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You can now choose your Singapore SHN quarantine hotel… if you book a suite!

If you're willing to pay more than double the usual rate, you can now serve your 10-day SHN in Singapore at a hotel of your choice, in a suite!

Latest Update: 24th October 2021

Only those returning from Category 4 countries will have to serve their 10-day SHN in a hotel for arrivals from 27th October 2021. Full details are available here.

For those of you returning to Singapore from your travels, or more likely from essential family trips or studies, a travel history involving many countries in the world will sadly mean one thing – 10 days of quarantine in a hotel room.

Singapore, with its love of acronyms, calls it a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or more accurately a Stay Home Notice in an SHN-Dedicated Facility (SHN in an SDF).

At one point in 2021 the hotel quarantine period was hiked to 21 days, but thankfully since then that’s been reduced to 14 days and most recently to a 10-day isolation for those returning from higher-risk countries.


For those needing more space and wanting to choose a specific property of their choice, there’s the option to pay extra and spend your mandatory quarantine period in a suite from a list of options, rather than rely on the arrival room allocation ‘lottery’.

How it usually works

Unlike some other countries, where you can (and in some cases must) pre-book a specific hotel to serve your quarantine period on arrival, in Singapore it’s been a case of ‘pot luck’ for most returnees over the last 18 months or so, with random assignment on arrival.

Many hotels in Singapore have been accommodating SHN guests since the COVID-19 pandemic began

Some people have certainly lucked out with a balcony room at the Shangri-La overlooking the beach on Sentosa, while others were cooped up in a smaller 220 sq ft room with windows that don’t open, no couch to sit on and no bath tub to luxuriate in.

In February this year the government hinted at the possibility of allowing arriving travellers to choose their specific SHN hotel, under a potential ‘tiered pricing’ model, and to some extent they have made the first step towards this.

You can now book an SHN suite in a specific hotel

If you want more space to spend your mandatory SHN period in Singapore for 10 days, you can now pre-book a specific suite type at one of 18 hotels, including the Swissotel, Ritz-Carlton, InterContinental and The Regent, at a higher cost.

This will guarantee you the hotel and suite category of your choice, so you can be sure to have features like a balcony, separate living room, large working desk and a bathtub, for example, assuming the suite you choose has those features.

For many travellers with business to attend to, a preference for fresh air and the mental well-being of separate personal spaces to break up the day, this is a very welcome option some are gladly pay for.


Suites are subject to availability for your date range, and you’ll have to contact the hotel of your choice directly to book, but more about the exact process later in the article.

Which countries require 10-day hotel SHN?

The exact requirements for SHN based on your travel history in the last 14 days prior to arrival in Singapore is continually updated given the ever-changing COVID-19 situation globally.

You should always refer to the latest official requirements provided here for returning Singapore Citizens / PRs and here for Work Pass holders.

As of 26th October 2021 23:59 hours, SHN requirements will be as follows:

Singapore SHN requirements
(from 27th October)

14-day travel history
(can include Singapore)

Fully vaccinated

Partially vaccinated /
Category 1
Category 2
7 days SHN at home
Category 3
10 days SHN at home
Category 4 10 days SHN in hotel

As you can see 10-day hotel SHN is currently imposed for arrivals with travel history to any Category 4 country prior to arrival in Singapore.

For a full list of which countries are in Categories 1 to 3, and therefore exempt from the hotel SHN requirement, click here.

Important! Remember that while SHN periods have been reduced to 10 days in most cases, your travel history is based on the consecutive 14-day period prior to your arrival in Singapore.

How much does it cost?

Regardless of which hotel you choose, the pricing is streamlined across the properties based on suite category, as shown in the following table.

Singapore 10-day hotel SHN costs

Room Type Size
(sq m)
(inc. GST)
1 pax Per extra pax*
Standard SDF Room
(normal SHN)
~25 S$1,450 +S$450
Junior Suite <80 S$3,600 +S$450
Standard Suite 80-100 S$5,350 +S$450
Large Suite 100-200 S$9,300 +S$450
Extra Large Suite >200 S$14,300 +S$450

* To cover food
Note: COVID-19 testing costs are in addition to the above

As you can see, the suite option isn’t cheap!

Even the smaller suites on offer, like a Signature Salon Suite at the Fairmont (which falls under the ‘Junior Suite’ category) will set you back at least S$3,600 for a 10-day stay.

At the top end, 10 nights in the Presidential Suite at The Regent, for example, costs S$14,300.

