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Turkish Airlines announces Singapore VTL flight schedule

Snag round-trip quarantine-free Europe flights in Business Class for 63,000 miles with Turkish Airlines, now that the carrier has revealed its Istanbul - Singapore VTL schedule.

Turkish Airlines is the latest carrier announcing its designated Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights into Singapore, with the carrier operating a slightly sporadic series of quarantine-free services in December 2021 and January 2022, followed by a regular weekly VTL service from February 2022 onwards.


With Turkish offering competitive fares and excellent award rates for travel between Singapore and Europe, the limited schedule is a little on the disappointing side, since it will restrict trips for most of our readers to quite specific dates, for the return leg to Changi at least.

Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines will operate designated VTL flights from Istanbul to Singapore. (Photo: Bill Abbott)

Travelers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and travelling to Singapore from Turkey and from all other VTL countries via Turkey [will] no longer need to quarantine on arrival.

Turkish Airlines

The schedule

Here’s how the Turkish Airlines designated VTL flight schedule looks from 18th December 2021:

December 2021

  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Saturday 18th December (A330-300)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Monday 27th December (777-300ER)

January 2022

  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Sunday 1st January (787-9)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Thursday 13th January (787-9)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Monday 17th January (777-300ER)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Sunday 23rd January (787-9)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Sunday 30th January (787-9)
  • TK54 (01:45-17:10): Monday 31st January (777-300ER)

From February 2022, the designated VTL flight schedule becomes more regular and predictable, with service from Istanbul in the early hours every Sunday (remember you’ll probably need to leave Europe on Saturday afternoon / evening to connect with this one!).

Turkish Airlines VTL flights
From 6th February 2022