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Singapore Airlines scraps mask mandate on selected routes

You're no longer be obliged to wear a mask when flying on several Singapore Airlines routes, with around 52% of flights now mask-optional.

Update: 29th September 2022
Malaysia and the UAE removed their mask mandates for international air travellers on 28th September 2022. Germany and Canada will follow suit from 1st October 2022.

See the table below for up-to-date details.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines has strictly enforced mask wearing for passengers aged six and above on its flights since mid-2020, except when eating or drinking, in accordance with prevailing regulations in the city-state.


In welcome, it has been confirmed that SIA will now become the first Asian airline to join the likes of British Airways, Qantas, United and KLM, by removing this largely unpopular restriction on many of its services.

However, mask-wearing will still be mandatory when flying on almost half of Singapore Airlines flights, because they operate to or from countries still requiring the use of masks on board, including South Korea and the Philippines.

Half of SIA flights still require mask wearing. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

While this exemption from mask freedom includes most South East Asian countries, perhaps most notably mandatory masking does not apply on flights to and from Thailand, as you’ll see in the full list below.

What’s changing?

The new policy, which took effect from 29th August 2022, comes about thanks to a general relaxation of mask restrictions by the Singapore Government, which no longer requires face coverings to be worn indoors from the same date, except on public transport and in medical settings.

“With effect from 29 August 2022, customers are not required to wear face masks on board flights, unless they are travelling to or from destinations that require a face mask.”

Singapore Airlines

Of course it’s important not to confuse a removal of the mask requirement with your own personal choice to wear a mask on board if you want to, which is certainly not being removed as a result of this policy shift.

“Customers who wish to wear a face mask on board may continue to do so.”

Singapore Airlines

Summary of new requirements

Here’s a summary of mask-wearing requirements on the Singapore Airlines network, with the following icons used to identify the latest policy.

Masks required

Masks optional

Singapore Airlines Flights
to/from Singapore
(updated 29 Sep 2022)

Country Mask Requirement

Flying from Singapore

Flying to Singapore
Germany Since 1 Oct Since 1 Oct
North America    
Canada Since 1 Oct Since 1 Oct
North Asia    
Hong Kong
South Korea
South East Asia    
Brunei Since 16 Sep Since 16 Sep
Indonesia Since 1 Sep
Malaysia Since 28 Sep Since 28 Sep
South West Pacific    
Australia Since 9 Sep
New Zealand Since 13 Sep
West Asia & Africa    
South Africa
Sri Lanka
UAE Since 28 Sep Since 28 Sep

Europe and North America are largely mask-mandate-free, but closer to home in South East Asia it’s only Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand that don’t have this requirement (though the latter will be music to the ears of many Bangkok and Phuket regulars!).