooperation with our partners, KKday Partner Rewards can only be earned through our browser website. Purchases made through the KKday App will not help you earn KKday Rewards.

You’ll only see the KrisFlyer option on the KKday desktop site

Note that KrisFlyer miles earning cannot be used in conjunction with any KKday discount codes – it’s one or the other.

At the payment stage, you’ll see the option to enter your KrisFlyer membership number to earn miles for the purchase.

This will open a temporary window for you to enter your account details.

Once you’ve confirmed that, the icon will reflect your KrisFlyer membership number before you go ahead and make payment for the booking.

It’s not clear how long it takes for the KrisFlyer miles to be credited to your account, however do note that there will be no miles accrued for cancelled orders, refunds or no-shows.

Bear in mind that KKday is offering 6 KrisFlyer miles per US$1 equivalent spent during this launch promotion, which is approximately 4.5 KrisFlyer miles per S$1, but the exact number of miles you’ll receive may be slightly different based on the SGD-USD exchange rate used.

  KKday x KrisFlyer

You’ll still earn KKday points

Even if you choose to earn KrisFlyer miles on your KKday purchase, you’ll still be eligible to earn KKday points, the platform’s loyalty currency, for discounts on future purchases.

You’ll get 1 KKday point for every US$1 or equivalent spent, but before you get too excited each point is only worth S$0.0066 (0.66 cents) against a future booking, at current exchange rates. The minimum redemption is 50 KKday points and they are valid for 11 to 12 months from earning.

Coupon codes might be a better alternative

Currently KKday is offering a 5% discount code for your first purchase made using promo code APP5OFF via its mobile app until 1st July, so it’s up to you whether you think that is better than earning 4.5 KrisFlyer miles per dollar instead, in addition to your credit card points.

For example a S$100 activity purchase will earn you around 450 KrisFlyer miles and 75 KKday points when crediting the miles directly to KrisFlyer and not using a coupon code during this triple miles promotion.

Alternatively you can pay S$95 through the mobile app with the APP5OFF promo code as a first time user and earn 71 KKday points, but forgo the KrisFlyer miles.

Personally in this case we would pay the extra S$5 and take the 450 KrisFlyer miles, which we value at S$8.55, since it’s the equivalent of ‘buying’ those miles at 1.11 cents each (450 ÷ 5).

What about KrisFlyer Spree?

KKday is already a KrisFlyer partner, of sorts, since you can make bookings and earn miles through the KrisFlyer Spree site, earning 13 miles per S$10 USD spent (around 1 mpd once you convert to Singapore Dollars).

While this seems illogical given that KKday’s new year-round earn rate directly with KrisFlyer is approximately 1.5 mpd, the difference here is that you can now use KKday’s coupon codes when making your purchase, only that there is no direct KrisFlyer miles earning option.

The drawbacks? You’ll have to be using a promo code that’s available on the desktop site (KrisFlyer Spree won’t track your purchase via the KKday app), plus the miles earned via KrisFlyer Spree can take around three months to arrive in your account.

Is KKday the cheapest provider?

Sometimes it will be and sometimes it won’t be, so it’s important to shop around to get the lowest price for your chosen experience or activity before crunching the numbers on miles earning across the various providers, even with a 4.5 mpd earn rate on offer.

In the following example KKday is charging S$99 for a cable car dining experience for two next weekend.

Here’s the alternative pricing we found for this experience:

  • Direct with provider: S$143 (44% more)
  • Klook: S$140 (41% more)
  • Pelago: S$140 (41% more)

Clearly KKday is the way to go in this example, but of course it won’t always be the case.

Where Pelago comes in at a similar price, bear in mind that platform awards 1 mpd directly to your KrisFlyer account for completed experiences, and when Klook comes close – it’s a KrisFlyer Spree partner too (~1.4 mpd).

Which card to use

Whether you earn KrisFlyer miles directly, or through KrisFlyer Spree, or forgo them entirely and use a discount code via the app, transactions for KKday in Singapore fall under:

MCC 4722: Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

That means the following bonus miles earning credit cards should pick up their bonus earning rates of up to 4 mpd for these transactions, in addition to any miles you’ll be earning directly through KrisFlyer.

Card Earn
DBS WWMC 4 mpd For online spend, capped at S$2,000 per calendar month.
HSBC Revo Card SmallHSBC Revolution
4 mpd For online spend at travel agencies (MCC 4722), capped at S$1,000 per calendar month.

Citi Lazada
2 mpd For travel transactions under MCC 4722, capped at S$2,250 spend per statement cycle but combined with other 4 mpd / 2 mpd bonus spend (i.e. S$2,250 cap assumes your only bonus category spend in a statement cycle is Travel).

At the bonus earn rate of 4.5 miles per dollar, that means picking up 8.5 mpd in total using some cards for KKday bookings made this month.

If you don’t have any of the cards listed above, just stick to your best general spend miles earning credit card. Remember to avoid the Citi Rewards card, which will only earn 0.4 mpd at KKday, due to MCC 4712 being specifically excluded from the bonus earn rate for online spend.


If you’re looking for attraction tickets or experiences in Singapore, even staycation packages in some cases, it’s often a good idea to save money by pre-booking through experience portals like Klook, Pelago and KKday.

Instead of a year-round 2 miles per US$1 (around 1.5 mpd in Singapore Dollars), bookings made during May (and June) 2021 through KKday will earn triple miles when you enter your KrisFlyer account details at the payment stage. Using the right credit card when you pay will therefore net you an equivalent 8.5 mpd during this promotion.

  KKday x KrisFlyer

Unfortunately this can’t be combined with any KKday coupon codes, so do the maths if there’s an offer available, since you don’t want to be ‘buying’ miles at an unattractive rate.

It probably already goes without saying, but it’s also important to make sure KKday is offering good value for the activity of your choice before calculating the miles benefit, so check similar sites like Klook and Pelago before committing.

Finally, if KKday is offering the best deal but a promo code is a better option than KrisFlyer miles earning, consider booking through KrisFlyer Spree for a few additional miles in your account… eventually!


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  1. Just checking if anyone has any experience on the time for the KF miles to be posted after the activity has been consumed? For mine, it has been more than 6 weeks since the activity has ended but I have yet to see the miles posted to my KF account. Thanks!

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