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KrisFlyer Spree offering 70% bonus miles – earn up to 5 mpd

Earn 70% bonus miles on KrisFlyer Spree purchases with selected merchants between now and 6 August, plus 10% extra miles for new customers.

KrisFlyer Spree, SIA’s ‘online mall’ allowing you to earn KrisFlyer miles when making purchases at a variety of worldwide brands including Apple, Guardian and iHerb, has launched its 7th birthday offer for the next 7 weeks with 70% bonus miles on purchases made at selected merchants between now and 6th August 2021.

This isn’t as good as the double miles (100% bonus) offer KrisFlyer Spree ran for its 6th birthday in 2020, however it might still work out as a nice deal if you’re planning an upcoming purchase from one of the participating merchants.

What is KrisFlyer Spree?

If you’re new to KrisFlyer Spree, it’s a bit like a cashback site but instead of earning cashback you’ll earn KrisFlyer miles instead for your purchases. You must be a KrisFlyer member to use the site.

KrisFlyer Spree homepage

  KrisFlyer Spree

You shop and pay for your purchases at the merchant’s website as you normally would, while KrisFlyer Spree tracks your purchases automatically and calculates how many miles you’ve earned.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re getting a competitive deal when using KrisFlyer Spree compared to a cashback site like Shopback. We value KrisFlyer miles at 1.9 cents each, so that’s a good place to start when calculating the benefit.

The offer

There are 20 merchants in Singapore participating in this 70% bonus offer, plus a wide range of overseas sites like iHerb Australia and Zalora Malaysia. You can find a full list at the dedicated promotion page.

Example merchants with 70% bonus miles

The KrisFlyer Spree team told us that more brands are scheduled to join the campaign from tomorrow (22nd June 2021), including Apple Singapore.

Selecting a merchant will show you the previous and new KrisFlyer earn rate for your purchases. These enhanced rates already reflect the 70%+ bonus.

For example the earn rate at Under Armour Singapore is currently increased to 46 miles per US$10 instead of 26 miles per US$10, between now and 6th August 2021 (a 77% increase).

Simply make your purchase through the KrisFlyer Spree link with your chosen merchant between now and 6th August 2021 to be eligible for the improved earn rate.

10% bonus for first-time customers

KrisFlyer members who haven’t purchased on KrisFlyer Spree before will earn an additional 10% miles across all brands on the site for their first purchase.

Here’s how that looks for some of the highest earning merchants in Singapore also participating in the 70% earn rate bonus promotion.

Merchant Earn Rate
(per US$10)
Existing User First Time User
Montblanc 65 miles 71 miles
HP 65 miles 71 miles
Enfagrow 46 miles 50 miles
Lookfantastic 46 miles 50 miles
MyProtein 40 miles 44 miles
Far East Flora 32 miles 35 miles
Guardian 30 miles 33 miles

At current exchange rates US$10 is equivalent to approximately S$13.46, so you’re looking at anywhere from 2.2 mpd (existing customer at Guardian) to 5.2 mpd (new customer at Montblanc) for these merchants alone, in addition to your regular credit card miles.

Note that for most merchants, miles are not calculated on postage / handling / delivery costs or associated purchase taxes in the specific region (this may include but is not limited to VAT, GST etc).

Remember that you’ll still earn the 10% bonus miles on your first purchase at merchants not participating in the 70% miles bonus – it’s a site-wide offer.



When are the miles credited?

KrisFlyer Spree isn’t a quick way to earn miles, but then again neither are most cashback sites quick ways to top up your bank balance.


Your transaction will initially be marked as ‘Pending’ in your Spree account within 5 working days of purchase, but it may take a further 90 days for KrisFlyer Spree to acknowledge and validate transactions.

Your purchase will then switch to ‘Approved’, then the miles will be credited to your KrisFlyer account after a further 7 working days.

Overall that’s about 3.5 months from purchase to receiving the miles! Thankfully in some cases in can be much quicker.

See also: KrisFlyer Spree: How it Works

Status credits earning for larger transactions

In April Singapore Airlines launched a new campaign to help KrisFlyer and PPS Club members renew or even upgrade their status tier without flying, through incentives such as everyday spend with partners and transfers from credit card points into miles.

Part of the offer includes some status credit earning rates for KrisFlyer Spree purchases right through to 28th February 2022.

Status credits earning

Status Tier Credits earned
PPS Club 1 PPS Value
per 10 KrisFlyer miles earned
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is KF-Cards-2020-trans.pngKrisFlyer 1 Elite mile
per 5 KrisFlyer miles earned

Unfortunately a minimum accrual of 500 KrisFlyer miles is required per transaction for these additional status credits to take effect with non-air partners like KrisFlyer Spree.

For example a US$125+ transaction would be needed at MyProtein Singapore, to generate 500 miles at the bonus earn rate (40 x 12.5), in order for any status credits to be awarded.

You’d then receive 100 Elite Miles or 50 PPS Value in this example, in addition to 500 KrisFlyer miles.

Which card to use

You will be subject to the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of the particular store you buy from when shopping through KrisFlyer Spree, though these should all be coded as online transactions.

That means you can tap into some 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of credit cards, subject to their monthly requirements and spending caps.

For example, consider the DBS WWMC with 4 mpd for the first S$2,000 online spend per month, or the OCBC Titanium Rewards card for 4 mpd on the first S$12,000 spend per membership year at clothes and shoe stores, or electronics stores.

DBS Woman's World Card
First year

4 mpd

Men can
DBS Woman's World Card

First year

4 mpd

Men can

There are a few possibilities here so check the applicable categories for bonus spend rates for any cards you have to see if they will work with the merchant of your choice.

Remember in some cases depending on the merchant you may also wish to use a card giving bonus rates for overseas spend, as some KrisFlyer Spree stores charge in foreign currency (e.g. iHerb UK).




If you’re getting a good deal by shopping through KrisFlyer Spree, and you value the miles more than the cashback alternative you might otherwise get from sites like Shopback, this 70% bonus when shopping at 20 merchants can be a good deal, totalling up to 5 mpd with some of the Singapore-based retailers.

The two main points to bear in mind when shopping using KrisFlyer Spree are that you might get a better deal through a cashback site (do the maths first), plus you may be be waiting quite a while to see the miles in your account.

If it works for you though, this is one of the better promotions we’ve seen offered. Remember to use a credit card with a high earn rate for online spend where possible (or FCY spend if applicable), to maximise your miles earning, in some cases adding another 4 mpd to the KrisFlyer Spree rate itself, for an overall earn rate of up to 9 mpd.

(Cover Image: Singapore Airlines)


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