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Which Singapore Airlines flights still require mask wearing?

While Singapore ditched its in-flight mask mandate 3 months ago, requirements for some destinations still means masking up on 30% of SIA flights.

Back in August this year, Singapore Airlines relaxed its relaxed its mask mandate in line with new government advisories, applying the rule only based on the requirements of the destination country, rather than maintaining its blanket mask-wearing policy, which had been in effect since June 2020.


While that was great news for passengers flying to and from many cities on the network, unfortunately at the time it meant only around 40% of its passenger flights no longer imposed mandatory mask wearing, due to regulations still being applied by countries outside Singapore.

Mask mandates have progressively relaxed

Thankfully the world has progressively moved on in recent months, with many countries ditching their requirements for passengers on aircraft to wear masks.

Since September 2022 there were relaxations in Australia and New Zealand, followed by Germany, Canada, Malaysia and the UAE.

Last week India also dropped its in-flight mask mandate, with passengers on domestic and international flights now only recommended to wear a face covering, allowing another raft of SIA services to become mask-optional.

Bangladesh has also recently followed suit.

There are now no mask mandates on Singapore Airlines’ India flights. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

It means at the time of writing 70% of Singapore Airlines services are now mask-optional, almost twice as many compared to August 2022.

Do note that despite relaxations, cabin crew are still required to wear masks on board all SIA services.

Singapore Airlines mask requirements

Singapore Airlines no longer provides a handy list of mask-wearing requirements by destination, instead moving this information to its COVID-19 ‘Travel advisories’ portal.

Whether you need to wear a face covering or not on SIA flights is now incorporated into the airline’s Travel advisories portal

We’ve crunched the database country-by-country and here’s how SIA’s mask requirements now look, following the latest relaxations announced by India.

Masks required

Masks optional

Singapore Airlines Flights
to/from Singapore
(updated 25th Nov 2022)

Country Mask Requirement

Flying from Singapore

Flying to Singapore
North America    
North Asia    
Hong Kong
South Korea
South East Asia    
South West Pacific    
New Zealand
West Asia & Africa    
South Africa
Sri Lanka

* Mask-wearing only required between Milan and Barcelona on SQ flights

As you can see from the list, there are now relatively few countries requiring passengers to wear masks on flights, however the continued insistence of places like Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam means that 30% of SIA flights unfortunately do still impose this annoying restriction.

Only around 30% of Singapore Airlines flights now require mask-wearing on board. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

The longest Singapore Airlines flights now requiring masks to be worn are:

  • Chengdu – Singapore: 7h 30m
  • Seoul – Singapore: 6h 45m
  • Xiamen – Singapore: 6h 40m
  • Beijing – Singapore: 6h 35m
  • Singapore – Seoul: 6h 25m

Spain is Europe’s oddball

What about Barcelona, you might ask. Since Spain still mandates mask-wearing on board both inbound and outbound international flights, aren’t these “mask-on” flights too?


Well luckily (in this case) SIA’s Barcelona services operate via Milan in both directions, and with no mask mandate imposed by Italy it’s only the short 1.5 hour flights between the two European cities that require masks to be worn.

Only this short part of SIA’s flights between Singapore and Barcelona require masks to be worn

For the 12-hour Singapore – Milan and Milan – Singapore legs of the journey, masks thankfully remain optional.




Like testing and vaccination requirements to enter countries, mask-wearing mandates on flights have been gradually falling away across the Singapore Airlines network.

The majority of the carrier’s flights – 70% at the time of writing – now don’t require you don a face covering on board if you don’t wish to, with India services being the latest to join the list of relaxed routes.

Crucially, there are no longer any SIA flights exceeding 7.5 hours on the network with a mask-wearing requirement in place, which is great news for those previously dreading some of the carrier’s longer Europe and North America-bound services for this reason.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)