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Singapore Airlines reveals all-new SilverKris First Class Lounge and The Private Room

The lounge reveal you've been waiting for - with SIA's SilverKris First Class Lounge and The Private Room at Changi Airport T3 opening their doors to eligible guests from 6pm on Tuesday 31st May.

Singapore Airlines has finally peeled back the curtains on its most anticipated pair of revamped home base lounges at Changi Airport – the SilverKris First Class Lounge and ultra-exclusive pre-flight retreat The Private Room, both located in the fully updated lounge complex at Terminal 3.


The lounges will open their doors to eligible guests at 6pm on Tuesday 31st May 2022, however we were pleased to be invited to preview the facilities at a media event this afternoon.

The official opening event for the new SilverKris lounges at Changi T3. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This opening will mark the culmination of the airline’s S$50 million lounge renovation, which has been in the planning since 2016, was formally announced in July 2019, and was originally due for completion by mid-2021.

Complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused the opening to be delayed by around a year, but we’re finally at the finish line.

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

The new lounges will act as the carrier’s flagship Terminal 3 facilities until the opening of Terminal 5 in the 2030s.

“Extensive customer engagement and research have gone into the design of the new SilverKris and KrisFlyer Gold lounges. Customers will enjoy thoughtfully curated product offerings and experience the signature Singapore Airlines hospitality, all within a comfortable and restful environment, ensuring that they are refreshed and ready for their journey.

“Opening these lounges at this time signals our commitment to SIA’s premium brand and growth strategy. It reinforces our position as Changi Airport’s anchor airline, and reflects our confidence in Singapore’s future as a pre-eminent global air hub.”

Goh Choon Phong, CEO, Singapore Airlines
SIA’s CEO Goh Choon Phong at the launch event. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The airline confirmed that we should also see a reopening of its SilverKris lounges and its KrisFlyer Elite Gold lounge over in Terminal 2 at the airport, once it reopens over the next couple of years, though a full refit like this one is unfortunately not planned for those facilities at this stage.

New lounge entrance

The new SilverKris lounge complex is in the same location as it was before the renovations, accessed via the escalator or lift from the main departure concourse.

New SilverKris lounge welcome sign. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The airline has incorporated its latest signature Batik motif into a glass installation flanking the main access escalators, while their new Batik Flora signature scent by Singapore perfume label Scent by SIX is piped into the new oval-shaped entrance area.

SilverKris lounge reception. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Here there are two welcome podiums, one for First Class and The Private Room guests on the left and the other for Business Class lounge customers on the right.


The back wall of this section houses a permanent 8K high-resolution screen, also featuring the airline’s new batik motif, this time with animation.

The new KrisFlyer Gold lounge has a separate entrance further along the corridor.

Lounge capacity is up

Overall seating capacity across the four lounges is for 1,150 guests, up by 30% from around 850 before the renovations.

Singapore Airlines
Changi T3 Lounge Capacity

Lounge Seating
KrisFlyer Gold 350
SKL Business Class 588
SKL First Class 134
The Private Room 78
Total 1,150

This also represents around double the space that has been on offer during the temporary lounge operation over the last few months.

That’s great news, because crowding was becoming a serious issue during peak times, as Singapore reopened its borders to the world quarantine-free (and later test-free too), leading to a sharp increase in travel demand.

The Private Room

SIA’s all-new The Private Room at Changi T3 is its most exclusive lounge, allowing access only to those flying on the carrier’s own flights in the First Class or Suites cabin (thankfully, those redeeming KrisFlyer miles for this privilege are also included!).


The latest revamp for this lounge is a complete shift from the previous design, which was starting to look very dated when we last reviewed it in 2018 and 2019.

Here’s SIA’s teaser video for The Private Room:

While The Private Room doesn’t have it’s own entrance right from the main lounge reception area, once you enter the First Class lounge section you will be escorted along a separate corridor on the left to the dedicated lobby area.

At the lobby itself, a custom-made Lalique light dome takes centre stage, welcoming guests into the lounge.

The Lalique light dome in the entrance lobby for The Private Room. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Here the airline has gone with a private members’ club vibe, with copious space between the variety of seating options.