While that might sound ridiculous, the same suite would set you back S$50,000 for a 10-night stay in April 2022 as a regular guest.

For those with deep pockets, S$1,430 a night (S$14,300 ÷ 10) for a 220 sq m presidential suite, easily the size of two average condos in Singapore, is a steal!

Which hotels?

At the time of writing there are 18 hotels participating in the SDF Suite option.

When the scheme was first introduced, there were travel history restrictions for some hotels, but these have since been removed, giving you more chance to secure a suite at additional cost for your stay.

Here’s how the list looks as of 24th October 2021.

Suite SDF Options
Hotel Suite Types
Junior Standard Large Extra Large
Carlton Hotel
Conrad Centennial
Fairmont Singapore
Four Points by Sheraton
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
InterContinental Bugis
InterContinental Robertson Quay
JW Marriott South Beach
Mandarin Oriental
Marriott Tang Plaza
Park Avenue Rochester
Royal Plaza on Scotts
Sheraton Towers
Swissotel The Stamford
The Regent
The Ritz-Carlton
The Westin
Note: It is not our intention to keep this list 100% up to date. Please check the ICA’s SDF suite upgrade options for the latest pricing, hotel list and arrival restrictions.

Room types

In order to correlate room categories you see on the hotel website to the ICA’s ‘Junior’, ‘Standard’, ‘Large’ and ‘Extra Large’ categories, you can equate it roughly based on available floorspace, or contact each hotel individually to clarify.


In our discussions with a few hotels, we confirmed the following equivalence:

Carlton Hotel

Conrad Centennial

Fairmont Singapore

An Ambassador Suite (90 sq m) at the Fairmont falls under the ICA’s ‘Standard Suite’ category. (Photo: Accor)

The Westin

Mandarin Oriental

  • Junior (S$3,600): Marina Bay Suite
  • Standard (S$5,350): City Suite

Swissotel The Stamford

The 50 sq m Signature King Suite at the Swissotel provides twice as much space as the average standard SHN hotel room. Yours for 10 nights at S$3,600. (Photo: Accor)

The Regent

InterContinental Bugis (see Suites)

  • Junior (S$3,600): Junior Suite, Premier Suite, Heritage Suite, Executive Suite
  • Standard (S$5,350): Royal Suite
  • Large (S$9,300): Ambassador Suite
  • Extra Large (S$14,300): Presidential Suite

InterContinental Robertson Quay (see Suites)

  • Junior (S$3,600): Quayside Suite King, Quayside Corner Suite King, Executive Suite

JW Marriott South Beach

Sheraton Towers



The process

Assuming you’re still outside the country, the process to secure a suite for your Singapore SHN stay goes like this:

Obtain entry approval (if required)

Contact the hotels listed to directly enquire and book your preferred suite. No payment is taken at this stage.

Submit your booking details and confirmation at, at least 48 hours before your arrival, for transport to be arranged

You’ll pay for the full cost of the suite directly to the hotel during check-in. If you have already paid the default SDF cost when applying for entry approval, you will only pay the difference in cost for the suite to the hotel during check-in.

You can upgrade after arrival

Halfway through your hotel SHN and going stir crazy in your small room? Good news, if you can afford it, is that it’s possible to upgrade to one of these suite options and serve the rest of your ‘sentence’ in more luxurious surrounds.

Simply contact the hotel of your choice from the list to book your preferred suite, subject to availability and with a minimum of 48 hours notice before your move (for transport arrangements to be made).

In need of a balcony and a better view than your current SHN allocation provides? It is possible to ‘upgrade’ part way through, subject to availability. (Photo: Accor)

Assuming you are able to secure the availability you want, you’ll have to pay an additional one-time fee of S$345 (S$300 for specialised cleaning costs for the vacated room, plus S$45 per vehicle for transport from your current hotel to the new hotel).

You’ll then be charged the pro-rated cost of the suite based on the number of days SHN you have remaining to serve.

Here’s how it works:

Contact the hotels listed to directly enquire and book your preferred suite. No payment is taken at this stage.

Submit your booking details and confirmation at, at least 48 hours before your intended move, for transport to be arranged

Your existing hotel will contact you about the transport arrangements to the new hotel and will collect payment for the additional S$345 at check-out

The pro-rated cost of the new suite will be paid directly to the new hotel during check-in

For example, if you’ve already spent 5 days of your 10-day SHN in a hotel room assigned on arrival at the regular S$1,450 cost (for 10 days, already paid), but then move to a Junior Suite for the remaining 5 days of your SHN period, you’ll be charged:

  • an additional S$345 on check-out from the first hotel; and
  • an additional S$1,075 on check-in at the new hotel.

