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KrisFlyer charters ‘cruise to nowhere’ in November – redeem from 38,000 miles

Set sail on a chartered SIA 'cruise to nowhere' using your KrisFlyer miles in November, including the airline's signature satay, amenity kits, and a Christmas market.

KrisFlyer Experiences has a new and interesting deal coming up, with the Singapore Airlines frequent flyer programme chartering a whole World Dream ship for a two-night ‘cruise to nowhere’ in November 2021, allowing redemption exclusively with KrisFlyer miles.

Enjoy a bespoke chartered cruise experience this November with KrisFlyer on board Dream Cruises’ World Dream. In addition to the array of activities available onboard World Dream, members can look forward to a range of specially curated SIA initiatives.

Singapore Airlines

Not your average ‘cruise no nowhere’, this special trip running on 17th to 19th November 2021 starts with SIA’s signature satay on boarding, plus welcome packs including the airline’s First or Business Class amenity kits, sleeper suits and other KrisFlyer commemorative items.


You’ll also get free Wi-Fi during the cruise, while those who book the ship’s Palace Suites will be treated to SIA’s First Class meal by Georges Blanc on the first night, an enhanced welcome pack, and complimentary butler service throughout the sailing.

These packages are being sold as part of the KrisFlyer Experiences range, which launched back in January 2020, promising members money-can’t-buy experiences in exchange for KrisFlyer miles.

Here’s how the pricing looks (as usual, not a great return for your miles!):

KrisFlyer Experiences
Bespoke Chartered Cruise

Booking is now live.

Experience Dates Cost
Balcony Stateroom for 1 pax
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov 38,000 miles
Balcony Stateroom for 2 pax
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov 50,000 miles
Balcony Stateroom for 3 pax
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov 75,000 miles
+1 pax in a Balcony Stateroom
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov
25,000 miles
(without cabin)
Infant redemption
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov
6,500 miles
(without cabin)
Palace Suite for 2 pax
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov
120,000 miles
Palace Suite for 4 pax
(book here)
17 – 19 Nov
240,000 miles

  KrisFlyer Experiences

At 25,000 miles per person, which we value at S$475 when used to redeem in Business Class or First Class, this is certainly not a very great use of your miles. However, KrisFlyer will be selling the uniqueness of this two-night sailing, including the amenities on offer, to sway its members to redeem.

Remember also, it’s rare to get anything more than 1 cent per mile value when cashing out your stash for non-flight redemptions.

How to book

Here’s a summary of how the booking process works, depending on your group size (booking is now live).


Each Balcony Stateroom can accommodate a maximum of 4 passengers, including infants, so you’ll have to make the corresponding number of redemptions.

For example, to accommodate 4 people in a Balcony Stateroom, you must redeem the Balcony Stateroom for 3 pax and redeem an additional single passenger booking (without cabin).

Infants (6 to 23 months old) also count as 1 passenger and must be redeemed separately. Alternatively, an infant may also count as 1 passenger in your redemption (e.g. for 2/3 pax in total, though it’s cheaper to add them separately).

Children aged 24 months and above are required to make a full redemption.

What else to expect on board

This specially chartered cruise will be exclusive to KrisFlyer members, and includes unique programmes like grooming workshops by SIA’s cabin crew trainers (payable), batik rose making, balloon sculpting workshops and KrisFlyer-exclusive bingo games.

There will also be the chance to win KrisPay miles and other KrisFlyer commemorative items during the sailing.

KrisFlyer members on board the cruise ship can look forward to winning up to 270,000 KrisPay miles (equivalent to SGD1,800) during the KrisFlyer-exclusive Bingo activity.

Singapore Airlines

This cruise will be also the first to feature Dream Cruises’ Nordic Christmas-themed festivities, which will include a Nordic Village, Santa Express and Christmas Market.

You’ll also have access to the regular dining, entertainment and recreational activities on board World Dream.

Here’s a video review of what you can expect from the cruise’s regular offerings, also including an overview of the Palace Suite.

Palace Villa / Penthouse giveaway

Singapore Airlines is also running a prize draw for KrisFlyer members to win a stay in the cruise’s top-tier Palace Villa, while two other members will walk away with a stay in the Palace Penthouse each.

You can earn entries to this lucky draw for every 100 miles earned from spending at KrisShop, Kris+ and Pelago, or on any KrisFlyer UOB Credit and Debit cards.