Welcome to The Private Room. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

There’s another bespoke glass ceiling decoration, in a teal hue to match the carpeted areas, offsetting marble flooring and brass copper finishes around the dividing walls.

The Private Room seating. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

A centrepiece ‘room within a room’, flanked by partitions on three sides, will be a great option to snag as a couple or family travelling together.

‘Room within a room’ in The Private Room. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Along the left and right sides of the lounge area, the airline has designed individual booth sections, for those who wish to work or relax with additional privacy, including ample device charging options.

Semi-private booth seats in The Private Room. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)
Seating options in The Private Room. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Of course the stalwart dining experience has been retained, offering what the airline promises will be “exquisite cuisine and beverage options” for guests using the lounge.

The Private Room dining section. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Options from a menu we sighted at the launch event will include a ‘Hearty Platter’, Dim Sum delights and Singapore Laksa for Breakfast, while the Lunch menu includes a Wagyu Burger, Lamb Shank and Satay.

Come 6pm, when the dinner menu kicks in, Sauteed Lobster and Chicken Cordon Bleu join the list.

As the only lounge that offers a fine dining experience, customers are in for a treat with SIA’s signature a la carte waited service that comes with a curated selection of local and seasonal offerings.

These include laksa with lobster, wagyu satay, and premium wines and cheeses.

Singapore Airlines
A table for two at The Private Room dining section. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Initially, SIA will be pouring Tattinger Comtes de Champagne 2007 vintage in The Private Room, a firm favourite also served on board its flights in First Class and Suites, alongside Krug or vintage Dom Perignon.


There are no external views, with The Private Room occupying a section of the former SKL Business Class lounge that overlooks the departure concourse, though in some ways this does add to the exclusive feel of the space.

There are three shower suites in The Private Room, which sounds like a small number but should cater quite well for the relatively small number of guests passing through each day.

A shower suite in The Private Room. (Photos: MainlyMiles)

Sanitaryware is by German manufacturer GROHE. Each shower room has its own toilet and sink / vanity area, with toiletries by Como Shambhala, one of SIA’s wellness partners.

Overall, we found the finish and ambiance at The Private Room one of warm luxury, with a well considered layout and design, rather than just chasing the opulence ‘tick’.


Despite the lack of natural light, the space oozes serenity and privacy, which is what most First Class and Suites passengers will crave before their flight.

We certainly look forward to returning soon to try out the cuisine offered in the impressive dining section.

SilverKris First Class Lounge

The other new lounge opening tomorrow is the SilverKris First Class section, with a total capacity for 134 guests, and within which the airline has designed “many cosy seating and resting options”.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Here’s SIA’s teaser video for the SilverKris First Class lounge:

As before, this section includes its popular manned bar, but this time decked out with 119 Lalique crystals across its curved wall.

The SKL First Class bar. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Bar seating and high stools are available in the bar area, along with a TV to catch up on the world news or a live sports event.

The crystals are inspired by the Aquatic Ginger flower, which is one of the design elements in SIA’s latest batik motif. Here’s a closer look at the lighting design.

Aquatic Ginger flower crystals adorn the wall of the SKL First Class bar. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)
The SKL First Class bar. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Elsewhere in the lounge there is a variety of seating options, with ample charging options including the latest wireless charging pads we’re increasingly seeing in airline lounges around the world.

First Class lounge seating. (Photo: MainlyMiles)
Modular seating including ample table space and charging options. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Productivity pods feature a reading light and charging options in a cubicle style, for those with work to catch up on.

An interesting feature in the First Class lounge, also available in The Private Room, is the introduction of new ‘day rooms’, which come with either a recliner armchair from Poltrona Frau, or a Tempur Zero Gravity bed, featuring a Supreme Firm mattress.

First Class ‘day room’ options – bed or recliner? (Photo: MainlyMiles)

These are limited to 2 hours use, so you won’t catch up on a full overnight sleep here.

There are two of these nap room pairs in each of the SKL First Class section and The Private Room, for a total of four per lounge.

Of course the First Class lounge also has its own shower facilities, with each suite incorporating its own toilet.