While this might sound like a good strategy to have a ‘two centre’ SHN and save some money along the way (vs. a full 10-day ‘Suite SHN’), be careful – there may be limited or no suite availability after you’ve started your first SHN block!


When we spoke to the Swissotel in late April, for example, their earliest SHN suite availability was more than two weeks away, so you may be disappointed if you’re aiming to move hotels part-way through your SHN period, since there might simply be no availability by then.




With mandatory SHN periods for those arriving in Singapore now set at 10 days for those arriving from Category 4 countries, these SHN suite options are worth considering for those who can afford it.

It’s still an expensive decision, but it does bring with it significantly improved certainty, a little (or a lot) more space and increased luxury on return to Singapore.

A Crest Suite at Swissotel The Stamford falls under the ICA’s ‘Standard Suite’ category. (Photo: Accor)

Many of our readers have reported very limited hotel SHN suite availability, especially within the immediate couple of weeks, so it’s a good idea to start contacting hotels to try and secure one as early as possible once you know your arrival date in Singapore.

To complicate matters, several hotels aren’t letting you book SHN suites too far in advance, because they have not confirmed their status as an SHN dedicated facility beyond a certain contract date.

Let us know your experiences booking SHN suites in the comments section below.

(Cover Photo: Accor)



  1. Excellent and timely article … hopefully for travelers, the Singapore Government will reduce the SHN for vaccinated people as there is a great need for businesses and the country to open up again. Safely of course.

  2. Well, all hotels are already booked by PR and singaporians who don’t need approval for re-entry. Call the hotels, in august everything is booked for a month already.

    1. Yeah SHN suite availability is tight now that everyone knows about the option.

      I’m surprised the latest SHN hotels haven’t also started offering their suites via this scheme (e.g. JW Marriott, Pan Pacific, Conrad, Westin).

      Perhaps they’ve worked out the increased revenue isn’t worth the admin hassle.

  3. As Pagis said they are all full. Spent the day trying to book one and only the Regent allowed me to even go on a waiting list. So yeah nice idea but in practice there’s no choice but to accept the room you are given on arrival.

    1. The Westin, Conrad Centennial and Marriott Tang Plaza were added to the SDF suite list of options today.

      Hopefully this improves the situation.

  4. Staying in a Suite at the moment and chose a hotel with a balcony for fresh air. I booked about 2 months in advance and luckily so … on check-in was told by the hotel their suites are booked to the brim.

    Do book well ahead of time if you can, i.e. if you know your dates in advance. Hopefully with more countries being added to the “SHN-at-home” list, they will be more suite availability in the future.

  5. Guys! Don’t book Royal Plaza on Scotts. I travelled alot and had been to a number of hotels for my SHN. Below are my negative reviews on them.

    Poor customer service (they will argue with you & stand their grounds.)

    Amenities provided are limited. For example, for the whole 14 days stay. I was given 5 coffee sachets together with creamer and sugar packs. As a heavy coffee drinker and while need my coffee while working during the stay. CS-1 has no problem providing me daily coffee/creamer/sugar limit to less than 10 packs. Which l am fine with it.
    So after 2-3 days later. I request for my coffee to be sent up. This time CS-2, told me that if l request again. They will have to charge me. I mean why would they wanna charge guest cheap stuffs like coffee, creamer, sugar sachets? Am l right?

    So what happened after asking her why and a few questions. I told her the amenities are already paid altogether with the hotel stay. She also went quiet awhile. We started to argue and tbh, she was really rude even thought l rise my voice.

    Even duty manager that time who answered my call. His name is Dragon? I knew he gave fake name. What an idiot.. Explained to me this is hotel policy? Policy my ass… Money paid for it should be included.

    Even if l go budget hotel. The staff happy to provide me extras. Royal plaza is worse SHN hotel l ever stayed in. Don’t even deserve a 5-star grade. Even a 3-star hotels in USA, Europe and even Thailand. This hotel has no standard with poor and rude customer service. Don’t book theirs. Trust me.

    Sometimes, Meals provided without utensils. Fyi, there are no spoon/fork in the room. Damn useless hotel.

    So far, Conrad is my top choice. No problem requesting for things you need. Even sachets & toothpaste available if you need one. Recommended.

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