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Singapore switching to daily post-arrival COVID-19 tests for VTL travellers

From 7th December, VTL travellers will complete seven COVID-19 tests after arriving in Singapore, including 4 new ART self-swabs.

Earlier this week we reported how Singapore was tightening its testing measures for those arriving on the quarantine-free Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme, reintroducing Day 3 and Day 7 post-arrival testing but this time using a cheaper and quicker supervised self-swab ART method at one of 50 city-wide locations.


That increased the number of arrival tests from one to four, effective from 3rd December 2021, since an on-arrival PCR test is also still administered at Changi Airport, but the good news was the extra ART tests were only S$15 each.

Four more tests coming

To beef up surveillance of potential imported Omicron cases so they can be isolated as soon as possible, the Singapore Government is adding four self-administered ART tests, which will be slotted in to the ‘gap’ days, for a testing schedule as follows:

  • Day 1: PCR (on arrival)
  • Days 2, 4, 5 & 6: ART (at home)
  • Days 3 & 7: ART (at QTCs / CTCs)

Yes you read it correctly – you’re going to be tested every single day for a week when arriving in Singapore on the VTL; the new (and hopefully temporary) price to pay for freedom from SHN.

To step up detection and containment of the Omicron variant until more information is available, we are enhancing our testing protocols and procedures for travellers.

Singapore ICA

These changes will take effect for those entering Singapore via the VTL from Tuesday 7th December 2021.

Singapore’s VTL testing begins with an on-arrival PCR swab at Changi Airport. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The new post arrival ART tests will also apply to those arriving in Singapore via the VTL (Land) from Malaysia on the same day, and will initially be in force for both VTL (Air) and VTL (Land) arrangements for a 27-day period, up to and including 2nd January 2022.