SKL First Class shower rooms. (Photos: Singapore Airlines)

As you’d expect, washrooms are also finished to a high standard.

Washrooms in the SKL First Class section. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Dining hasn’t been forgotten, with the First Class lounge featuring a central ‘show kitchen’ for live station dishes, behind the buffet station.

SKL First Class buffet and show kitchen. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)
First Class SKL menu options during the media preview. (Photo: MainlyMiles)
Some dishes showcased at the media event. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

We enjoyed some of the food selection during the media preview, which was all of a high standard, but of course we look forward to returning to review the full passenger experience in due course.

Sampling some of the First Class food selection during the media event. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

As you’d expect, a large section of the 134-seat First Class lounge is dedicated to dining tables, including booth-style seating with subtle batik motifs on the wall, in keeping with the airline’s latest theme.

SKL First Class dining section. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Overall, we found the SilverKris First Class lounge strikes a nice balance between the opulence and exclusivity of The Private Room, and the wider requirements of its larger daily audience of top-tier frequent flyers, many of whom will appreciate not only the new crystal-adorned flagship bar but the nice range of dining options, including live station cooking.


The nap rooms are also an intriguing new concept, and it will be interesting to see how popular they turn out to be.

We’ll be back to test out all these features as regular passengers, as soon as we can.

Lounge access

Here’s a reminder of the access policy for SIA’s four lounges at Changi Airport.

Singapore Airlines
Changi T3 Lounge Access

Lounge Access Policy
KrisFlyer Gold Departing on an SIA or Star Alliance flight:
• in any cabin class with KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold status (+1 guest*); or
• in First Class / Suites (+1 guest*); or
• in Business Class (no guests)
SKL Business Class Departing on an SIA or Star Alliance flight:
• in any cabin class with PPS status (+1 guest*); or
• in First Class / Suites (+1 guest*); or
• in Business Class (no guests)
SKL First Class Departing on an SIA or Star Alliance flight:
• in any cabin class with Solitaire PPS status (+1 guest*); or
• in First Class / Suites (+1 guest*)
The Private Room Departing on an SIA flight:
• in First Class / Suites (no guests)

* Your guest must be travelling on a same-day Singapore Airlines flight, unless you are accessing the lounge through Star Alliance Gold status, in which case they must be departing on the same flight as you.

While those flying in SIA’s top cabins like First Class and Suites can access all the lounges, they’ll almost certainly want to stick to the top pair (SKL First Class and The Private Room).




Singapore Airlines has finally revealed its fantastic premium lounges at Changi Airport Terminal 3, comprising the SilverKris First Class lounge and The Private Room, both rolling out the red carpet for the carrier’s top-tier and to-cabin flyers from 6pm on 31st May.

It was fantastic to be able to see the lounges in person at the media event today, and we can attest to the high quality finish of these facilities, which will be a real treat for eligible passengers.

One of the major benefits will also be the impressive 1,150-seat capacity across all four lounges, which will inevitably relieve the pressure on the existing space, which had become almost unbearably busy during peak departure periods lately.

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

We’ll be back to review both lounges, along with the (now-dedicated) Business Class section and the KrisFlyer Gold lounge, in the months ahead, since a media event doesn’t truly represent the passenger experience.

Until then you can rest safe in the knowledge that Singapore Airlines has done an impressive job with all four facilities, compared to their dated pre-renovation condition, and we look forward to testing the true traveller experience once everything has ‘bedded in’.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)



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  1. what about arriving SG in FC and transit to another country in BC? Say CGK- SIN (First) then SIN- KUL (business), would I be able to use the lounge?

  2. Hi Andrew, if the flight is at 6 am in the morning, can passenger stay at the SKL/Private room from 9 or 10 pm ?

  3. Hm, just spent some time in the new First Class SKL and my main observation is that it is too small already. After 10pm it felt very full. It looks its capacity is smaller than the old one.

  4. Hi, may I check if my departure flight is in T2 and I want to go via T3 immigration so that I can use the SKL before heading to T2 for my flight, which SQ counter should I go to for my check in?

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