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Singapore Airlines scrapping two Airbus A380s at Changi

The first two of seven Airbus A380s retired by Singapore Airlines since the start of the pandemic are being broken up for spare parts at Changi Airport.

Following news in November 2020 that Singapore Airlines would be removing seven Airbus A380s from its fleet, for a total of 12 aircraft remaining post-COVID, we now have confirmation that the process has begun with the first two aircraft due to meet their fate this month.


Unusually, however, these two jets won’t be relocated overseas for storage, but will be scrapped here in Singapore instead.

9V-SKG and 9V-SKH, the 19th and 21st Airbus A380s built (out of 251 for 14 different airlines worldwide), have been relocated to the Changi Exhibition Centre, adjacent to the airport, the usual site of the Singapore Airshow.