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Citi PremierMiles offering 4 mpd on overseas spending

Register your Citi PremierMiles Card to earn double miles (4 mpd) on up to S$5,000 of overseas spend per month between now and 30th June 2023.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Citi has a new enhanced miles earning offer for its PremierMiles cardholders, with 4 mpd for offline overseas (FCY) spend on up to S$5,000 of transactions per month. The deal runs from 1st March 2023 through to 30th June 2023, giving you four months to benefit.

The deal is strictly for Point-of-Sale (physical) transactions, not for online spend in FCY, so you’ll have to have an overseas trip or two coming up in order to take advantage.

You’ll also need to hit at least S$5,000 (in any spend) during the same calendar month to trigger the enhanced earning rate in each period, which is quite a high threshold for many to achieve.

Nonetheless, this is a good deal to consider if like many of you’re taking an overseas trip in the coming months.

Registration required

The bonus earn rate is not automatic – you must successfully register to participate in this promotion. That requires principal cardholders to send an SMS to 72484 using their mobile number registered with Citi, in the following format:

  CITIPMFX [space] Last 4 digits of your Citi PremierMiles Card Number

Example: If your Citi PM card number ends in 1234, you will need to send “CITIPMFX 1234” to 72484

All cardholders are eligible for this promotion, with no upper participant cap.

You must register before being able to participate in the promotion, so you may as well do so straight away, even if you don’t think you’ll be using this one.


For example, if you register on 1st April 2023, you’ll only be eligible to participate in the April, May and June monthly periods – your March spending would not be considered in this case.

Citi will reply to your SMS once it has been successfully received.

The offer

Once you have successfully enrolled for the promotion by SMS and received the response above from Citi, you can participate in the promotion.

Provided you then spend at least S$5,000 per calendar month on your Citi PremierMiles card (any regular eligible retail spend, including local and foreign currency transactions), you will unlock:

  • 2 bonus miles per S$1 (4 mpd total) on the first S$5,000 of Point-of-Sale (physical) FCY spend per calendar month using your card (maximum 10,000 Citi Miles bonus per calendar month)

If you wish to participate in March, for example, that means spending S$5,000+ (on anything) during that month. You can participate in any individual month of the offer as you wish, for example you could participate only in March and May, if that suits your travel plans.

Spend Category Base miles Bonus miles Total miles
Overseas Spend
(Point-of-sale transactions made during each calendar month of the promotion)
2 mpd + 2 mpd 4 mpd

Do note that the maximum bonus you can earn during each calendar month of the promotion is capped at 10,000 Citi Miles (equivalent to 10,000 miles, or S$5,000 spend). There is no cap on the usual base earn rate for FCY spend (2 mpd) that you will be eligible to earn on these transactions during the promotion, even after your bonus cap is reached each month.

Once again, do also remember it’s physical spend (PoS) that counts here, online FCY spend will not be considered part of the 4 mpd eligible spend (but will count towards the S$5,000 general spend each month needed to unlock the deal).

Spend during this offer, both to meet the minimum and for the bonus element, is considered based on transaction date in Singapore timing (GMT + 8 hours), regardless of the local date and time at the point of sale.

In other words be careful – a 10pm transaction on 31st March in London Time will count as April spend!

Eligible spend

The following categories count as eligible spend for this promotion:

  • Overseas Spend Point-of-Sale Transactions
    Card transactions made overseas at point-of-sale in foreign currency. Card transactions made overseas but effected / charged in Singapore Dollars will not be valid.

Any spend made by supplementary cardholders during this promotion will be combined with that of the principal cardholder, for calculation of both the qualifying minimum spend and the eligible spend components.

Qualifying spend

For the S$5,000 in monthly charges to the card to qualify for the 4 mpd enhanced earn rate within that month, Citi maintains a list of merchants and / or MCC codes which will not earn Citi Miles, and therefore aren’t considered eligible spend either, here.

Some of the most important exclusion categories are:

  • Education Institutions (MCC 8211 – 8299)
  • Government Services, including tax payments (MCC 9000 – 9999)
  • Insurance (MCC 6300)
  • Real Estate Agents and Managers – Rentals (MCC 6513)
  • Utilities (MCC 4900)

Note that education, insurance and tax payments are specifically excluded from miles earning, but you will earn eligible spend with CardUp, ipaymy or Citi PayAll spend.

Qualifying spend vs. Eligible spend

Qualifying spend can include eligible spend, for example if you have successfully registered then make a S$5,000 in-store overseas payment in March 2023, it will unlock the bonus earn rate (S$5,000+ qualifying achieved) and be awarded 4 mpd earn rate (since it’s also eligible spend).

In other words you don’t necessarily need to make S$5,000+ of qualifying spend to then unlock the bonus for subsequent eligible overseas spend, the two amounts can ‘overlap’ if you wish.

When are the bonus miles credited?

You’ll initially earn the Citi PremierMiles regular 2 mpd earn rate for physical FCY transactions, then the additional 2 mpd bonus miles (if applicable) will be credited three months after the eligible spend month.

  • March 2023 spend: Bonus credited 1st – 30th June 2023
  • April 2023 spend: Bonus credited 1st – 31st July 2023
  • May 2023 spend: Bonus credited 1st – 31st August 2023
  • June 2023 spend: Bonus credited 1st – 30th September 2023

Citi Miles never expire as long as your card account remains active.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for this 4 mpd bonus miles offer are available at the Citi website:

 Citi PM 4 mpd FCY Spend Promo


Citi is offering its PremierMiles cardholders double miles on up to S$5,000 of in-person overseas spend each month during March, April, May and June 2023, subject to successful registration for the promotion by SMS.

You’ll need to spend S$5,000+ on the card in each of the calendar months you wish to participate, but this can include spend in the bonus categories.

For full details of the Citi PremierMiles, see our recent comprehensive review.

Citi PremierMiles Card
1.2 mpd

2 mpd

10 transfer
Citi PremierMiles Card

1.2 mpd

2 mpd

10 transfer

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