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Citi PayAll now offers zero-fee option, with no miles earned

Citi PayAll is now offering the option to make fee-free payments with no miles accrued, which won't help with your next redemption but could be useful for deferring large expenses at no additional cost.

Usually we’re writing about Citi’s PayAll service to let our readers know about one of the latest promotions, which allow you to generate cheap miles for a variety of payments that typically don’t accept credit card, like property rental, taxes and insurance.

One of those deals, offering a 1.8 mpd earn rate for all Citi miles-earning cards and driving the cost per mile down to 1.11 cents each has recently finished, but sadly no new offer has come in its place just yet.


However, while we wait for a new deal, PayAll does have another alternative to its regular 2% fee for those i