20% miles-back for KrisFlyer UOB cardholders

You can also get 20% miles-back for this cruise redemption, and a complimentary cocktail when you board, as a KrisFlyer UOB co-brand cardholder, but it’s not as generous as it sounds (this is UOB we’re talking about…).

To be eligible you’ll have to:

  • Be a principal cardholder of the KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card or KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card
  • Be an existing KrisFlyer member and have successfully linked your KrisFlyer membership to your eligible UOB card
  • Successfully use your KrisFlyer miles to redeem in full either a Suite Cruise Cabin or Balcony Cruise Cabin Seacation with Dream Cruises via the dedicated KrisFlyer Experiences / UOB links between 26th August 2021 and 31st October 2021.

Those who booked on the cruise launch day (25th August 2021) will not be eligible, which is nonsensical.

Unfortunately this looks to us like another UOB ‘gambling’ offer, because there is a quantity cap for the miles-back for each cabin type, as follows.

Cabin Miles Back
(new total)
Suite (4 pax) 48,000 miles
(192,000 miles)
Suite (2 pax) 24,000 miles
(96,000 miles)
Balcony (3 pax) 15,000 miles
(60,000 miles)
Balcony (2 pax) 10,000 miles
(40,000 miles)

If you are eligible, you will be automatically credited miles-back to your KrisFlyer account by 31st December 2021.

Unfortunately, it’s likely you won’t know if you were eligible (i.e. within cap) until the end of the year, unless they will only sell the stated number of cabins to these cardholders.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

Other things to know

Here are a few other things to be aware of regarding the KrisFlyer bespoke chartered cruise.

  • An amendment fee of S$30 applies for each request to change or swap passenger names once your ticket has been issued by Dream cruises.
  • Redemption excludes gratuity fees at S$42 per person (S$52 for Palace Suite passengers), which must be paid using a Mastercard prior to disembarkation.
  • All other purchased items, services, food and beverages during the cruise must be paid with by a Mastercard.
  • You will be required to take a COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) prior to embarkation at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. The cost is included.
  • The chartered cruise may be postponed to a later date if it is unable to set sail due to prevailing government regulations. If you’re unable to sail on the new cruise date, your miles will be refunded.
  • After successful redemption, KrisFlyer will contact you at least six weeks before the cruise (i.e. by 6th October 2021) for the information required to complete your cruise booking.
  • Even though you aren’t technically going overseas, your passport is required and must be valid for at least 6 months from the sail date to be accepted on board.
  • If you have travelled overseas (e.g. on the Germany VTL) within 21 days of the departure date, you won’t be eligible to join the cruise.

Here’s SIA’s full FAQs about the cruise.


At last a really unique event from KrisFlyer Experiences, with a bespoke chartered cruise in exchange for your KrisFlyer miles.

Whether you’re going solo or as a group with friends or family, there are redemption options for all.

It’s a shame KrisFlyer didn’t partner with Royal Caribbean for this event, since we’ve heard from readers that it’s generally regarded as a higher-end ‘cruise to nowhere’ option than World Dream.


Nonetheless, we particularly like the sound of the Palace Suite, inclusive of a First Class meal by Georges Blanc on the first night, butler service and upgraded amenities, though it doesn’t come cheap at 120,000 KrisFlyer miles for a couple!

In value terms this certainly won’t give you a good return for your miles compared to a regular ‘cruise to nowhere’, so as usual with KrisFlyer Experiences it’s up to you whether the unique nature of this sailing and the additional onboard festivities are worth it.

Will you be joining the KrisFlyer bespoke chartered cruise to nowhere? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. This sounds a fun cruise. Do you know if we can do this 9 days after arriving back from Germany on the VTL? I thought I read cruise to nowhere maybe doesn’t allow if you’ve been overseas recently.

    1. Unfortunately not. You will not be eligible to join if you have been overseas in the last 21 days prior to the cruise departure date, regardless of the travel lane you have used.

  2. Managed to snag a Palace Suite thanks to your Telegram alert 🙏🏻. Any idea if there are upgrade options to Palace Deluxe?

  3. The January redemption cruises were much more value for money. It was 6500 miles per balcony room and not the usual per person, with an option to upgrade to the palace suite for around $600.
    Made 2 redemptions for me and my mum we had each connecting rooms all to ourselves.
    Doubt this will happen again.

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