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Earn 100 KrisFlyer miles for every restaurant reservation made via Kris+

You can now get 100 KrisFlyer miles for every restaurant reservation in Singapore made through the Kris+ app, using its new "Makan+" platform powered by Chope.

The KrisFlyer “lifestyle app” Kris+ has launched a new feature allowing users to earn additional miles for dining by making their restaurant reservations in Singapore through the app’s new “Makan+” function, powered by longstanding booking service Chope.

“Makan+ is a restaurant booking platform that enables you to discover places and make bookings to dine at your favourite restaurants in Singapore while earning miles as a KrisFlyer and Kris+ member.”

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In a similar concept to Chope itself, if you make a reservation (and of course also complete it), you’ll earn additional miles just for placing the booking itself.

The award is currently set at 100 KrisPay miles, which can also be converted into your KrisFlyer account.


There is no obligation to then use or earn Kris+ miles at the restaurant itself. Indeed most restaurants available through Chope aren’t even Kris+ merchants, so it’s simply a case of earning miles for making a booking that’s on offer here, which is a nice simple deal.

How it works

The new concept is in beta testing phase at the moment, so you’ll have to agree to participate, but we just went through the process and made a reservation ourselves – it works well so far.

You may need to update to the latest version of the Kris+ app to see the option on your home screen.

You’ll then be asked to proceed to the Makan+ mobile page (with the desktop website apparently still under construction).

Booking a restaurant is simple for those already familiar with the process via Chope, with a simple date / time slot system, plus the ability to send special requests to the restaurant.

It seems that you will also be able to make restaurant reservations through Makan+ directly from your KrisFlyer account via the Makan+ website, even if you are not a Kris+ user, though this looks set to be available only at a later date.

For now though, you’ll need a Kris+ account to log in to Makan+, in order to make a reservation.

How you earn miles

Here’s a summary of how the miles earning process works:

  • Each successful and completed booking made via Makan+ will earn you 100 KrisPay miles, with no monthly cap, so if you dine out 10 times a month using the service you will earn 1,000 miles. Simple.
  • You do not need to pay with KrisPay miles or earn KrisPay miles through Kris+ at the restaurant itself if you do not wish to do so. Miles for successfully completed bookings are separate from any miles for the payment at the restaurant itself.
  • Miles earned from your restaurant booking made through Makan+ will be automatically credited to your Kris+ app on the 15th day of the month after the reservation (e.g. book on 26th March for dinner on 28th March, receive 100 KrisPay miles on 15th April).
  • You can convert these KrisPay miles into KrisFlyer miles, which is where they hold far better value than in the KrisPay ‘cashback’ system, but you must do so within seven days of them being credited to your Kris+ app.
  • You can also earn miles making restaurant reservations for other people, by simply changing the name and phone number to the person you are making the booking for, allowing you to earn additional miles when booking for family members who do not use Kris+ or KrisFlyer, for example.

Earning additional KrisPay miles through Makan+ is definitely an attractive option, but the key point is that you will have to remember to transfer them to KrisFlyer by 22nd of each month (15th + seven days), otherwise they will be stuck in the Kris+ app for good, and will also then expire after six months.

Miles transferred to your KrisFlyer account will be good for three years, under the normal expiration policy.

You can book restaurants in the Chope system through Makan+, even if they are not Kris+ partners. (Photo: PS. Cafe)

Each restaurant in the Makan+ booking engine displays its KrisPay miles booking level (all set at 100 miles currently), suggesting the system could develop further in future with bonus miles potentially awarded at selected restaurants from time to time.

That could mean stashing even more miles each month through the platform, so let’s wait and see what happens there.

Other things to note

Here’s a few other points to be aware of from the Makan+ terms and conditions.

  • If you need to change the date and time of your Makan+ booking, you’ll have to cancel the reservation and make a new one.
  • Cancelled bookings and walk-ins to the restaurant a different time slot than the one booked will not earn miles.
  • You must indicate to the restaurant that you have a booking under your name (or the booked name) for the miles to be credited.
  • Once your first Makan+ miles reward has been successfully credited to your Kris+ account, your linked KrisFlyer number will be stored in Makan+ and cannot be changed.

Full terms and conditions are available in the Makan+ beta section of the Kris+ app (unfortunately the link provided in the booking confirmation email still leads to a blank page).

Any enquiries can be made to

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Chope dropped KrisFlyer as a Chope-Dollars transfer partner some time ago, so there has been no easy way to earn miles for making restaurant reservations in Singapore for a while.

This new partnership between Kris+ and the booking platform, which is being branded “Makan+”, is now an easy way for you to clock 100 KrisPay miles every time you dine out at a participating restaurant, simply by making a booking in advance through the app.

It also looks as though future offers may even include bonus rates for some restaurants, which could be a useful boost.

Remember at restaurants that are also Kris+ partners, you can currently earn up to 9 mpd by paying through the Kris+ app, in addition to any points awarded with your credit card, potentially adding another 4 mpd to the equation.

These kind of smaller KrisFlyer miles earning options aren’t going to see you on your way to Sydney in Business Class any time soon, but every little helps!

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